Friday, September 4, 2009

Update - Van Jones Caught Jonesin' for the Communist Vangaurd (currently)

Friday, 9/4, 2009 - I.O. agrees with the bulk of pundits (well, the ones who are not ignoring this in desperation) that conventional wisdom dictates Van Jones will resign tonight or tomorrow. However, this Soros/Obama/Pelosi insurrection is not conventional, nor wise -- though they are very cunning.

Also, my bad for not pointing out that Valerie Jarrett is the one introducing Jones, at the end of the video (and in August, 2008) she being Obama's right hand woman, especially during the campaign and transition. They know their beau, Mr. Jones. Think of Van as the Lou Costello to Barack's Bud Abbott. Straight man, Abbott gets top billing, but Costello carries the load. Well, that was the plan, it seems, for the Green come Red Revolution. Perhaps it remains so, even now? After all, they have other plans for increasing, not decreasing, their control, including but not limited to media control, with Mark Lloyd taking more of the Marxofascist reigns at the FCC.
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Thursay, 9/3, 2009

"So the green economy will start off as a small subset and we're going to push it and push it and push it,
until it becomes the engine for transforming the whole society." -- to
fascism, then the dictatorship of the proletariat, and then... though no one has ever been able to make it happen... THE COMMUNIST DREAM !! (wait for applause) ...or do you prefer anarcho-syndicalism?

"...complete revolution was on the table, ah, for this country and I think that this green revolution has to pursue those same steps, in stages."

Any questions?

Will Obama attempt to make a scapegoat of Van Jones and fire him? Then, what would he have to do about the other known communists, fascists, and eugenicist "progressives" throughout his staff?

Would he not have to accept the precedent he would then create and resign?


Anonymous said...

Obama,s pledge of allegiance:

I pledge allegiance to the "funk of the united cadre of funkadelica" and to the funk for which it stands one cadre, under BO, indivisible, with marxism and fascism for all.

Obama is a FRAUD
Obama is a destroyer.
Obamas is a type of recycled hitler

Jack Reylan said...

Blame professulas whose posh pensions graze on stumbent loan interest from vacuous degrees in basket weaving commie nutty organizing. Turn grant grubbing blatherers into fuel, especially perverts like mayor crotch who gas for obsama zbin biden. Your islamosympathic gutterswabbing clothing and pierced privates spread diesease. If you weren't such baby killing, vermin snuggling perverts you wouldn't be driving up our health costs, then collecting disability for your commie nutty organizing dementia. Your passive aggressive labor unions grab our guns, cars (congestion pricing), balls (SONDA), wallets, and homes but we will grab your throats and dang you from trailer bone tolls. Apply Sarbanes Oxley to non-profits! Repeal the seventeenth amendment before any VAT. All the homeless are drugged out hippies. Second Amendment is the ONLY Homeland Security. Wait until we waste all your stumbent subprimes, so you need to sell your affectation glutton art and work instead of diverting tuition and Y2K scams to soviet freezeniks! Deport for multiple visits to same country. If you controlled your own pension neither your boss nor the government could abuse it. Lynch soviet wealth fund abetting aghadhimmic peakies when oil plummets! Parasites complain about salaries but pig out with benefits. Global warming is a grant grubbing extortion racket. Urban sprawl annoys terrorists. Hazards and pollution stem mostly from mandates. Aqua volte! This land wasn't build by bullocraps.

Arlen Williams said...


(I think.)

Well... yeah! -- 'cep'n for such things as lynching and so on.

I'm praying for fair trials. Please join in.

Anonymous said...

If they were really concerned about the environment why don't they stop the chemtrailing of our air? This is just another attempt by this administration to gain power and control through what seems like a reasonable cause. They,in reality, could care less about any of our well being.

Still a Patriot said...

Hi Arlen -

"Would he not have to accept the precedent he would then create and resign?"

If he had any principles, which he obviously has not.


Arlen Williams said...

Convenient that he just up and decided to resign, ain't it?