Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Message for Every True American, by Pastor Stephen Broden:
We Must Win

Before and during the American Revolution, there were no IRS controls laid upon pastors and churches, inhibiting their teaching the People, in specific, of their Creator endowed civic responsibilities. America was implored to become a nation of free men and women, from the pulpit. The time has come to throw off such bondage, again. Do you know what the First Amendment says?

Pastor Broden does not want the Church in America to be controlled by such paper tiger tyranny.
Pastor Broden gets specific.

"...the problem with us as Americans: we have been relying and trusting our legislators to do what only we can do. We must insist that they represent our interests. We must insist that they stand on the Constitution and if they don't, get rid of them."

"'s time for us to stand up and if we don't we deserve to lose our liberties. The time for action is now; right now."

"...where are the young people? ...they've got to be educated and they've got to recognize what the framers have given us and that they are facing the most ominous and dangerous situation that our country has ever faced."

"These people.... [who are abrogating our Constitution]... are our enemies and we must resist them."

"We have a constitutional remedy here and the framer says [in the Declaration of Independence] 'if that don't work -- revolution.'"

"I believe it's time to wake up.... We must fight. Not only must we fight, listen to me, we must win."

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