Monday, May 18, 2009

Four Years of Obamanation: What Will America Look Like?

A free militia activist, a prophet, an economist, and students of the times...

Will American Christians in very different spheres of influence have similar points of view?

Monday, 5/18, 9-11pm ET on "The Awakening, with Hanen & Arlen"

What what will happen, if the Supreme Court shirks its responsibility to the Constitution and Obama serves an entire term as "president?"

Sovereignty activist Greg Evensen will look down the road with us and address what he sees as the threats to freedom represented in the Obama/Pelosi/Soros regime, of Marxists and international controllers of banking and finance.

And, does God, Himself want us to know something about it all? By Christian prophetic gifts? Special guest, Kelly Deppen believes in, practices, and studies the spiritual gift of prophecy, referred to in 1 Corinthans 12-14. We will discuss whether God wants His faithful ones to have certain knowledge of current and impending events, at this critical time.

In the second hour, we will be joined by Obamologists and interpreters of these times, Jim Simpson and Allan Erickson.

Join us and seek wisdom and revelation -- including whether prophecy intersects with the imminent future of America and the world.

Kelly Deppen is also author of the book, Parabola: Experiencing Jesus As Reality.

Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy.
1 Corintians 14:1

Monday, 5/18, 9pm ET,,, 6pm PT, 2 hours, live and archived
call in: 646-727-2652

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Anonymous said...

Greg knows what's going on.The others are under a strong delusion to believe God is going to save this sinful nation or world.Anyone that studies prophecy without a touchy-feely fleshly spirit knows that judgment is underway.There willl be no America in four years.There will be no national boundaries in four years.The Luciferians are open about the timeline,and it fits with biblical prophecies and past writings by those of diverse faiths as well as occultists.Their is a cognitive dissonance in people that refuse to accept the truth,and continue to believe the mainstream media,politicians.,or others will stop this NWO.Wrong.It's coming and and only Jesus Christ will end all this,but it has nothing to do with saving Babylon on the Hudson.We must continue to fight evil,but it is utter folly to believe that our voices will be heard by the traitors dictating and ruling us in DC.We had our last chance last September.Marching on DC after the first Bailout would've been a shocker to the elites.But what we are seeing now is all controlled opposition that is designed to stir up anger in the sheeple for the future chaos.We are not going to vote out the traitors.We are not going to recall them either.All that can be done is to either prepare for the chaos,or play the political pundit like it is business as usual.