Monday, January 26, 2009

Re. 'The Democrats' Game Plan,' by Joseph Farah

As Jim Simpson has brought us up to speed with the immediate past history of the the neo-Marxist movement, as it proffers Barack Obama, Joseph Farah points a bright flashlight into the immediate future of an (illegitimate) Obama administration. See how he may plan his "rule," with his fellow travelers in Congress and the Courts, by means of the Democratic Party -- and some Republicans, to be sure.

Farah fleshes out four methods they are using, to attempt a lasting domination of an America in crisis. See if you find any solutions, or if you see the psychological operations performed on the public, instead. After all, Rahm Emanuel has reflected, "You never want a good crisis to go to waste."

You are invited to peruse his article and if you like, return with commentary. But first, have you prepared, by reading the Simpson article(s)?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, to your sidebar on the big fix. I don't think SCOTUS will hear any arguments. How could they? Roberts had to know of the strong evidence showing that BHO is not a natural born citizen. Why would he swear in BHO knowing of this overwhelming evidence? To cover himself he would have to say that he didn't know anything. Roberts must have had at least a slight indication that BHO was ineligible and the red flag should have gone up and he should have ordered a copy of BHO's long form BC before swearing him in. But the big fix is in. Roberts knows it and so does Obama.

The only other conceivable scenario that I see is for SCOTUS to hear at least one case with the outcome predetermined. This means that the "cult protectorate" (Leo's term) would get with SCOTUS and construct at least a 5-4 decision. This would make the dumbed-down masses happy and the conspirator lawyers look like fools.

Check out the Cloward-Piven Strategy which the Obama Coup is employing for a deeper walk with socialism and the New World Order.