Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Centralization of Regulation of Business -- and the Continuing "Progressive" Plan

I.O. will not bother to link to any particular article, here.

I.O. continuously laments the ignorance and sheepishness of the American people, as the movement toward a globally controlled society continues. Lincoln never said, "You can not fool most of the people, most of the time." and that most/most fool factor is what the Soros-Obama-Pelosi-etc. MarxoFascist insurrection is banking upon --- well, in addition to banking upon our confiscated and effectively extorted and embezzled property. Citizen Robin Hood of the World reigns and he hates a free American republic.

All we really have to do is read the words used by people such as Obama, his promoters, and minions and look into what those words historically and currently, actually mean.

And we are now offered centralized regulation as a trojan horse (with plenty windows to see into) for central control and central planning.
As Reagan used to quote, "You ain't seen nothin', yet."

Whether through the Federal Reserve or not (see, "fatal alternative close" used in selling) it is the plan. "As goes GM, so goes the nation." That step was planned and is executed, just as banking and finance have been. Also, now, healthcare and insurance, now energy industries, now overall "regulation" of what is left of "private" enterprise.

And, by the way, California? You have a governor who is not quite to be trusted. "No bailout for you!" says the bailout Nazi.

Meanwhile, the real great economic catastrophe of overextended debt and runaway inflation are locked down, for the near future -- so America utterly fails and has to consolidate first financially, monetarily and economically; them policially, with the rest of the controlled Western world. More "disruption," with which to complete the "transformation" of a panicked and dependant people. The political armies of the proletariat ("Organizing for America," "ACORN," etc., etc.) are to swell and overwhelm those who accurately blame "our own government" instead of that "irresponsible private sector."

Then, as it may be deemed necessary, throw in a false flag terror attack, deceitfully blamed upon the constitutional People's militia movement, to try to steal the hearts of America's law enforcement and military complex, as well as more of the people, and the transformation will be set. There may be hardcore resistance from Actual Americans, even civil war, but the "high ground" of government will be taken.

And if Barack Obama will be able to stay above, say, the 45% approval line, the false flag attack may not even be deemed necessary.

You recall that word being used during the campaign, right? "Transformation?" "Transformative change?" Of course you do.

Hey, what's the bulge under the rug?
Oh, just the Constitution and Declaration.


Anonymous said...

Most people don't realize how controlled every aspect of their lives are.We are still seeing the so-called informed people organizing letter and emaiing campaigns to a wholly corrupt government and mainstream media.The approval rating is besides the point.Manipulated or not,the destruction of America was planned long ago.Doesn't matter to the victims whether it is a false flag or a real attack from an external enemy.It appears to be both.And soon!The $134 Billion Bearer Bonds story is telling in that the Kings Of The East are trying to unload US toxic assets and they know war is coming.Meanwhile,Barry,Biden,and Clinton roam the globe preaching Islam and bashing Christianity and our Christian heritage.Walt,Carl,Bill,and the others have it right about the current crisis.And that is,they know the corrupt government is going to blow off the eligibility suits and likely the GJ,as they did the criminal complaint Walt filed.But it will come to a head sooner or later.And the criminal complaint took this to a new level.There really is no point in continuing to expend energy on these eligibility lawsuits.WAlt was not arrested for accusing Barry of treason.That shows how late we are in the globalist's game.It also doesn't matter if the Corp USA thories are true,they are,because the people believe they are under the Constitution and the traitors took an oath to it.That's what I've thought all along.And that's why I've said for months that this would be the test to force their hand,and the place to do it would be DC,though at this juncture it doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

The reason the attacks on US soil is necessary are numerous.I've gone over them here in the past.There's occult reasons for it,but also it is need to start the massive depopulation program,along with the 2nd and 3rd waves of the flu pandemic,and partly because Americans need to be frightened into the New World Order.Many are already brainwashed onto a Socialist mindset,some are hardcore Marxists,but the rest still believe they are free.And the disarming of Americans has gone too slow for them starting with the first Brady Gun Control Law in the 1980s.But you wouldn't kow that by talking to people on the street or surfing the internet where the sheeple think they are "taking back America".

Anonymous said...

You know,the truly amazing thing is that not much is being hidden anymore since Barry was selected to bring down the USA.True,he uses doublespeak as do others fond of Orwell's 1984.But most of the treasonous acts are admitted in the open.The same goes for the overt racism and bigotry against whites and Christians,and constitutionalists of all racs.The Strong Delusion is well underway.Not only are we dealing with the dumbest generations of Americans in history,but an entire world worshiping this antichrist figure.Is he the Antichrist?Not sure yet,but the time for that revelation is near to be sure.He certainly fits the bill.And the King Tut and Nimrod monikers added to the other messianic names of his have only the bloggers in the internet realm crying out --"Blasphemy".

Marion Valentine said...

Obama, steeped in Communist ideology from the time he was 10 years old by his mentor the known Communist, Frank Marshal Davis.
Obama, stewed in Marxist/Socialism by the radical Marxist/Socialist professors he admitted he sought out in college.
Obama, seasoned with hatred for america for 20 years by his America hating pastor, Rev. Wright
Obama, simmered in the cesspool of corrupt Chicago Politics.
Obama, the deliberately concocted potion that will destroy America.

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Great article.Val