Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lou Dobbs Interviews Keyes & Taitz over Obama's (In)eligibility - on Radio

How about on CNN? Should we hold our breath?

For at least a few days, this interview should be streamable via this link.
Alan Keyes and Orly Taitz on Obama's natural-born citizenship
Wednesday, Jul 15, 2009
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I.O. plans to publish a few comments about Keyes vs. Obama (California) and the case of the apparently persecuted Major Cook (Georgia) in a bit.


Anonymous said...

It's good to hear about these eligiblity lawsuits,but the Elites pushing us towards a NWO are going to stalll and misdirect until all the chess pieces are moved into place for the takedown of the USA,and merging us into a NWO openly called for by world leaders.The motion to dismiss in the Kerchner case was layiing the cards on the table without many people noticing it.The absolute immunity angle ties into not only what the guest on the Patriot's Heart Network CGJ show a few days ago stated about 1792---Treaty of Peace that turned the US back over to the King of England,but what took place in 1868,and 1946 among other pivotal years.And there are no loopholes around it.When standing and jurisdiction isn’t used there will always be sovereign and absolute[essentially same thing] immunity.Orly’s case is for show.The relief for any military men will be simply revoking any orders for the active ones,and dismissing on subject matter jurisdiction on retired ones.The other Plaintiffs have no standing.The manmade flu pandemic,planned Middle East Wars,and the FEMA exercises are signaling that this will all come down this Fall.Article Three courts have not existed,save for show since at least 1946 in most cases and 1988 for good.Carl Swensson is correct that it is going to be the military that resolves this problem.The best thing about the GJ’s are that they are waking people up,and educating people that they no longer are under the Constitution or have representative government.The MSM starting to cover this is nothing to get excited about.They will demonize patriots all the way to the end,when martial law takes place.Or rather full martial law,as we’ve been under it since 1861,and reinforced in 1933.The paradox is that what is transpiring in the courts is unconstitutional,but not illegal.The Republic ceased to exist in 1861.In 1868 the people were changed from sovereigns to persons[ a legal fiction on every ID and document and contract entered into with Corp US] and chattlel,which is why Barry would never claim to be a 14th Amendment citizen.Of course,he is not any type of citizen–nbc,nb,or 14th Amendment.So,although QW with interested parties[fired IG's or civil servants or those injured in fact fromBarry's policies like the Chrysler dealers],it’s not going to happen,as the whole system is gone.But keeping the GJ’s going and finding military men to file criminal complaints is the best shot at our survival.

Anonymous said...

The msm are just now getting the greenlight to play their roles as this unfolds.Dobbs is like Limbaugh that will act surprised as the information they already know is presented to them about Barry.