Friday, February 6, 2009

The Awakening, with Hanen & Arlen, Archived: Obama Ineligibility Update

Update 2/6, am: The program is now archived and available to stream or download, via the link just below. It went well, despite my palaver. A highlight of the first hour is Sam Sewell's analysis of the new state sovereignty initiatives. The second hour includes a very good discussion of the leading eligibility challenges to Barry Soetoro, a.k.a., Barack Obama, with MommaE joining Hanen at the Sentinel roundtable.

The Awakening,
with Hanen & Arlen

(Thursday, 11pm ET,,,8pm PT)

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ObamaNation News to discuss, in our fight for freedom...

1. What havoc is wrought in the Socialist-Stimulus Bill?

2. Why are states asserting their sovereignty all of a sudden? An American movement against a Marxofascist insurrection?
Across the United States, it seems that States are suddenly intent on declaring their Sovereignty to the Federal Government. Specifically citing the 10th Amendment of our beloved Constitution, reminding our central government where the real power lies, and of the fact that the Federal Government's power is derived from the will of the States (and of the People) and even going as far as to state (in some cases) that the United States Government has been trampling our Constitution by acting outside of its enumerated powers specified in our founding document. The links below go to each State's recently-introduced actual piece of legislation.

3. Is a major military conflict with Obama beginning?
"Pentagon Brass Chafes at Obama's Iraq Pullout Plan," TSRN blog from Inter Press Service, Lebanon
"Judge Denies Executive Order at GITMO," War Crimes blog, 1/29

4. Obama's 'Muslim Outreach Initiative' -- "Not that there's anything wrong with that," but what does it mean, Barack-style?
Negotiating with Muslim nations before the inauguration, was he?
And with Islamist imposers, before and during the campaign?
For whom was William Perry communicating with the the Iranian regime, last year, Bush or Obama?
Just what did Obama tell the Muslim nations, immediately after his inauguration?

5. Where do the 'natural born Citizen' challenges stand, now?
"Berg v. Obama - What's This? An Eligibility Case Examined on the Merits?," Investigating Obama, 2/4/2008
"Discussion2: Kerchner et. al. v. Obama et. al. - Discussion Thread #2," blog of Mario Apuzzo, Attorney, 2/4/2008
These and others listed in, "Eligiblity Lawsuits," The Right Side of Life, continually updated

6. Those pesky rumors, about the neo-Marxist messiah...

7. Or, what else do you want to talk about, tonight? 646-727-2652


Sam Sewell said...

To round out our discussion on the State Sovereignty Movement from last night:

As things stand right now it looks like Oklahoma, Washington, Hawaii, Missouri, Arizona, New Hampshire, Georgia, California, Michigan and Montana will all definitely consider sovereignty bills this year. They may be joined by Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Alaska, Kansas, Alabama, Nevada, Maine and Pennsylvania where legislators have pledged to introduce similar bills. Twenty states standing up to the federal government and demanding a return to constitutional principles is a great start, but it remains to be seen whether legislatures and governors are brave enough or angry enough to follow through. As the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress push for more expansion of federal power and spending that may help provide the motivation needed for the sovereignty movement to take off.

And here is the letter I forwarded to my Florida State Senator and Representative with the subject line “DITTO FROM ME!!”:

A message from Harry Riley to all members of Patriots For America - Florida on Constitutional Emergency!

To: The Honorable Brad Drake

State of Florida

Re: Declaration of Sovereignty

Dear Representative Drake,

My name is COL Harry Riley and I am a very concerned constituent of yours.

As you should be well aware, our Federal style of government has gotten completely out of control on everything from the "Stimulus Package(s)" to Mr. Obama's signing of the SCHIP Bill on Feb. 4, 2009. We are continuing to slide down this ever slippery slope of democracy to the extent that it has finally landed us in the deep valley of socialism. If we do not stop this downward spiral now, we will end up like other great nations in the past, with the inevitable outcome of ... communism. I for one will not let that happen, and I hope that you won't either.

Therefore, I am demanding that you, as my State Legislator, immediately - with or without help from other Legislators - fashion and present a Bill that Declares Florida Sovereignty from the Federal Government since they continue to ignore and dismantle the Constitution of the United States of America. This would enable an immediate return to the Jeffersonian principles of Government as well as that of the Tenth Amendment, that states, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people."

I would like to encourage you that you would be in very good company when you submit, or yield, to the will of the people of Florida. Listed are some of the other states that have adopted, or have in committee, such a Bill: New Hampshire, Missouri, Arizona, Washington, Oklahoma, Montana, & Michigan. I would hope that you will not only see the legal, logical, moral, and the ethical reasoning behind such a Bill, but that you would also recall, and hide deep within your heart, the Founders dream and establishment of our great Republic. We must not, now or ever, relinquish their endeavors.

Visit Patriots For America - Florida at:

Anonymous said...

Please know as well as I do that there isn't a soul in DC heeding our pleas.Why do you think they had the closed door senate session last Spring to discuss how to implement COG and hide form the angry sheeple when the looting is done and it all comes down????? The focus must be on the Usurper and that alone or we are gone.Of course,you know that already...Mr.Hun.