Friday, February 6, 2009

Sam Sewell: State Sovereignty Movement

This may seem like an aside for I.O., but it may also be about ways for "the States... and the [P]eople" to defend ourselves against the political insurgency behind Obama's face -- including any unfunded mandates, which are apparently what have caused these initiatives.

by Sam Sewell

To round out our discussion on the State Sovereignty Movement from last night:

As things stand right now it looks like Oklahoma, Washington, Hawaii, Missouri, Arizona, New Hampshire, Georgia, California, Michigan and Montana will all definitely consider sovereignty bills this year. They may be joined by Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Alaska, Kansas, Alabama, Nevada, Maine and Pennsylvania where legislators have pledged to introduce similar bills. Twenty states standing up to the federal government and demanding a return to constitutional principles is a great start, but it remains to be seen whether legislatures and governors are brave enough or angry enough to follow through. As the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress push for more expansion of federal power and spending that may help provide the motivation needed for the sovereignty movement to take off.

And here is the letter I forwarded to my Florida State Senator and Representative with the subject line “DITTO FROM ME!!”:

A message from Harry Riley to all members of Patriots For America - Florida on Constitutional Emergency!

To: The Honorable Brad Drake
State of Florida

Re: Declaration of Sovereignty

Dear Representative Drake,

My name is COL Harry Riley and I am a very concerned constituent of yours.

As you should be well aware, our Federal style of government has gotten completely out of control on everything from the "Stimulus Package(s)" to Mr. Obama's signing of the SCHIP Bill on Feb. 4, 2009. We are continuing to slide down this ever slippery slope of democracy to the extent that it has finally landed us in the deep valley of socialism. If we do not stop this downward spiral now, we will end up like other great nations in the past, with the inevitable outcome of ... communism. I for one will not let that happen, and I hope that you won't either.

Therefore, I am demanding that you, as my State Legislator, immediately - with or without help from other Legislators - fashion and present a Bill that Declares Florida Sovereignty from the Federal Government since they continue to ignore and dismantle the Constitution of the United States of America. This would enable an immediate return to the Jeffersonian principles of Government as well as that of the Tenth Amendment, that states, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people."

I would like to encourage you that you would be in very good company when you submit, or yield, to the will of the people of Florida. Listed are some of the other states that have adopted, or have in committee, such a Bill: New Hampshire, Missouri, Arizona, Washington, Oklahoma, Montana, & Michigan. I would hope that you will not only see the legal, logical, moral, and the ethical reasoning behind such a Bill, but that you would also recall, and hide deep within your heart, the Founders dream and establishment of our great Republic. We must not, now or ever, relinquish their endeavors.
Visit Patriots For America - Florida at:

Originally posted by Sam in "comments" to preceding "The Awakening" post, February 6, 2009 2:26 PM. I recommend listening to his analysis of the sovereignty moves in the 2/5 TSRN blogtalkradio-cast; begins just a few minutes in. - AW


Anonymous said... read that Sam.

Anonymous said...

You don't fool the wiser lot in the USA Sam.Steady Drip is a good euphemism for Fabian Socialism.Rock steady gradualism.Sam's od frog in the beaker,slowly turning up the Victor Bunsen Burner.But gee,it can't be.Sam shouts about fighhting for State Sovereignty and the rest of it.PFFF...please people go over his comments here,and over at his blog.Sam can sidetrack the simpletons,but not the true freedom fighters.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the first two posts here showing your true colors were deleted.

Arlen Williams said...

More on the state sov. initiatives from Phil, TRSoL:

MA Concerned Citizen Submits State Sovereignty Bill to State Rep

UPDATE: MO State Reps Propose State Sovereignty Bill Regarding FOCA (old bill has been superseded)


Sam Sewell said...

Well, Anon I just don't know what to say. I have been a public figure for several decades but I have never had a deranged fan before.

Do you want a hair from my beard? How about an autographed copy of my book?

Give me a hint. I don't have any experience in how to deal anonymous psychotics.

For those who want some back ground for anan's rant; he thinks I support someone he hates. Here is the post I wrote that started his stalking me. Be careful anon, hate makes people sick.


I routinely delete comments on my blog when the poster does name calling, profanity, crude comments, personal attacks, or even obvious stupidity and immaturity. I usually do not delete ideas I disagree with. I would expect the publisher of any blog to do the same. As you know there are some blog publishers who go well beyond my standards in deleting post or banning posters. Certain liberal blogs will ban you if the suspect you of using your right lung to breath. The previous described behaviors are the rightful prerogatives of blog publishers even liberal blog publishers.

If I am doing things wrong in someone else’s eyes I don’t expect that person to come into my house or place of business to make their point about my perceived faults.

Now, if you start a blog about what a PITA Ed Hale is I would expect you to delete the posts of Ed’s supporters and Ed as you see fit. I would see that as your perfect right.

Perhaps a better venue for Ed Hale detractors, and exposers or those who feel the have a moral duty to protect others from Ed hale’s villainy would be to publish their own blogs. My read on this from looking at the content of my own inbox is that any number of people would post on a blog entitled Ed-Hale-Sucks. I would also expect the moderators of such a blog to preserve the spirit, intent and content of such a blog by deleting posts and banning people who violated the mission of such a blog.

Now, is that reasonable of me, or would you delete my post or ban me for sharing my ideas?"

Isn't that terrible of me. Why its a wonder God does not strike me down with lightening.

Anonymous said...

Ordo Ab Chao.The Illuminati know the looting and tyranny is awakening the sheeple.Celente and Chapman are some of the best commentators out there these days.They know from research as I do that the crackdown is coming soon.Another year or two and we might have a chance at taking them down.These movements are refreshing to read about,but too little and too late.The best move is to oust the Usurper or it is all over.

Anonymous said...

SAm Sam the circular reasoning man.Ed needs money to keep your new shrink show on,so I guess that's why you defend him..Member only Forum and Chat room Ed Hale 2-11-09

We are going to go to a member only forum and chat room on the 15th. The cost of the membership will be $10.00 a month. Please go to the chat room and vote Thanks Pay to play

Feb 11th, 2009 - 9:22 PM Re: Member only Forum and Chat room

What's wrong Ed, can't handle opposing views? Aren't you man enough to hold your ground and have an intellectual disagreement? Or is it just easier to ban label people with differing opinions "obots" and the milk your loyal fans for a monthly fee. Haven't you bilked your listeners out of enough money already?


Feb 11th, 2009 - 10:09 PM Re: Member only Forum and Chat room

NOBODY needs to pay anything to join a message group or forum. Get a grip, Ed. If you impose a fee on these poor people, you will have just a few members, you all share the same brain cells and I doubt if exchanging emails that say the exact same thing is going to be very entertaining for very long. Embrace outside opinions.
Dear Ed,

You have offered to allow posts to REMAIN, as long as they do not bash. Issues, not individuals will be my goal.

I take you as a man of your word, so here goes.
Since late November, I was an avid listener and attendee. What an exciting time!

Great conversation, wonderful guests--abound with ideas and opinions. We were all coming together to share and celebrate our mutual patriotism. Like your slogan begins. . . "A COALITION of Democrats, Republicans, Independents for a better America."

THANK YOU, ED and CAREN for generously sharing your time, passion and financial investments in order to entertain and inform so many. Thank you for being such a beacon of information and pure enjoyment.

Ed, you have a gift of gab. A dynamic, vibrant voice that booms over the network, along with an unforgettable personality. In addition, your guests and the hosts brought so much to the discussion, and I marveled at their interesting breadth of knowledge.

Regarding the chat rooms:
I decided to jump over to a Chatzilla/MIRC chat, when it was once again offered, due to continued usability problems on the Java chat. Being on a Mac, the Java chat often locked up on my browser. Sometimes it worked, more often, it did not. So I tended to stay with the Chatzilla chat and enjoy the program there.

But one morning, not long ago-- I ventured over to the PRN java chat and witnessed, first person, your announcement that all PMs (short for PRIVATE Messages) were being read in order to identify and get rid of two former volunteers who you believed were spying on you.

Do you even understand the boundaries you crossed by this impulsive act? Oh, Ed, it's your house, your rules.

But how are they workin' for ya?

• Is it *building your brand?*
• Is it creating strong, vibrant strategic alliances, both online and off, that serve your personal/professional objectives?
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As an online volunteer leader/online chat host/trainer, mentor, etc. for over a decade, every red flag started waving. Volunteers are not conscripts. Volunteers are there to give. They could be spending their precious discretionary time with friends, family, etc., instead of giving back to the community. Volunteers are the lifeblood of a vibrant America, never to be taken for granted. Deserving this respect. . . they should be offered a graceful exit when it's time to step away.


Now you write that you are sending spies into another venue, in order to further separate and divide friends and colleagues. Please explain how that works to build consensus, to grow a coalition and to build a strong community?

Because if we are not--if we are not honoring the American values and the freedoms we ALL hold dear, what's the point, Ed?

Respectfully. . .what's the point?

I will be praying for healing. . .all around. And wish you and your family all my very best.

Tallulah To Ed I say this:
Ed what do you expect from your listeners and chatters, when week after week, you threaten to shut things down. We are all under enough stress and duress without that drama. The thought of loosing all of my friends I that I have so much in common with, quakes me to my soul. Ed you have not made a stable, supportive place for everyone with all of your banning, fighting with host and guests, and bashing anyone who says anything that is not total praise for you, or that you do not agree with. I have always told you that the cause of reclaiming our country should be greater than egos and personal feeling, yet you continues to divide everyone and create Ed Hale drama that no one needs day after day. Of course they went somewhere else. As for me, I hate the format of the new chat room you have. It gives me headaches and I have told you this many times. You are so concerned about security, you made everyone suffer a lesser room. I was never even given a choice as to where I wanted to be, I was just banned. I guess I was not watching the screen when you pulled your latest stunt, and I suspect I am not the only one. That is totally unfair of you, although I would have chosen not to be dictated to, and would have very much recognized that my friends and freedom of speech are much more important to me than your chat room.

Ed I think that you started out with your heart in the right place and I sincerely thank you for bringing us all together. I do think you have lost control of your objective and have let Plains Radio become your own personal platform for your own vendettas instead of focusing on the cause. I will keep you and Caren in my prayers and I sincerely hope you get the professional help that you need.cj in tx

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Sam! Good news.Your pal stopped the voting because too many people were against the scam.So Ed just decided a pay to play deal on his own.Your show is saved. Ed Hale


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Betsy Ross said...

This is all well and good, expect that this state sovereignty is unnecessary, and another one of those "shut up" moves by the state legislatures rather than doing what they need to do in order to curtail the federal government and act as "representatives" of the people rather than "agents" of the feds. In Article IV, Section 4 it already asserts the "sovereignty" of the states by "guaranteeing to each state a Republican form of government," and the Tenth Amendment already reinforces that any and all powers not given to the federal government rest with the states and the people.

This is redundancy, and will serve no purpose unless and until the states actually start suing the federal government for "lack of performance" when they don't provide the revenue or resources for the enumerated powers, or start filing "injunctions" when they overstep their powers and start forcing the state's and people to cowtow to their unconstitutional edicts.

This is nothing more than a move in "word" that will not be enforced by "deed," unless more energy is put into confronting the state legislators also on the "negligence" in doing their proscribed functions when the feds are either out of line, or themselves negligent in their duties.

Nothing more than more bureaucracy and looking like they are doing something, when actually doing nothing at all.