Monday, December 8, 2008

Plains Radio Webcast, Listener's Notes: Wrotnowski, Donofrio, Pidgeon

Live updating through the evening -- my notes from tonight's Plains Radio Webcast. (Parenthetical comments are by I.O., AW.) After Jill Stanek, on the state of the pro-life movement in an American culture steeped in death are featured Natural Born Citizen Challengers, Cort Wrotnowski (CT), Steve Pidgeon (WA) and Leo Donofrio (NJ) and... Chester A. Arthur.

Interview of Cort Wrotnowski...
  • Donofrio's research on President Chester A. Arthur's covered-up U.K. citizenship brings new implications that will be included in the filing before the SCOTUS.
  • If a SCOTUS hearing is held, Wrotnowski plans for Donofrio to present his case.
  • Press is avoiding Wrotnowski, while it plays up the denial of Donofrio's hearing.
  • Adam Liptak of the New York Times is inqiring, also Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune (obdurate leftist propagandist I've had experience with - AW).
  • Joe Thunder reporting on the liveliness of the National Press Club press conference today, by others bringing suit (on the birth certificate). Thunder videotaped it. Pastor Manning was there (oh, oh) in addition to Orly Taitz. Thunder will post on his site, tomorrow afternoon, [I.O. Ed., audiotape, here]
  • At one point, one of our objective-as-Goebbels journalists told Ms. Taitz, "...just go home...."
During the break, I see on I.O's sidebar that Leo Donofrio has updated his blog about the Wrotnowski progress at the SCOTUS.
  • Adulterated allegiances are very dangerous for a nation's Commander in Chief to have.
  • After December 15, charge of the process of determining the presidency is passed from the Electoral College (provided they vote, that day) to Congress and the chances of effectiveness of law suits are diminished.
  • Ed Hale pass along from Leo Donofrio that he believes Wrotnowski's case is very strong, with advantages over Donofrio vs. Wells. "Layman" Ed says he thinks this is indicative of positive results.
  • A caller wonders if and when Obama's side will be called in and will weigh in.
  • Cort has to beg off -- claims he's busy. ;-`
  • The Political Pastor program is signing off; TPP announces his chat room at Plains Radio.
  • Ed Hale will have Steve Pidgeon on, who is bringing suit before the Washington Supreme Court.
Break -- if they need to keep beating the SCOTUS over the head with 2x4's so be it, until they gain constitutional sense.

Now, Karen and Ed Hale's Lions' Den program - it's a long, rich, historical evening at Plains Radio, interviewing Steve Pidgeon...
  • Pidgeon's case has standing.
  • Discussion of the 1790 statute, setting forth a "natural born citizen" (BTW, this phrase was specifically stricken from the stature in 1795.) requiring both parents to be citizens and the father, a resident of the USA. This disqualifies Obama.
  • The 14th Amendment calls anyone born in the USA a "citizen." (However, see the declaration of the framer of the 14th amendment, about being a "natural born citizen!"). And this requires Obama's mother to have been 19 (longer story made short) when Barack-II was born. She was 18.
  • Suit says Obama, a. not a natural born citizen, b. not a citizen, and c. arrrghhh!! the program winked out on me and it isn't coming back up!
If/when I can regain the broadcast, I'll be back to it. Coffee... want... coffee.... // OK, it's back for me.
  • I'm guessing that point "c." above is that his Indonesian citizenship revokes his American citizenship (or perhaps he point "c." has to do with the birth certificate).
  • Pidgeon's suit may bring the first case with standing having to do with the birth certificate before the SCOTUS.
  • Caller from New Zealand brings up the writing of John A. Bingham (framer of the 14th Amendment) regarding allegiance, to be a natural born citizen.
  • Obama became a Kenyan citizen officially in 1963, then an Indonesian citizen. He was apparently adopted, from the Lolo Soetoro / Ann divorce records, by an Indonesian citizen. If he is an American citizen after these facts, this means Obama is a naturalized citizen, and utterly not a natural born citizen by anyone's construct.
The one and only Leo Donofrio, Esq. is now on the program...
  • Talking about how lame and inexperienced the states are, at even considering how to verify the citizenship qualifications of candidates. (How can one certify without verifying?)
  • About the history of Chester A. Arthur's huge cover-up campaign to hide his U.K. citizenship. He appointed Justice Gray, who is the very one who wrote the opinion in the Wong Kim Ark case which liberalized American citizenship requirements! (That sounds eerily familiar, if you have read what friends of BHO are opining about citizenship.)
Break. I'm getting angrier, now. Blood pressure rising. "History repeats itself." -- history of corruption of the sacred trust we place in elected officials. God, if you are judging America, please spare the most innocent and punish most, those who most deserve it.
  • Donofrio's point seems to be that allowing a fictitious president allows a great deal of dishonesty -- it allows a corrupt U.S. President. Justice Gray may have been writing "that opinion to sanitize Arthur's citizenship." Quid pro quo dealing is implied.
  • All of Arthur's decisions and actions are tainted for history.
  • Per Arthur's example, "You can't have a precedent if it is a fraud."
  • Donofrio being Donofrio -- warns Pidgeon to investigate how Roger Calero was not allowed ballot access, for the sake of precedent. (Whatever one says about his NJ style, Donofrio is an excellent tactician and strategist.) Says that someone from the SoS had Calero removed and who did that should provide sworn testimony, to build the case. (Selective investigation and disqualification.) There could be a cover-up in WA.
  • Donofrio believes Wrotnowski's application is much better drafted.
  • Donofrio explains how the judge in NJ misapplied his suit: action in lieu of a prerogative writ became forced by the court into a writ of lesser application. Then, they refused his motion by a hoodwink excuse, based upon the procedural error the court itself created. (I'm not a lawyer and don't even play one on TV, so pardon my terminology.)
  • (BTW, I'm wondering, since Wrotnowski is not a lawyer and Donforio says he was/is pleased at how much better his case is drafted -- it would seem, before Donofrio got to it -- did they get help from another attorney, in cognito? I did take Latin and I played a lawyer in a couple 5th grade vignettes.)
  • The goofball idea that the SCOTUS should turn down the challenges, to avoid unrest and "overturning the will of the people." (David Horowitz is haranguing at conservatives challengers on this, for one.) Donofrio: "I'm sorry, it's not a real election if it's two fraudulent candidates."
  • Pidgeon tells Donofrio that if the SCOTUS weren't interested in the case, it would have been rejected without going to conference. (My point: depends on the Justice.)
  • Donofrio: even though he blogged about the idea that the SCOTUS might have preferred the strength of the Wrotnowski case, he was (stunned) when blog commentators told him Wrotnowski v. Bysiewicz was referred to conference, a few minutes later!
  • A stay of the Electors before Dec. 15 would be in order, because otherwise there would be a conflict of laws.
  • Allowing not a strictly "natural born Citizen," could allow an orchestrated agent provocateur to become U.S. President. (What about someone of the kind who, during his campaign, would hold a rally in Germany, before hundreds of thousands, claiming himself a "Citizen of the World?")
  • Caller commends those bringing these cases, affirming that the United States Constitution is worth sacrifice.
  • Ed Hale asks someone for a pack of cigarettes and to his credit says "please."
  • Discussion shifts (degrades? I hope not) into some contention of the likely success of the quest for the original certificate of live birth (COLB) but rises back to the point that this is the responsibility of the states' Secretaries of State, to which Pidgeon and Donofrio agree.
  • Ed Hale requests that Donofrio and Pidgeon come back Friday night.
  • Leo has to work all night on the new Chester A. Arthur brief and Cort Wrotnowski will drop it off in SCOTUSville tomorrow.
End of broadcast.
Prayers are in order.
  • End note, 12/9, 2:10am: Despite the media gates, some do pay attention, but just who? Well, among others, I.O. just got a view from Hanoi -- via a Google search: "Wrotnowski obama."
Hey, here's an idea -- pick some of the media gatekeepers you most wish to bother and...
SEND it to the psy-ops jocks!! -- email envelope, below
(And they've called President Bush "incurious." -- Try, ostrich-headed.)

PS: my apologies, but not inclined to do much proof reading of the above.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting by Orly.I've been listening to Plains Radio since Leo and Cort have been on there.Wasn't sure if either one would be on tonight.The website is a little goofy,with no schedule or guest previews.Besides Ed messing up sound controls while chewing on a wheat stalk and tuning his banjo,it's a good show whenb those guys are on.RBN,Microeffect,American Voice,and GCN should've been doing shows with Leo and Cort.They have covered the case,just not as in depth as this show.Thanks.

Arlen Williams said...

Tonight is a corker, for ol' Ed! He's on his game! ;-`

Gort said...

That Steve was highly impressive.And I liked the way he wan'y offended by Leo's gregarious nature.Looks like he's going for a doubly whammy of ineligibility.Leo is a great guy.And just wamts to help others.Gary Kreep got miffed with Leo last week.Steve is on the ball.Not a Pollyanna having as much faith in our corrupt system[all 3 branches as well as our msm and educational indoctrination centers]as Leo does.But Leo is learning and adapting.It's a shocker for some people to find out how far gone Western Civilization is.We must fight for the Constitution because the NWO is here,and without it,we merge with the rest of the world after being rapidly brought down to third world status,which sadly is taking place during this battle against the Hanuman -idol -in -his-- pocket- Obama.Missed part of the cut out during Dueling Banjoes.ha haThis must be a Southern show.Just teasing.I'm a Midwesterner.

Ted said...

Obama inaugurated 1/20/09? No way. No how. Read this:

Bill in NC said...

Vieira is wrong.

There is no remedy once Congress certifies the Electoral College vote in January.

Only Congress has the authority (under Title 3 and the 12th amendment) to determine who becomes the next POTUS, once the electors meet and certify.

Their decision is final and not subject to any further court review.

Anonymous said...

Excellent summary, Arlen. Thanks!


ObamaBirth said...

Very very good summary ... lets keep the pressure on..

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You can be part of American history.

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Arlen Williams said...

Anonymous said...
Excellent summary, Arlen. Thanks!

Hey, Leo's Ma?

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