Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Barack Obama, Jim Wallis, 'Social Justice' & Marxism, via Glenn Beck & Pamela Key

Below are sequential excerpts of yesterday's Glenn Beck program -- one of the most important presentations he has ever given. Please take the time to listen to all of these and if or when you have, consider those others who should also listen to them.

Beneath these are audio clips of Jim Wallis, from which Beck draws those he used on this program. Wallis, editor of the magazine, Sojourner, is one of Barack Obama's authoritarian socialist advisers and virtually the high priest of the segment of the "Social Justice" movement which would use the Christian banner. In one of these excerpts, Wallis admits, emphatically, his redistributionist point of view, i.e., Marxism.

I may treat these more fully in an article, if I fail to see coverage on a few other Internet venues.

Thank you again, Pamela Key of Naked Emperor News, for your typically excellent and very important audio/video research.


Christinewjc said...

Glad to see you back posting Arlen! I have included a link to your post at Talk Wisdom. I wrote about Glenn's exposure of Wallis and his "social justice" pseudo-Christianity yesterday.

Keep up the great work here!


Arlen Williams said...

Thank you on all counts, Christine.

Here's a linke to Talk Wisdom's "A Verbal Shellacking of Wallis' "Social Justice" Agenda [video link added]."