Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Analysis of the Obama Objectives for Long-Term Dominaton, via Manipulation of an Enlarged and Corrupted, Dependent Underclass

Jim Simpson's reflections and citations of a Newsmax article by David A. Patten follow. I.O. would remind, these references to his current "stimulus," etc. plans are made in conjunction with Obama's devastating tax plans, the largest pay-to-play scheme in American history: "tax credit" welfare to a perpetually dependent underclass base, which Obama seeks to build into his organized, proletariat army.

For "Blue," substitute the historic, "Red" (see Simpson's "B. O. and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis").
And more from Captain's Quarters blog about how this "stimulus bill" is pay-to-play for the neo-Marxist operatives of ACORN and La Raza, to build their commissar base. Taxpayers pay, ACORN and La Raza play havoc upon a free America.

by Jim Simpson, from his Truth & Consequences blog, 1/27/2009:

Obama's Blue Wall

Newsmax has put together an incisive analysis of how Obama and the Democrats plan to use "economic stimulus" monies to cement Democrat electoral gains, moving us further down the road toward one party rule. This is genuinely creepy. I have articulated that concern elsewhere, but no one has put it together in such stark terms. Here are a few examples:

Stimulating Democrats — Obama has estimated that 80 percent of the 4 million jobs that his stimulus package creates or saves will come from the private sector. But that still means 800,000 will be public sector jobs. This alone means Obama’s plan conveys “a partisan advantage,” says GOP leader Ken Blackwell. He points out that last year Virginia went Democratic for the first time since 1964. Obama won the Old Dominion by just 130,000 votes. Creating 800,000 new jobs “might help cement Virginia in the Democrat column, making it harder for Republicans to retake the White House,” Blackwell says.
Infrastructure Politics — Democrats, who so often tout the economic virtues of infrastructure projects, are continuing to build their party’s political infrastructure as well. One notable example is the Secretary of State (SOS) project. SOS, funded in part by George Soros, was created to seed state election bureaucracies nationwide with partisan activists, usually secretaries of state who are strategically positioned to influence the outcome of close recounts. The prize SOS pupil is Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, who recently oversaw the recount that flipped the original result in the Gopher State from GOP Sen. Norm Coleman to Democrat Al Franken.
Boosting Hispanic Support — Obama carried the Hispanic vote by 67 percent, a key part of his victory. The $32.2 billion expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan (SCHIP) that Obama is expected to sign will provide health insurance for some 11 million children. The House version would cover hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants’ children, without the current five-year waiting period for eligibility. Along with a phased-in amnesty push that will likely begin with immigrants serving in the U.S. armed forces, this should solidify a Democratic constituency that, as recently as 2004, split its vote much more evenly with Republicans. William Gheen, president of the Raleigh, N.C.-based Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), tells Newsmax that amnesty would so indelibly alter the nation’s political balance that it would “destroy any future hopes for immigration enforcement or border security.”
Promoting Unions — Most union members vote Democratic, so one way to tilt the game in Democrats’ favor is to swell union ranks with more workers. That’s where card check comes in. Also called the Employee Free Choice Act, it would eliminate the confidential balloting in which workers now determine whether they want to be unionized. Even former liberal presidential candidate George McGovern warns that the measure could deny “freedom to many Americans,” as union toughs bully American workers into joining the unions, whether they want to or not.
There is much more, and it presents a grim picture. All the more reason Republicans must stonewall the Democrats' blatantly cynical, self-serving manipulation of the financial crisis to enrich themselves and cement their powerbase. America almost didn't survive Jimmy Carter. As I have written elsewhere, Obama is Carter on steriods. He and his fellow Democrats will bring this country to ruin. If there is any sense of self-preservation yet alive in the body politic, we'd better organize it and get moving.

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