Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Update: Bill O'Reilly? After All This Time?

Initial, 4/12:

Have I gone schizo? I seemed to just hear a blurb on Fox News that went something like this:

Did Barack Obama really falsify his college and selective service records?
On the O'Reilly Factor, tonight!

O'Reilly as Theoden?

Healing the King by movieclips

Maybe... just lately... the likes of Jack Cashill, Stanley Kurtz, Jerome Corsi, and David Freddoso, as well as The Donald (as well as the great and growing "nbC," proofer, and Obamologist faithful) have set the momentum to pass the tipping point. CNN can't leave Obama and the BC alone either.

For a relatively exhaustive account of the Obama knowns and unknowns, see the two Obama Timeline volumes of Don Fredrick. Also, check out the new book, Never Vetted, by Pamela Barnett, when it is released.

And a special thank you to Debbie Schlussel (who originally reported the apparent Selective Service fraud): link - link.


O'Reilly skirted the question on the Selective Service records, did he not? Perhaps I need to listen to it again at 10pm Central. (Edit: I listened again just to be sure and he never mentioned it.) Why would his program advertise this, then not cover it? Why, indeed.

It is worth a chuckle that while O'Reilly assured us there is no problem with Obama's birth certificate, he in the same ignorantly confident tone mentioned, "If I were the president, I'd have a minion," bring Donald Trump over to Hawaii, to see it. He cited the State of Hawaii's statement that they have an "original" Barack Obama Birth Certificate "on file." As students of this matter have pondered, this still leaves loopholes as to whether or not Barack Obama is a "natural born Citizen."

So, O'Reilly and Fox News successfully treated this subject matter to sell more Chantix, Verizon Wireless, and the CapitalOne Venture Card.

The question of what the State of Hawaii may and may not legally mean by its pronouncements was explored by Leo Donofrio and alternatively, by "TerriK," a.k.a., "MissTickly." Reports, plus interviews of these two may be found by means of links here, and here, and here, in Investigating Obama, posted when this site was being piloted on a day-to-day basis. (As you may see in it's helpful sidebar, it still flies on autopilot.)

Also, if there is a Birth Certificate which demonstrates that the Barack Hussein Obama of Kenya is our putative President Barack H. Obama's father, then it is clear by the original (i.e., true) intent and language of the United States Constitution, that Obama never has been and could never become a "natural born Citizen" and is therefore ineligible to be "Commander in Chief." That subject was explored in Investigating Obama in December 2008 and January 2009. Further corroboration has been found, since. If you would like us to show that to you and spell it out, please comment, below.


Anonymous said...

I feel soiled just watching O'Reilly.

Rarely, it is possible to pick up a fact there. Not really worth it.

Maybe soon Trump will clean O'Reilly's clock.

Debra J.M. Smith said...

That's right. Because Obama's father was not born in America, Obama is not a "natural born citizen."

I believe that Obama's real birth certificate (not a certificate of live birth)would show that he was not born here either.

I also believe that the real birth certificate would show Obama to have been born an Arab Muslim.

Obama's father and grandfather were Arab Muslims. It would have been very out of character for an Arab Muslim to allow his son to have anything other than "Arab Muslim" listed on a birth certificate for the race and religion of a child.

Debra J.M. Smith
Journalist at: InformingChristians.com

Anonymous said...

Your argument is quite strong; I almost expected the full-length certificate to show Frank Marshall Davis was indeed Obama's father (which he probably is, anyway).

Obama Sr. is (was) a natural dupe.

It is clear that Obama (legally) was a citizen of the British empire at the time of his birth; thus in no way can he be a "natural born citizen" of the United States according to the United States Constitution and pursuant findings.

Well done. It may yet give us victory.

Anonymous said...

By the way, O'Reilly's mind F* that oil company profits determine gasoline prices is proof positive that he is an unrecoverable ignoramus.