Friday, August 14, 2009

Call for Citizen Investigators of Orly Taitz

If you have non-invasive, appropriate, and ethical means of documenting the many inconvenient/convenient "miscues" of Orly Taitz, in our pursuit of Constitutional Justice. And/or, if you have information on her background and allegiances...

...please post in comments here, or email

Thank you. I.O. will seek to assist you in appropriate, ethical ways.

(Time is short for I.O., this afternoon. If you wonder why, this post, you may check recent postinngs of articles and comments, here; also recent postings in Leo Donofrio's Natural Born Citizen blog, or Phil's The Right Side of Life blog.)


Christinewjc said...

There have been rising doubts about Orly Taitz on several blogs lately. Where does she fit in with the Obama "natural born citizen" scandal? I can't tell anymore.

It seems that the "mistakes" she is making are quite odd. Is she just a good actress or what?

Maybe a list of the errors might help us determine where she is coming from.

Is what she is doing out of the pages of Alinsky's rules for radicals?

Hmmmm....might explain why MSNBC recently had her on one of their news programs.

Making her look like a loon would make all the so-called "birthers" look that way too?

I'm just thinking out loud.

It is so difficult to trust anyone anymore. There is so much mis-information out there.

Today, I changed the "wheres the birth certificate?" sign on my blog to Leo Donofrio's pertinent question:

At Barack Obama’s web site, the following admission:

“ Clarifies Barack’s Citizenship

‘When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children…’ “

Read that last line again.

“That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children…”

That’s an admission that Great Britain “governed the status” of Barack Obama, Jr. He has chosen to highlight this on his own volition.

And this leads to the relevant question:


A natural born citizen’s status should only be governed by the United States.

Hat Tip: Natural Born Citizen blog

I agree that this is what needs to be hammered home regarding Obama ineligibility for POTUS. It's too easy for the ObamaBorg to use the "birth certificate" issue as a smokescreen.

Wish I had some information to help in your investigation. Will keep my eyes and ears open.

Christinewjc said...

Change that "misinformation" term to "disinformation."

dis·in·for·ma·tion (dĭs-ĭn'fər-mā'shən)
Deliberately misleading information announced publicly or leaked by a government or especially by an intelligence agency in order to influence public opinion or the government in another nation: "He would be the unconscious channel for a piece of disinformation aimed at another country's intelligence service" (Ken Follett).
Dissemination of such misleading information.

[Possibly translation of Russian dezinformatsiya.]

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Copyright © 2009 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
Cite This Source

Arlen Williams said...

Thank you, Christin. It is time for people to share information with others, collate it, and presenting it objectively. And that is what is now happening.

We must be fair as well as legal.

rx said...

Since Dr. Taitz entered the 'fray', Obots and even those looking for the truth alike have stated that she's a beginner lawyer with no experience, she doesn't focus, has too much going on at the same time, etc, etc. etc. The internet is full of such comments, and for the most part...are true.

I think, perhaps, the most obvious answer is that she's inexperienced. And guess what, inexperienced lawyers that take on numerous cases, interviews around the world, etc will make mistakes.

That her mistakes are intentional, or that she's some kind of 'double agent' and so forth, is yet more conspiracy theory, IMO.

I believe, if you look hard enough, you'll find that some of the other lawsuits have run into "technical" difficulties as well.

Let's not forget that Attorney Berg, really the first in this, is exclusively focused on the B.C. issue as well and Leo rarely (if ever) rips on him.

IMO (since late last year), Leo is right...the B.C. issue is the conspiracy. The real, legal issue here is precisely this:


Try getting the American Idol crowd the pay attention to that though

rx said...

I must also say, I do applaud Dr. Taitz though, for being the one who has brought more national attention to this matter than anyone else, inexperience and all.

Gonendunit said...

I don't think now is the time for petty infighting. Rather, I think everyone who believes in Obama's ineligibility should be working together. NOT taking pot shots at each other.
I find this post disturbing. While Dr. Taitz has made some errors, she's persevering where others have thrown in the towel. She's done no worse than Berg, Donofrio and Apuzzo and I commend her for staying in the fight.
Creating controversy does no one any good and only hurts our cause.
Imagine what the left must be thinking... the Obots... they only ridicule us as it is. This type of thing only provides them with ammunition.
I'm disappointed.

Christinewjc said...


The "petty infighting" started long before this post appeared here. I think that many of the lawyers (not all, of course) have been guilty of it.

It's a peculiar thing. I have found that lawyers do not like to "work together" and thus we have our current dilemma.

Ronald Reagan once said, "Trust, but verify." I think that this is Arlen's intention with this post.

I see nothing wrong with questioning another's motives. Happens to me all the time at my blog. If everything is legitimate, then there is no harm, no foul. If not, then it is best that we find out.

Arlen Williams said...

Thank you. The time is now long overdue for significant verification, regarding Orly Taitz. Once the problems are delineated, then questions may be asked. Then, whatever verifiable answers are given, from Orly Taitz herself and from others, may be considered and dealt with accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Is Ms. Taitz truly a US citizen or is she a duplicitous plant by the Israeli government to sow dissent and create distraction?
I believe that she is without sincerity in pursuit of any proper legal action to confirm validity of President Obama's birth certificate and that she has intentionally created a diversion of many months duration.

Nickname unavailable said...

Orly Taitz and her law partner, Charles E. Lincoln, are doing an incredibly horrible job. If you look at their filings, they didn't jnow when they filed the complaint you needed a civil cover sheet, statement of interested parties or even a summons. They hand-wrote those in the clerk's office in the courthouse. Pretty sloppy for such a momentous case. The other pleadings have been bizarre as well.

But have no fear. Even Clarence Darrow couldn't have won this one. It's a total loser. So having Orly as lead counsel doesn't diminish the chances of success. They were and remain at exactly ZERO. But having her on the case provides us with some good comedic relief.

Anonymous said...

"The time is now long overdue for significant verification, regarding Orly Taitz."

We would be stupid to not consider that BO may have people working every open door with bouncers. Those open doors need to be checked. He could easily have people at the 'Kenyan' door, the 'Parents' door, the Indonesian door and the forgery door.

All 'bouncers' need to be sniffed out. JMHO.

Anonymous said...

It is Time to forget about Orly. She is the WORST thing that could have happened to the Eligibility cause. I have NO DOUBT that she is an Obama plant.

However, it is a MISTAKE to publicize Orly's blunders. That is exactly what the Obama campaign wants you to do. It makes all Eligibility lawyers look as BAD as INCOMPETENT as Orly.


Anonymous said...

"I have NO DOUBT that she is an Obama plant."


Gonendunit said...

How typical of those attacking Dr. Taitz to remain anonymous. I have removed the I.O RSS feed from my home page and I'll no longer read this counter-productive blog.
What a huge disappointment!

Gonendunit said...

Last comment. Hey Arlen, why don't you just set up an email address for this?? You can call it

Anonymous said...

"How typical of those attacking Dr. Taitz to remain anonymous."

I wouldn't give my name to an Orly supporter. On purpose or inadvertently, she does work for Obama.

john said...

"she does work for Obama"

Would love to see proof of that.


b.t.w. Who, in your opinion, has done a better job than Dr. Taitz (with all her shortcomings) in wining a case or even bringing more media attention (& thus more citizen attention) to this critical issue?


David Crockett said...

Well let me you all, Dr. Orly Taitz is the only one who has the guts to do something rather than talking from behin a keyboard. This whole call for smearing Dr. Orly Taitz is sickening.

You guys are aiding the conspirators of tyranny and usurpation by doing their smear campaigns for them. The fear Dr. Orly Taitz for she will fight until the bitter end and believe if and when we get the usurper out of the Whitehouse it will have been Orly Taitz who got it done.

Unless of course you manange to break her first.

David Crockett

Arlen Williams said...

Appropriate questions, John.

1. No one has won a case; no one has even gained discovery.

2. What kind of media attention has been gained, by Orly Taitz?

Arlen Williams said...


I'm not interested in a smear campaign; please let me know if something I have written might confuse that.

There are others who have carried out and are carrying out legal cases and who are doing what is available to them through the media, as I believe you would know.

Barack Obama should give us a full and accurate picture of his background and the allegiances thereof.

Orly Tatiz, should also give us a full picture of her background and allegiances, before and through these last nine months.

Anonymous said...

I think you might be surprised how many people are trying legal means to get to the bottom of this. ON THEIR OWN. So that if &/or when they fail, they don't bring all interested military who deserve BETTER down with them.

Orly did have a call for all interested military to jump on her incompetent bandwagon, eh?

...Something about putting all your eggs in one basket.

David Crockett said...

Well Arlen Williams I thought that the objective is take America Back out of the claws of the conspirators of tyranny and usurpation but what I see happening is that war is declared on Orly Taitz.

Don't you get that you are aiding the usurper by creating division in the ranks, don't see that your call to Citizen Investigators is opening the flood gates for the obots to exploit.

Dr. Orly Taitz is giving it all and you by calling for an investigations against her are undermining her.

you wrote:

"...If you wonder why, this post, you may check recent postinngs of articles and comments, here; also recent postings in Leo Donofrio's Natural Born Citizen blog, or Phil's The Right Side of Life blog..."

Well let me tell you something Leo Donofrio and his overblown ego, this guy got kicked out of court and gave up, he went on with more important things such as playing poker while the Country is being torn apart by that crimminal named Barry Soetoro.

Now that he can sit at the sideline being a pompous ass, attacking Orly Taitz, we have to take this guy serious. well I don't think so.

Drs. Orly Taitz is working relentlessly and exhausting herself for the sake of Constitutional Republic if while doing so she is confronted with ill-fated initiatives such as your Citizen Investigation she may well give up.

Who stands to win other than the usurper.

David Crockett

Anonymous said...

DC, What if she isn't giving it her all? What if she is undermining things ON PURPOSE?

Consider the alternative for just a moment and you'll see why it's important that everyone be looked at with skepticism.

She's incompetent OR working for the other side--either way--she's a menace to this cause.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone really read the provisions in the Hawaii Open Records Act?

Agency Records that Must Always Be
Disclosed (§92F-12)

(15) Information collected for the purpose of making
information available to the public; and

[This provision only has DOB and Ethnicity as significant privacy exceptions!!!!!! The rest of his vital records should be made available on this provision ALONE!!!]

It should be fairly easy to get his vital records--Dr. Fukino made TWO public statements of information citing the source of her info as having seen his (plural) "Original Vital Records"

Anyone who could afford to take this to circuit court in Hawaii has a good shot if there's any precedence at all.

Furthermore, there's a second provision, this: (3) Records where compelling circumstances show an effect on the health or safety of any individual;

Why hasn't Orly argued this provision on behalf of enlisted military with orders to serve overseas???

Something STINKS here. I asked the OIP in Hawaii, Orly never filed a records request. WHY NOT?

Anonymous said...

These are the exceptions and as I said, 'Date of Birth' and 'Ethnicity' are the only things that are considered "significantly private."

Strike through those two items with black and show us the rest.

To everyone else in America--'where' you were born is NOT anything significant to your privacy--the Law in Hawaii says so, too.

From the UIPA:
To withhold a record under this exception,
an agency must be able to show that:
(1) An individual has a significant privacy interest
in the information contained in the record; and
(2) The significant privacy interest is not outweighed
by the public interest in disclosure.
An agency must balance the significant privacy interest against
the public interest in disclosure of the information. If the public
interest is found to outweigh the individual privacy interest,
the agency must disclose the information. Where an agency
cannot identify a significant privacy interest, the slightest
public interest in disclosure will require the agency to disclose
the record.

[Do you hear that?? The "SLIGHTEST public interest" and they should disclose the record. EVERYONE should be writing open records requests for his records. WAKE UP.]

Anonymous said...

Here: I've made it easy. Please send this far and wide:

Anonymous said...

Oops, nevermind. Send THIS one far and wide:

Anonymous said...

To say that investigating Orly would cause her to give up is a CROCK! She is on a mission.It is one of self-destruction of her own lawsuits.A few mistakes can be overloooked.But this lady has refused help from other lawyers.When Stephen Pidgeon offered to help her a month ago,she made it a point on her blog to tell everyone he was not working with her and it was a rumor.She misspelled her own name in the latest filing.She knows the BC is not a POTUS eligbility requirement,but has it as the focus of her lawsuits.What she says about the NBC issue in public has no bearing in court.Her pleadings go beyond the level of mistakes or inexperience.They are written too well,and the mistakes thrown in are pure genious.She refuses legal help,but will ask readers to do research for her,always ignoring the information that could help build a solid case.The whole system is corrupt,but this woman was chosen to play this out in the courts.Berg started the BC distraction,and lost ground after the NBC issue was brought to light,and Orly was thrown into the mix as misdirection.Both of them talk about the NBC issue now,but it is too late.This is going for the elites on cue.Factor Hale into this psyops and it is complete.Martin is the last one in all this.The rest of the lawsuits were by sincere people seeking the truth.But if anyone has followed these celebrites over the past year,they should know what's been goning on,and if they don't now,they never will.

Anonymous said...

Think the default over a month ago by the Defense was coincidence ? Think the Cook case was not a misdirection form that ? Think Orly throwing caution to the wind by going on the MSM over and over again is prudent? Think changing the lead Plaintiff recently was not an act of self-sabotage? Think the two plaintiffs that dropped her last week did it because she's such a patriot ? Think the AIPAC and Novartis connections are unimportant? Hey,kids---- think again!I've followed the celeb lawyers very closely,and something is amiss.I didn't sign up to be a cult member in Barry's or Orly's cult.You like Orly so much,sign on as a Plaintiff or file your own lawsuit.I don't do so because I know how and when we lost our standing and the Republic,and it was long before the Marxist Puppet was installed in the Oval Office.This is just the Endgame.I'm not saying any of them are paid agents.What I am saying is there is a plethora of circumstantial evidence that the Berg-Tatz-Hale Combine has done great damage to the cause of freedom and liberty.Martin is an insignificant blip on the radar sreen,but he isn't much better.Ask yourself where all the Constitutional scholars and patriotic lawyers have been the past year.And ask yourself why the foraml criminal complaints of fraud and treason against Barry have been ignored.Those blow all these eligbility cases out of the water.The media attention on Orly is clear.

Anonymous said...

Ask Orly about Hale's connection in this latest 1964 Kenyan Reg.Bc copy hoax.Ask her why she didn't have it looke over by forensic document experts before making a fool of hereslf.Please do not say that is the court's job.We know they are working against us.
scotus doing the photoop with Barry should've clued everyone to the fix that was in,and the ensuing coverup.And to MissKitty/KittyCat that is obsessed with Hawaii...the FOIA angle has been tried for several months.The blowhard Intenet Powerhouse has gone that route in Hawaii. there.and others here in DC.Same with contacting every branch of government and the MSM.But that doesn't give Orly a pass.In fact,it is all the more reason to find out more about her,as she appears to be the selected lawyer to get smashed in court.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

You can hear Nicolof say he offered to help Orly with research for months,but she ignored him. see the 8-3-09 and 8-5-09 shows----- Yet she sends readers on wild goose chases for social security numbers.She had an entire blog full of comments by both laypeople and lawyers on her old blog and then it got "hacked" and it was all lost.When she went to the next one it was striclty moderated.Then with the latest one it became a PR blog of praising comments and a few nasty ones to get sympathy.The legal ones no longer are allowed.And a facebook full of politicians as fans.The same ones that failed to object at the electoral vote count.And some foreign ones that sent up a red flag for this researcher.Arlen,if you are looking for a Mossad ID card,that isn't going to happen.But the clues and evidence pointing to these celeb lawyers being pawns or assets is already here in your comments section,and has been for months.

Anonymous said...

Think it was just a coincidence she got her hand in the citizen's grand juries[9-part series on you tube]???? I think that slipped over the heads of the experts on the Cloward-Piven Strategy.This eligbility issue has been controlled by the puppetmasters all along,and is in its' final stages.The Rules For Radicals book is lying in front of the curtain,the rulers are behind it,and use tactics developed long before Marx was born.

Anonymous said...

Others known to have tried to help Orly? Leo Donofrio spent hours on the phone with her several months ago.Mario Apuzzo wrote very long legal comments on her blogs.jbjd has written many legal opiniions on her blogs[he or she has claimed to be a teacher and a lawyer.Possibly both].Stphen Pidgeon has offered help and been refused.And many researchers and historians have tried to help her.None asking for fees.Many people have asked her to consult Edwin Vieira since last December as well.So,the argument of people not wanting to help her for free is a lie.Then we have that circus lawsuit as more distraction and afterwards Ed and Caren chummming it up with Berg.There's alot to see if one is paying attention and not vaught up in the cult of personality or celebrity.Many of these points could've been culled from past comments here and included in this blog post as rhetorical questions to get people thinking.The track record of some of the commenters is better than some of the bloggers out there bowing to these celebrity figures.

Whatever4 said...

Sorry, the Hawaii Open Records Act doesn't apply. The Law or Order Exception:(page 21) An agency may withhold access to records that are protected
from disclosure by a state or federal law.

Vital records are covered by separate state law, HRS §338-18.

Arlen Williams said...

Thanks to all for the comments.
Any more?

Anonymous said...

"MissKitty/KittyCat that is obsessed with Hawaii...the FOIA angle has been tried for several months.The blowhard Intenet Powerhouse has gone that route in Hawaii"

NO. I asked the OIP, Andy Martin NEVER tried to file a UIPA request. Yes I know he went to circuit court BUT HE IS LYING about filing a UIPA request. He never tried to file one. Neither did Orly Taitz. Call them yourselves.

to Whatever4: There are PROVISIONS that do NOT make exception for VITAL RECORDS. Read the damn thing before you comment. I called the OIP in Hawaii--AND MADE SURE.

Geez. Read PEOPLE, read.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore--the exception you are citing is for records 'under seal,' MORON.

Is it that hard for you guys just to pick up a f*cking phone, call the Office Of Information Practices in Hawaii and ask them yourselves? I did. And I know I AM RIGHT.

Lazy-ass, ignorant buttholes.

Walk around with your heads up your asses and go pray that Orly saves the day.

You look like idiots.

Arlen Williams said...

Let's all be civil. Still taking information for objective reporting.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Arlen. I just hate when people push lies that cloud real opportunities.

Anonymous said...

First off, I want to say this, my screen name is kittycat and I'm not going around obsessed with Hawaii. I don't know where anyone got this from unless there is someone named MissKitty. If there is, that is not me.

However, I have been researching someone named MissTickly and seeing why she/he thinks Orly is or may be an Obot. You can look here at a FR discussion on this:

Also, I post at Zapem and don't appreciate whoever it is connecting me with the obsession or whatever. I sometimes post at Citizen Wells.


Anonymous said...

I personally think that there's some foul-mouthed people here that don't know how to treat humans. Maybe they're not "human," I don't know. But I wouldn't take someone talking to me like this and letting them post a message. I'm wondering if the potty-mouthed person eats their food with that same mouth.

Anonymous said...

Taitz is as honest as Ed Hale... Ed Hale

Aug 16, 2009 - 11:38AM QuoteReply New Show on Plains Radio this Wednes
On Wednesday at 8 pm central we will have a new show. The Great Debate Series. For more details, go to
State: Texas
So now we are supporting the obots? Well it only took one year to get here-- Jessie2
Jessie - I don't need this bullchit. This has always been about the truth - what better way to get to the truth than hear what the otehr side has to say. NO ONE IS GOING TO FORCE YOU TO LISTEN. I will run Plains as I see best. For your information, Ken Dunbar thought this was a great idea, also some more of the host here. If you want to leave Plains, don't let the door hit you in the azz Ed Hale Ed's just showing his true colors, everyone.
When will everyone here finally realize that all along Ed Hale has NEVER been a real patriot?
It's just all about the money with him and seeing just how much he can scam out of the patriot movement.
That's why he just loves all the obots in his chat room these days, and now he's even handing them a microphone! Real American Thank you for your support. Fair and Balanced and a personal opinion are forbidden here. As long as donations are forthcoming all is well. Jessie

Anonymous said...

Re: Is Orly working for Obama and the NWO? This actually makes some sense
1- Her military lawsuits let BO identify dissenters in the military
2- The kenyan BC fiasco made us all look like crazies
3- The whole Berg lawsuit was started because she attacked him and put Liberi's SSN online, this is a huge distraction
4- She has found a way to screw up each lawsuit she has filed
Jesse James My problem with Orly is that I have learned that MANY other attorneys and investigators offered to help her since day one...and she turned every single one of them away. Why? This is a HUGE job, it has a lot of tentacles in numerous countries, a lot of legal questions that need answering and a lot of research that needs to be done--and she is only one person.

She's bombed on ALL of her cases so far--and I'm taking bets with the changes in the case in California, we will see yet one more failure. Why would you NOT welcome better-trained, knowledgeable assistance to support you in such a critical legal action? Makes absolutely no sense to any rational human being.Rebel Rose

Anonymous said...

There comes a point, however, that Orly has to look at her won-lost record and admit that she needs help from lawyers more experienced in trial work. One can believe in themselves, but then there is a point where realism has to take over or her clients have to look for someone else to take their cases. Patty

Anonymous said...

From what I've read, none of the volunteers were expecting any compensation--many offered to share their existing research and help construct the case. They simply have as much interest in having this thing exposed and settled once and for all as Orly does.

Let's face facts, Orly graduated from a distance-learning law school (Taft Law School) that is not recognized by the American Bar Association. Although she passed the California Bar, her online education is simply not on par with most other law schools and most other attorneys. I believe that lack of experience, knowledge and classroom exposure is evident in her filings.

Orly really is reaching the point of no return. She's working her bippy off and not making any discernible progress in winning the first case. One can only wonder when she will either take some of these folks up on their offers to help--or realize her independent efforts simply aren't quite good enough to complete her stated mission. Rebel Rose

Anonymous said...

Orly, makes herself look like a cracker jack box attorney by presenting a Kenyan Birth certificate as evidence without first finding out if it's authentic source for above comments on Orly and the nwo :

Hanen said...

I think you guys should lay off of Arlen. Unlike the rest of you I did turn the document into a professional and he said its a fake. If you can't handle the truth you should go find another cause that won't disappoint you.


You sent me two versions of what claims to be a certified copy of
registration of birth from Kenya. One has a black background, the other
is on a brown fabric.

I am BCC’ing some associates with these findings.

Besides removing the background, they tried to age the paper.
This is a forgery — and it isn’t even a good forgery.

The other document appears to be the same content as the black document.
It has been digitally modified (color enhanced, scaled, multiple resaves,
and possible added text.)

The document itself shows artifacts that are INCONSISTENT with 1960
technology. The typewriter letters are perfectly aligned, there is text
outside the margins, there is a perfectly centered embossment that is
perfectly aligned vertically. (”Perfect” never happens in real life. This
is a strong indication of a modern forgery.) The folds are not crisp nor
aged, as would be expected with a 40-year-old folded document. This is a
recent/modern forgery. And it, too, is not a good forgery.

You wrote: “I hope they are the real deal.”
They are not. They are forgeries. And they are really poor quality
forgeries by a rank amateur.


Neal Krawetz holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Texas A&M University and a Bachelors degree in Computer and Information Science from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Dr. Neal Krawetz operates Hacker Factor Solutions ( and specializes in non-classical computer forensics, online profiling, and computer security. His research into anti-anonymity technologies combines fields as vast as ergonomics and child development to artificial intelligence and theoretical biophysics. He is the author of Introduction to Network Security (Charles River Media, 2006) and Hacking Ubuntu (Wiley, 2007). His work experience spans small startup companies, academic and university environments, and large Fortune-100 corporations.

When most people think of computer forensics, they think of disks and data recovery. Tools such as The Coroner's Toolkit and Spinrite aid in this process. But computer forensics have grown to become much more.

Hacker Factor Solutions includes computer forensic specialists that are experienced in both classical computer forensics (data recovery and analysis) and non-classical, such as enhanced forensic tools and profiling.

I have reason to believe since they were in possession of this document for so long they knew it wasn't authentic. Think for yourselves if it was the real thing wouldn't they have used it in the beginning to end all of this right away? Things that make you say HMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


It WAS dropped on us 'out of the blue.'

This should be considered at least: it may have been an attempt to get BO's records under court seal and quick--perhaps to keep the records from being available through open records law.....?

"I have reason to believe since they were in possession of this document for so long they knew it wasn't authentic. Think for yourselves if it was the real thing wouldn't they have used it in the beginning to end all of this right away? Things that make you say HMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Drake dumps lawyer Taitz in suit challenging Obama birthplace

Anonymous said...

There's something wrong with Orly when she can't even get her Bar number or first name right.

Anonymous said...

Now we have Obama listed as 52 years old on his MySpace page.Another distraction just like the whole birth cvertificate,which Orly makes a focal point in her pleadings.For all the excuses she makes for her incompetence,she never addresses why she refuses free legal help from other lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Who misspells their own name? WTH is going on here???

"Among omissions in the more recent document was such basic information as Taitz’s bar number. In another recent filing by Taitz, her own name was misspelled as “Orley.”

“I rest my case,” Drake said."

Teo Bear said...

I think this is the last straw with Orly,

This appeared 7 days ago, soon after Orly released the "Kenyan BC" while in Israel without vetting it first.

The left is now saying Israel is behind the Birther movement.

This was soon followed by Iranian Press two days later,

And now Orly again from Israel last night,

All I can say at this point is it is time for Orly to turn her cases over to another attorney, take a much needed rest and think about getting professional help.

I love Israel and want to see her strong, but this is not about Israel it is about the US Constitution and how Americans decide their fate.

Is Orly being used by Obots and Russian FSB agents? Who knows, but she is acting more like Sheriff "bing,bing,bing" Ricochet Rabbit than any attorney I have even met.

Anonymous said...

This will be the last time I log into this site and those of Berg and Donofrio. At least Orly is doing her best to eject the usurper, getting the word out faster and farther than any of you are doing. You could have helped in the cause by uniting with her & supporting her efforts because I thought you were all fighting for the same thing. Now I see that you aren't, unless you are the ones who get the glory without any of the work and time she has put into this effort. All you want to do is put her down. You are pathetic and not worthy of anyone's time. You sound like the boys saying, "It's my ball and I'm going home" when things don't go your way. How sad for you & for all of us who mistakenly believed you were on the side of "We the People." I'll stand with those who are seriously working for truth and justice for the Constitution and the American people, not stooping to the petty, childish actions that those in this site, as well as the others mentioned, seem to want to do! My mistake in thinking that we were all fighting for the same thing....preserving the Constitution and the rights & liberties of the American people. God Bless Orly!!!

Anonymous said...

Orly admits her concern of Israel.Her concern should be America.Maybe that explains her failures and mistakes. ____________________________________________ excerpt : Orly Taitz: Obama policies are 'clear and present danger to Israel'

By Benjamin L. Hartman, Haaretz Correspondent, and The Associated Press

The driving force behind the 'birther' movement has found her star is rising in Israel.

U.S. President Barack Obama's domestic and foreign policies pose "a clear and present danger to Israel," says the driving force behind the campaign to prove Obama was not born in the United States and therefore ineligible to serve as president.

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When the emptiers of our nation start supporting Orly Taitz that tells me it's definitely time to jump ship.The cowards that are not standing up to the usurper are now her good friends and supporters.Plus,she her ownplaintiffs are dumping her.Too much publicity and not enough time preparing her pleadings. from lady liberty>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dr. Orly Taitz Esquire
More community leaders, members of the media and officials joined as my friends on Facebook- in a show of support

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Martin Wisckol
Columnist, The Orange County Register

Orly Taitz, the Mission Viejo lawyer trying to get Barack Obama thrown out of office, says she’s had enough of two of her clients in the case and will continue without them.

Whoa, say the two.

“This is our case,” said Buena Park Pastor Wiley Drake, one of the two plaintiffs Taitz has unilaterally tried to have removed from the case.

The lawsuit challenges Obama’s birthplace and his legitimacy as president. The latest chapter in the drama started when Drake and Markham G. Robinson notified Taitz that they were replacing her as counsel. Taitz continues to represent 40 other plaintiffs in the federal case filed in Santa Ana.

Drake complained that Taitz’s paperwork errors have delayed proceedings.

“Orly is getting overwhelmed,” Drake said. “We all make mistakes, but she is in over her head.”

Taitz’s initial complaint was sent back to her by the court for being incomplete, as was a filing last week alleging the possession of a Kenyan birth registration for Obama – a document experts have dismissed as a forgery.

Among omissions in the more recent document was such basic information as Taitz’s bar number. In another recent filing by Taitz, her own name was misspelled as “Orley.”

“I rest my case,” Drake said.

Drake and Robinson are now being represented by Gary Kreep, who has previously worked for abortion foes and is counsel for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. Kreep said he is looking to make changes to Taitz’s filings.

“There were some problems with the initial complaint,” he said. “It needs to be amended to make the case stronger.”

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Mistakes plague Dr.T ...... Dr. Orly Taitz Esquire
English edition of Haaretz interview can be read on for 08.17.09. There are some mistakes in the interview

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Well,as I thought...old Ed turned on Orly as per the plan.Now let's watch his flock follow after months of idnoring the warnings about these celeb lawyers.Read Ed's lament and then the open thread,and you'll know how all this ends.........m

IONU said...

I never heard of this IO blog...what does IO mean (Investigating Orly?)... oh no, excuuuse me, it's Investigating Obama.

IO is a blatant Alinsky-style attack machine being used by the Oborters to discredit Dr. Taitz and hinder her efforts.

This double agent-saboteur Arlen Williams is on the Oborter payroll, if not financially, most definitely in spirit.

Actions count more than words, Williams. What have Berg and Donofrio done lately besides shooting their mouths? Dr. Taitz, our Jeanne d'Arc, is in the trenches fighting the Communist takeover of our country by Comrade Obama with all means at her disposal and Williams, whether intentionally or not, is aiding and abetting the enemy.