Saturday, August 22, 2009

The True Natural Born Citizenship Criteria; Time to Refocus

Though the work of "birthers" has continued to focus largely upon the question of Barack Obama's place of birth, the damning issue remains his Kenyan/British citizenship, passed to him by natural succession, from his father. That is, if it is true that Barack Obama I is actually his father, something that seems evident, though he also seems to look more like Frank Marshall Davis with every change of season.

I.O. followed the attempts of Leo Donofrio and Cort Wrotnowski, to get the Supreme Court to pay attention to the actual natural born Cittizen standard, before Obama was certified and inaugurated. However, they were not granted an injunction, likely based upon those justice's opinions of the plaintiffs' standing. Thus, to this date, Barack Obama's apparent ineligibility to serve as United States President and Commander in Chief of our military forces has never been adjudicated upon its throbbing sore thumb merits. Constitutional justice remains to be served.

John Jay's request of the "natural born Citizen" requirement,
to the Constitutional Congress
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By the common understanding of the phrase, natural born Citizen -- by the explanation of that phrase before the fact, the communications about it, at the time of the Constitution's framing, and the relevant analysis and case law, after it, this continues to be evident: that, to hold this qualification, two criteria must be met:
  1. born of parents who were both United States citizens at the time of one's birth
  2. born within United States territory
See the articles:
Mr. Donofrio, who appears to be a man of volatile temperament, has nevertheless resumed some of the tasks of explaining why this sore thumb continues to stick out. One way, has been to show how, according to the most up-to-date historical research, we have already had one fictitious U.S. president, in Mr. Chester A. Arthur. Like Obama, it was rumored that he was not born in America, but, by research Donofrio has brought to light, Arthur was actually engaged in a cover-up of the fact that his father was a British citizen at the time of little Chester's birth. Visit these recent Donofrio articles, to see for yourself.
And, more recently:
Further, Donofrio has done excellent work in explaining why the case of Wong Kim Ark, often cited by Obama protectors, is actually further corroboration of the two criteria (parental lineage and place of birth) for being a natural born Citizen.

There is more to add to the mound of evidence of the true, constitutional definition of natural born Citizen, but that is for others to do and they will do it very soon. And, I.O. will continue to report it.

Constitutional justice must be served, if the term, United States of America is to maintain any integrity.


Anonymous said...

Yes,but frankly it is too late.Leo knows it and is just setting the historical record straight.Unless the whole issue of Admiralty law is understood and the truth was accepted by millions of Americans and we won a lawsuit against the deceitful sellout of the consttiution and making us serfs under the 14th Amendment against the UNITED STATESS,INC. there is no chance of legally ousting the usurper.The courts do not have subject matter jurisdiction.Barry didn't swear an oath to the Constitution anymore than our other Reps.We think they have,but they haven't.And most of them know it.The judges certainly understand what is going on.

Anonymous said...

The blogs have to be done with legalese.He lets it all hang out in the comments.And I know he has information on Admiralty law,and has had it for 8 months.It is all sinking in for him now.I;ve always seen this eligbility issue as a litmus test of forcing their hand at admitting what many of us have known about our form of government before Barry usurped the office.But his usurpation prompted all of us to research matters more diligently.When Leo puts that stuff about Kim and Osama,he is being a legal beagle.He knows this is the End Game.And Arthur technically did not set a legal precedent as he says,but he did set an hisroical precedent,nut Leo won't correct that article.In one post he says he's not concerned about Obama,and the next he admits in comments it is all over and we will praise Der Fuerher soon.He knows what Barry is.But the articles have to avoid the conspiratorial angle.Read his comments and you'll know he is on the ball.

Arlen Williams said...

"United States, Inc." -- owned by whom?

Find some backing of this that has epistemological value and refer to it, or cease and desist.

One can take a few obscure references in opinions of courts which seem to possibly mean... nearly anything one wants them to mean, according to whatever conspiracy claim, and string them together, to come to all sorts of bogus conclusions.

Might as well get into the moon landing and 9.11 being fake, if you do not cite valid references and proofs.

Or, if you choose, maybe you could interrogate Antonin Scalia and get him to confess....

We are in a very real fight against very real foes trying to do very real things. We know who they are. We need to tell America about THAT.

Anonymous said...

US Code Title 28 defines United States as : 15) “United States” means—
(A) a Federal corporation; We have a fedaeral DC and an international one as well.Ther is plenty of proof for you.The original Con was suspended in 1861.We have had a new Con since 1871.We became property of that corp. under the 14th amendment.We were bankrupted in 1933 and became enemies of the state.There is ample evidence that explains why we have no standing or common law.You are being emotional.I know this is a real war.But you do not know what you are fighting. Listen to the two guests on this show,especially the lady with 45 years experience Citizen's Grand Jury 8-26-09 You are upset because you haven't done the homework.Whenver you hear something new,you expect a plaethora of documentation and links.How many will do it for you? How many historical quotes and naming of specific Acts and Amendments will it take before you step back and admit we are not in a Republic?

Anonymous said...

Leo quote : [Ed. They've won. The Constitution is dead. You know it and I know it. Futhermore, I know it so much that I'm getting ready to close up shop here. That's why I've been so busy lately. I want to get it all on the record. Publish the undead revolution stuff, do my report on Obama's current British status and then I feel that my work is done.

I'm not into beating a dead horse. I'm going to live my life to its fullest and move on. I've done all I can do. The people get what they want and they certainly dont want the law. The people get what they settle for. They don't respect the protections of the framers and one day in the not so distant future the framers will be vindicated in that their worst fears will have been realized as this nation is dismantled and all sovereignty and liberty are taken away forever. And I mean, forever. The Constitution is the only thing standing in the way of the coming world government and in my opinion the coming one world religion. For that is the end game.]

Anonymous said...

The fact is that most people simply do not understand that to fight the federal beast,they have to know that the organic constiution is dead.We are fighting a corporation in DC.That is the truth.We needn't go into the whole globaist owners to understand it.We just need to look at our own history and see how it was suspended and replaced.Some people,ver few,have fought against it.But with Barry this would need the backing of millions of Americans because it would mean exposing the scam and toppling the fictional entity and its' employees.And these people in DC know this.They are playing dumb with the people.That;s why their wording is so clever when speaking about the nbc issue,whether it is from politicians,judges,or even someone like Fukino in Hawaii.They have to know it as employees or they couldn't function for the corporation.But how does an honest politician,if one exists,spill the beans?Even us researchers are condemned as nutjobs for bringing this up.Look at Arlen's comment above.He's had this information from others here on this blog for months.You can search yourself.And yet,he issues a cease and desist order if not handed concrete proof of the above statement on Corp US.

Anonymous said...

Leo is well aware of what is going on.But it is important to get down the legal case against this usurpation for the historical record.And for others to use if they want to go up against the beast.So,Arlen is taking the above comments all wrong.All patriots want to see justice done.But not all of us live in a state of denial.That is often miscnstrued as being defeatist.Wrong.Battles still are ongoing,but in other arenas.Fighting against the propaganda and lies is just as important as filing lawsuits willy nilly.Especially if one knows they must fail because of the system in place,and the complete backing of Barry by all three branches of government and a complicit media.So even understanding the Corp US and the rest of it doesn't mean any lawsuit would solve the problem.Without mass support it will disappear.The media won't cover it.The only reason they cover the issue now is because the BC is the focal point and Orly was clearly the selected stooge to get smacked down.The Apuzzo case is getting stalled big time.Becasue his case would be perfect if under the original Con.Becasue we are not,that would need explining by the courts.Get it now Arlen?We are on the same team.You just need to do a crash course on law and history.

Anonymous said...

Oh,here's link on Leo's quote: You can disagree.But he did say it.That's the point.Personally,I would like to say that I disagree with his spiritual views.He has said alot in the past few weeks,and it smacks of New Age views.But I'm not here to talk about that.It's possible his work could be used in a lawsuit.It's possible someone would contact him and he'd litigate again.But like you Arlen,I am entitled to my opinion.That opinion is that people should prepare for what is coming.To learn about our history asap and warna and educate others.For me my faith is in Jesus Christ of Nazareth,my Lord and Saviour.I'm not afraid of what is coming,but am concerned.If others want to place their faitrh in lawyers or the government that is their business.Or in a lase belief that the Republic can be restored,that too is their business.I'm saying that it is too late.The signs are there for anyone to see.Do you see Ron Paul telling the truth?Naw.The Fed audit game is his business.Beck and Dobbs.Nope.Playing the game.It's late and they are being told to expose the things they are exposing to control the herd.

Anonymous said...

Is Leo wrong saying the people do not want the law or the constitution?No.He is not speaking about or the thousands fighting for it now.But the bulk of our nation that don't care about it.Even the non-shilled Townhall meetings see boos hurled at the people speaking of the eligbility issue.Not the healthcare bill.But the eligbility issue is still not accepted as legitimate by most americans.That is mind control and propaganda at work.And you bash us for telling the truth?Wake up Arlen.

Anonymous said...

Arlen said: Constitutional justice must be served, if the term, United States of America is to maintain any integrity >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> True.Now just who is going to serve up that justice for us??????

Anonymous said...

Look up the Clearfield Doctrine,and the altering of the 25th amendment as mentioned in the blogtalk show.Much more information on the degeneration from a republic to a democracy and the corporate US can be found somewhere around here in the comments section.