Thursday, August 20, 2009

Archived: America vs. Marxism, on the Awakening: Jack Cashill, James Simpson, Mark Olsen

Essential information not presented over mainstream media

UPDATE: This program was revealing. It remains available for you to hear and to heed. (By the way, God is good and Hanen's child is fine.) I encourage you to look into all the opera (that means "works" ;-) of these three important communicators. And, Animal Colony is looking like an excellent gift idea. It is especially good for sharing with liberals and those ignorant of current affairs -- or, for those who do book reports, this new schoolyear -- or, for treating yourself -- and, Christmas is not all that far away....

Tonight on "The Awakening," we have three very important guests and what they reveal can help us save our free America, as we pass it on to others.

Jack Cashill: author and researcher of American Marxism and central bank manipulations; see his new article, "Obama, Ayers and the Knowledge 'Too Big' to Handle"

2. James Simpson describes how Obama's "healthcare" is really Alinsky and Cloward-Piven -style "Manufactured Healthcare Crisis" and lends his own analysis of Obama's
relationship with Weathermen and SDS revolutionaries.

3. Mark Olsen: co-author of an excellent new allegorical book, Animal Colony, a very engaging instruction in American Freedom vs. Marxism, for both children and adults,

Join us in a dynamic discussion about facts and understanding that you can relate to those you know, to win our war, imposed upon us by this global, Marxofascist insurgency.

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Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck calls patriots "birther nuts".You can study this stuff forever,and still not understand how they operate if your faith is in the mainstream media shills just because they play act at being patriots.

Anonymous said...

August 24th - Glenn Beck: "Barry released his “birth certificate”" Still think Beck is a truthseeker????