Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama on Iran: No Change, No Hope

Please pardon, if you wanted to read an article here, but the title is enough for I.O.

Except... is there not some history between the original Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and Soviet Moscow? Could Obama have an affinity with the Ayatollah dynasty for ties that bind?

And just one more thing... how does this compare with his feverish campaigning for Marxist Raila Odinga, in taxpayer-sponsored venturing to Kenya, in 2006? Despite apparent campaign contributions related to Obama of $1,000,000, Odinga lost. Odinga's proletariat armies rioted, at least one church was burned, and over one thousand Kenyans were killed. Where were his calls for peace and passivity instead of transition, then? (Odinga thuggery did get concessions.)


Anonymous said...

Yes,we know about both Khomeini and the current leader being CIA assets.The hypocrisy of Barry is staggering in praising the resistance over there and tagging us Low Level Terrorists here.And spouting out on free elections when it was rigged here and continued to be covered up by the MSM.He even joked about Brian Williams in his bed.Henry and Zbig preparing the world for global warfare.The turmoil with the rising Kings of the East is more than saber ratttling this time around.This is all planned out to bring in the one world economy,religion,and government.You must see it coming as well.The posts are slow in coming and I completely agree with your comment on the ignorance of the masses no matter what these globalists are doing to us.There's just too many people that still have a misplaced faith in politicians and the MSM.

Richard said...

What's the change we really need? Find many examples at: http://obamaprayers.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

when does this site ever update? and why does it take so long to load?...

Anonymous said...

anon@ 7:28pm,I think possibly that Arlen has thrown in the towel.He can respond when he gets the time.It's late in time for America,and the Endgame is close.And there hasn't been a mass awakening.Some good attempts with the GJ's and eligibility lawsuits.But then distractions like tea parties and continuing to follow false leaders in the mainstream media.He ttok a break a couple months ago.But I'm not sure whay the past two months have been so slow.It's one of the more serious blogs out there since Barry was chosen to takedown the USA and usurp the oval office.Plus,there aren't a whole lot of comments,so maybe he feels it is pointless to spend time on it.Again,Alren will have to respond.That's just my take on it.

Anonymous said...

Oh,the reason it takes so long to load is because of all the embedded blogtalk widgets and links to articles.Mainly,the widgets,which could be removed for the older posts.

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Anonymous said...

She was free to challenge Barry's eligibility as well and failed.

Anonymous said...

Where is mccain when he stated Obama is not a muslim and we should not be scared? This whole political process is a joke. How can we go into other Countries and dictate how Capititalism works and yet ours is being destroyed. I can not understand how the so called haters of this Country do not like it here why stay. We see in other Countries Socialism does not work but yet these people consider shoving the garbage down our throats. Does not matter what political party we claim to attach ourselves but we can all agree that we the people made this country great and should not tolerate Haters to take it down.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

McCain was a shill to get Barry a free pass.And they stay becsue the goal is to destroy the nation and then rule over it in the NWO as just another third world nation.