Tuesday, August 4, 2009

UPDATING Apparent Fraud on the Kenyan BC // Bogus Barry's Birthday Bash, Part 2: Tonight's "The Awakening" 9-11pm ET

Original post, 8/3, 3:19pm CT

Bogus Barry's Birthday Bash - Part 2!
9-11pm ET & archived (see blogtalk widget, below)

Mark S. McGrew, Sam Sewell, James Simpson, & Talulah - Obamologists all, join us [Jim couldn't make it, but we were joined by Dave Levine of the Sentinel Radio program of the same name.]

Celebrate with us, as we tell the Mysterious, Marxist Life Story of Barack the Destroyer...

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Call in for questions and comments during the program: 646-727-2652

"This Is Your Life," Barack Obama - Part 2

  • Kenyan "Certified Copy of Registration of Birth?"
  • What circumstances of Barack Obama's birth do we know?
  • What are plausible?
  • What is this connection to the Ford Foundation?
  • What are all these connections to the Federal Reserve?
  • What about the consistent Goldman Sachs connections?
  • Does this involve the old central bank manipulators?
  • Are they conspiring with globalist Marxists and even Aquarian New Agers?
  • Can we follow their own words and actions?
  • Can we follow the money? Can we see how they rob us of our property?
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Edits During "The Awakening" -- Program Notes -- Now See This -- Now See This:

Hanen's find, an apparent source document of what seems to be a forgery of the Obama Kenyan B.C. The Bonford Austrialian birth certification with the same tracing numbers as the "Obama" B.C. of "Kenya": [8/5: link to bomford site now removed as a courtesy]

Hats off to heroine, Hanen. We will probably be posting another item about this -- then we need to get back to really Investigating Obama -- and the hideous movement behind him.

Orly Taitz, you must explain. And I.O. suggests you look for where you can responsibilities to other parties in the movement to bring true constitutional accountability to America.

Also, to Orly Taitz: please give us your own bona fides, as quickly as you jump on apparent data of others. Show us your records. And give us references throughout your life, of those who will attest to your being a patriot for America (not just what is purported from recent months).

Edit, 8/4, 12:39: Sam Sewell has published an image file of the Bomford BC, during the program. I did too, but I deleted it, because it did not turn out right. I'll try to upload the image below and however it looks, there it will be.

There, very nice. Click to enlarge. Now, who is guilty of fraud? Anyone? Ms. Taitz, what do you know about this?


Gort said...

I figured that out as soon as I heard of it,although it did look genuine to a payperson.And events are playing out as I've conjectured for several months.I'll pass on listening to the show.Can't take the tunnel vision over the expositing on the Cloward-Piven strategy that obviously hoodwinked Sam,one of the Roundtable experts.I'm not saying"I told you so".Just saying the tactics of psyops go beyond what you guys discuss on the shows and on this blog.But I do give credit to Arlen for hearing some of the deeper things I expound upon,and at least considering them to be true,as wild as some of it sounds.These stretegies are more detailed than anything found in Rules For Radicals,which is what I've heard for months on the shows and here.

Anonymous said...

The best counterarguments to it being fake even before this current information came out aren't even listed.And without understanding the ploys of the enemies,people will fall for it time and again to the end.Also,Beck did a 180 and says Barry can't be removed.I knew he was a shill,and mentioned that in detail as well.If you want to have a look at what most liklely is going to come,including alternate scenarios,just persue the comments of this blog.The elite are not operating by any Alinsky methodology.Their minions are,but then the minions are simple branches,not the root.But time is running out,and when I see the delusion of the masses,my advice is prepare,prepare,prepare,You can't win a war when you can't even win simple battle of the mind.

Arlen Williams said...

Anonymous, thanks for your comments again. Would you like to submit an article, for consideration, with citations of researchable fact and opinion?

How about you, Gort? Would you like to submit an article?

I mean that sincerely.

Anonymous said...

From plains radio forum-- JC

Aug 3, 2009 - 10:33PM QuoteReply Re: possible forged copies of kenyan registration

Originally Posted by Stephanie
From The Steady Drip:

Monday, August 3, 2009
WND and Orly busted - Kenyan BC fake

"Explanation later. This is a scoop to keep the Obots from claiming they found it."



LOL old scammer Sam Sewell is trying to take credit is he....typical of that frickin' liar! Koyaan at politijab.com found and posted it at 6:36pm EDT today on the politijab forum.....notice the time on the liar Hun's post. The man has no shame I'm tellin' ya, what a jerk he is! --------------- note :I agree with the no shame part.I've seen Sam flip-flop and then actually claim credit for old news more thna once.

Gort said...

Well,it will be interesting to see if it is examined by a forensic document authenticator anyway.p.s.Arlen,I put a short essay on this in the open thread,so you know.Check it out when you are not busy.No rush.Just food for thought.Take care.

Arlen Williams said...

Thank you, Gort.

rx said...

FYI - Turns out... the Aussie "version" is more than likely the fake. 1) The referring page: http://www.bomford.net/worcestershire/images/DavidJeffreyBomfordBirthCertDoc65.jpg has been taken down. As has http://www.bomford.net/worcestershire (earlier tonight, it had a message on it saying the bomford b.c. had been taken down.

Look at that bomford version. Zoom in and look at the lettering on the doc where the folds are. There seems to be no distortion at all. In other words, the letters "float" over the folds. Discussion found here: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2307402/posts?page=1019#1019

Information on the guy who reportedly forged the Aussie version: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2307402/posts?page=1139#1139

Arlen Williams said...

Thanks, but I haven't found letters unaffected by folds, frankly.

Arlen Williams said...

An example of the fold affecting a letter on the Bomford document is at the bottom preprint format for the registrar. See the phrase there:

"hereby certify that the above is a true copy of the entry recorded in"

There, see the "e" in the first "the." See how it is narrower than the other "e's," quite apparently due to the scrunching caused by the fold.

Anonymous said...

Aussie version a fake? I'm from Adelaide, home of this certificate. Its real!

Heres an interview with David Bomford on ABC Radio - http://www.abc.net.au/pm/content/2008/s2646009.htm

Arlen Williams said...

Thank you, to the Adelaide Anon. Here's another item of possible interest, before letting this sleep and getting back to finding out what this evil movement really is, behind Obama:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Accurate Report of the Queen Bee's lastest HOAX!

I have known the Queen Bee since before she was the Queen Bee and I will attest that I do not believe a thing she says.

rx said...

This is VERY informative:


rx said...

Check out this comparison:

"Kenyan" doc:

"Aussie" doc:

As we can clearly see, the typewritten text on the Aussie doc is ON TOP of the signature. The Aussie doc is the fake here.