Friday, September 4, 2009

Execution of Obama's Speech to Students, Violating Constitutional Rights, by Usurping Powers

An article about an article, about a radio report -- about the beginnings of treason

There are at least three problems in Obama's predictably ministerial ploy upon America's educational complex and upon our children:
  1. the usurpation of state and local jurisdictions, by federal government, inherent in the orchestrating of this entire set of events
  2. the (changing) suggestions or dictates of teacher-student behavior, to be carried out before and after the speech
  3. the content of Obama's speech
Presented below is the blog, American Daughter's initial report on problem number one, the effective abrogation of federal and state constitutions, by Barack Obama and the Department of Education.

A reminder: every human has rights, which are inherent in the People. Our modes of government have powers proscribed by the People. In America, Citizens have enumerated natural rights, listed in the U.S. Constitution and unenumerated natural rights, which are not specified, but which are retained by the People. However, American bodies of government do not have any powers that are not constitutionally granted them by the People. See the Constitution's Ninth and Tenth Amendments and the Preamble.
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Major Breach of Protocol

by Nancy Matthis at American Daughter

Ignoring school superintendents, Obama wrote to school principals announcing his forthcoming speech to school children. This is a serious breach of protocol. All communications should be routed through the Superintendent of Schools for each district.

Not only was this bad manners bigtime, it has implications for states' rights and local rights that go far beyond the one event. School districts are overseen by a School Board, usually elected by the citizens of the district. Voters expect that board to ensure an education that reflects their values and goals for their children. From an eHow campaign advisory:
Public education is one of our most crucial institutions. Participating in the body that oversees the policies and procedures governing schools is a major task ... To get elected to the school board ... know the concerns of the community and clarify how you can help achieve the goals and represent their values.
By deliberately cutting the local school boards and the superintendents out of the loop, Obama is essentially bypassing the voters, including parents. He is establishing a precedent for federal control of the children, for making them wards of the federal authority. This is totally a page out of the Marxist playbook that Obama and his office mate terrorist Bill Ayers used in Chicago.

Most of the controversy surrounding his scheduled speech and the lesson plan outlines prepared for teachers to use with it has been concern about the content of his remarks. Like a magician, education czar Arne Duncan has kept the American public focused on the rabbit in the tophat, waiting to see what it looks like when pulled out. If Obama's speech turns out to be a pep talk about staying in school, working hard, and achieving goals, the American public will breathe a collective sigh of relief and think that nothing has gone wrong.

But the damage has already been accomplished in the process. Barack Hussein Obama communicated directly with all of the country's school principals, and got them to march in lock step, without anyone screaming about the school boards being bypassed. The first step of the Marxist game plan is complete.

In our first article, Parents, Should You Be Worried?, we gave all the details about the scheduled speech, the letter to principals, and the lesson plans for grades K-6 and 7-12. We also itemized the parallels between Obama's methods and those Hitler used to entrain the minds of German youth.

Our second article, P.A.S.S. and Twitter Power, described the response of parents, many of whom plan to keep their children home from school when Obama speaks.

Radio station 100.7 FM WFLA in Tallahassee linked to our first article. Their 7:30AM talk show was about parents' reactions, and is worth a listen. It will probably be available for the rest of today. Click here to listen (about 26 minutes). It was the host of that talk show who first mentioned the breach of protocol.
Why did I say that this was a predictable and "ministerial" move, by Obama? Because, by definition, that is the way in which Marxists and fascists operate, i.e., by central, governmental control, through various ministries. If you have been following the development of the Obama administration, you are seeing numerous other endeavors for ministerial control. Through the cabinet and through the "czars," Barack Obama is attempting to impose this form of governmental tyranny upon America, in violation of the principles of the Declaration and the People's foundationally mandated design of our method of self-governance, proscribed by means of the Constitution.

Such an organized and pervasive assault upon America is literally and thoroughly, treason, whether it comes by trickle, or by flood and whether it is caught in its initial ploys, or further on in the burgeoning injury to the People, inflicted by this insurrection.

Please comment if you think the venue in which you now read should present or link to examinations and explications of just what are the treasons of Marxism, social Darwinism, fascism, anarcho-syndical socialism, progressivism, globalism, and transnational progressivism.


Linda Korrow said...

"Please comment if you think the venue in which you now read should present or link to examinations and explications of just what are the treasons of Marxism, social Darwinism, fascism, anarcho-syndical socialism, progressivism, globalism, and transnational progressivism."

Yes, please do. The American people need to be reminded that the Constitution is the basis of our ideology. The Marxist coup of the current Administration is counter to our values and way of life. The people are being manipulated. Please make it clear!

Anonymous said...

Yes obama is a fraud who commits treason almost every time he opens his mouth. The more I learn and try to verify about obama the more I am amazed he is able to not be exposed as a FRAUD!

Obama is centralizing power quickly. Any crisis will do for a martial law takeover of America. The government is now controlled by the environmental movement which is a communist front.

Thank you for your blog investigating obama. By exposing obama as a fruad some will know the truth.

Hamster said...

It’s OK for a Republican president to addressed a national audience of students and toot his horn and push his political agenda but it’s not ok for Obama to tell students to stay in school?


On November 14, 1988, President Reagan addressed and took questions from students from four area middle schools in the Old Executive Office Building. The speech was broadcast live and rebroadcast by C-Span, and Instructional Television Network fed the program “to schools nationwide on three different days.”
In his speech to students and the question and answer session following Reagan

1. stressed the importance of low taxes and free trade.
2. stressed the importance of religion in our nation.
3 touted the economic achievements of his administration ,
4.put in a plug for the line item veto,
5. told the students that lowering taxes increases revenue
6. boasted of his administrations aid to Negro colleges
7. and told students that if guns were banned, burglars would be “celebrating forevermore”

Two years before that Reagan again spoke to the children of America on nationwide TV .
He spends the bulk of his address touting the wonderful accomplishments of his administration in fixing the economy, restoring America's military, bolstering foreign policy. (Gee, isn't it suppose to be about the kids??)

Then he goes on to exhort the students to help make America strong by

1. studying hard (good)
2. being good citizens (wonderful)
3. staying away from drugs. (excellent)
4. and lowering the tax rates (Huh???)

Why he just couldn't help himself slip his political agenda in there again.

Anonymous said...

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I don't think so that "obama is a fraud who commits treason almost every time he opens his mouth. " you are blaming yourself not him. He is a great man of America. I am very please after listening Obama's speech any time.