Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama on Iran: No Change, No Hope

Please pardon, if you wanted to read an article here, but the title is enough for I.O.

Except... is there not some history between the original Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and Soviet Moscow? Could Obama have an affinity with the Ayatollah dynasty for ties that bind?

And just one more thing... how does this compare with his feverish campaigning for Marxist Raila Odinga, in taxpayer-sponsored venturing to Kenya, in 2006? Despite apparent campaign contributions related to Obama of $1,000,000, Odinga lost. Odinga's proletariat armies rioted, at least one church was burned, and over one thousand Kenyans were killed. Where were his calls for peace and passivity instead of transition, then? (Odinga thuggery did get concessions.)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Obama's "Transnational Progressive" Federal Reserve Fascism, in America

How is your nest egg?
Origin of graphic, unknown
Origin of behavior: see Karl's and Saul's hero, Lucifer

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Centralization of Regulation of Business -- and the Continuing "Progressive" Plan

I.O. will not bother to link to any particular article, here.

I.O. continuously laments the ignorance and sheepishness of the American people, as the movement toward a globally controlled society continues. Lincoln never said, "You can not fool most of the people, most of the time." and that most/most fool factor is what the Soros-Obama-Pelosi-etc. MarxoFascist insurrection is banking upon --- well, in addition to banking upon our confiscated and effectively extorted and embezzled property. Citizen Robin Hood of the World reigns and he hates a free American republic.

All we really have to do is read the words used by people such as Obama, his promoters, and minions and look into what those words historically and currently, actually mean.

And we are now offered centralized regulation as a trojan horse (with plenty windows to see into) for central control and central planning.
As Reagan used to quote, "You ain't seen nothin', yet."

Whether through the Federal Reserve or not (see, "fatal alternative close" used in selling) it is the plan. "As goes GM, so goes the nation." That step was planned and is executed, just as banking and finance have been. Also, now, healthcare and insurance, now energy industries, now overall "regulation" of what is left of "private" enterprise.

And, by the way, California? You have a governor who is not quite to be trusted. "No bailout for you!" says the bailout Nazi.

Meanwhile, the real great economic catastrophe of overextended debt and runaway inflation are locked down, for the near future -- so America utterly fails and has to consolidate first financially, monetarily and economically; them policially, with the rest of the controlled Western world. More "disruption," with which to complete the "transformation" of a panicked and dependant people. The political armies of the proletariat ("Organizing for America," "ACORN," etc., etc.) are to swell and overwhelm those who accurately blame "our own government" instead of that "irresponsible private sector."

Then, as it may be deemed necessary, throw in a false flag terror attack, deceitfully blamed upon the constitutional People's militia movement, to try to steal the hearts of America's law enforcement and military complex, as well as more of the people, and the transformation will be set. There may be hardcore resistance from Actual Americans, even civil war, but the "high ground" of government will be taken.

And if Barack Obama will be able to stay above, say, the 45% approval line, the false flag attack may not even be deemed necessary.

You recall that word being used during the campaign, right? "Transformation?" "Transformative change?" Of course you do.

Hey, what's the bulge under the rug?
Oh, just the Constitution and Declaration.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meanwhile, in the House of Representatives... America, Behold Your Self-Declared Enemy

We don't even need "a Joe McCarthy" -- we may judge them by their own words --- or by their fruit.

As the reader may now know, the "Progressive" movement is of the same nature and etiology as Communism and Fascism. It is Marxism and Social Darwinism (see Animal Farm). It is Anti-American. It is the enemy our founding principles -- of our founding national charter: The Declaration of Independence and of the governmental charter that our "public servants," including our military, and law enforcement personnel, swear to preserve and protect from enemies both foreign and domestic: The United States Constitution.

This Marxism lies, to make its way. It steals, to empower itself. It enslaves, to sustain itself. In one way and another, this enemy murders.

Here is our "program" -- of at least those individuals in the House of Representatives who have the "audacity" to admit it, supplied by Wikipedia.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<> I.O. <>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Congressional Progressive Caucus

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) is a progressive caucus in the United States House of Representatives, and works together to advance progressive issues and positions.

The CPC was founded in 1991 by the independent Congressman Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who remains a member as Senator. The CPC currently has 77 members. It represents about a third of the House Democratic Caucus (with 71 members). Of the twenty standing committees of the House, eleven are chaired by members of the CPC.


According to their website, the CPC advocates "universal access to affordable, high quality healthcare," fair trade agreements, living wage laws, the right of all workers to organize into labor unions and engage in collective bargaining, the abolition of significant portions of the USA PATRIOT Act, the legalization of same-sex marriage, strict campaign finance reform laws, a complete pullout from the war in Iraq, a crackdown on corporate welfare and influence, an increase in income tax rates on the wealthy, tax cuts for the poor, and an increase in welfare spending by the federal government.

Supporting organizations

An array of national liberal organizations will work to support the efforts of the liberal caucus, including the Institute for Policy Studies, The Nation magazine, MoveOn.org, National Priorities Project, Jobs with Justice, Peace Action, Americans for Democratic Action, and Progressive Democrats of America. Also co-sponsoring the kickoff event were the NAACP, ACLU, Progressive Majority, League of United Latin American Citizens, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, National Council of La Raza, Hip Hop Caucus, Human Rights Campaign, Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs, and the National Hip Hop Political Convention. In 2000, the Democratic Socialists of America expressed solidarity with the Congressional Progressive Caucus, since they both shared "operative social democratic politics."[1]


Current members

















New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina










Senate member

Former members

Monday, June 15, 2009

James Schneller Eligibility Case at SCOTUS + Grand Jury Update, on 'The Awakening,' Monday 9pm ET

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​​James Schneller of Pennsylvania, has an Obama eligibility suit to be heard in conference by the U.S. Supreme Court, this Thursday, June 18. James Schneller is our Special Guest today, Monday, June 16 @ 9pm ET,,, 6pm PT.

In the mean time, you may review The Right Side of Life's report: Schneller v. Cortes: Distributed for SCOTUS Conference.

Also, Sam Sewell will give us the latest news in the Constitutional Grand Jury movement. Plus, we will take your calls! 9pm ET,,, 6pm PT.

You may use the widget above, or go to the Sentinel Radio BTR site, or call 646-727-2652 -- and hit the "1" button if you would like to ask a question or comment!

EDIT: This broadcast is an interview with Sam Sewell, for the first hour and James Schneller, for the second hour. It is available, archived.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Terminology 101, Continued: Transnational Progressivism

Babel -- still trying to put that tower back, with those flood-proof bricks

Back in November (you remember November, right? -- it had that weird day in it, early on in the month, that ended in all that eeriness in Grant Park, Chicago) I.O. posted a term: anarcho-syndicalism. We still intend to discuss that term, here.

But for now, I will post another term for us to understand and understand well:

transnational progressivism

Or, do you like our label, global Marxofascism? Or, movement for the globally controlled society? Or, worldwide thuggery? Or, do you like the term, Satan overplaying his hand again, with no Antichrist-level talent in sight?

You can look that up yourself, if you like, on... "the Web."
I knew ya could

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Finds No Birth Certificate for Obama nor God

With talent on loan from God, Rushbo compares and contrasts Him with Barry, today, since Newsweek's pundit Even Thomas began such correlations recently, on MSNBC:
Q: Barack Obama has one thing in common with God — do you know what it is?

A: God does not have a birth certificate and neither does Obama — um, not that we’ve seen.

Q: What is a difference between Barack Obama and God?

A1: God asks for only 10 percent of your money
A2: God gives you freedom to live your life as you choose
A3: God’s plan to save us is actually written down for you to read

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor, in Norman Thomas' Own Words

Documenting the Marxism in the backgrounds and behavior of all the appointees of Barack Obama is a task too daunting for this humble blogger. But I.O. can pick its spots and hit some of the highlights. Here is one, showing the ideology of Barry's first Supreme Court nominee, with some special help from Norman Thomas.

"The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of 'liberalism'
they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist
nation, without knowing how it happened.

Quote by: Norman Thomas (1884-1968) six-time U.S. Presidential candidate for the Socialist
Party of America

Source: 1948 - from an interview during the presidential campaign,
[Liberty Tree Ed. note: Norman Thomas and Gus Hall, the U.S. Communist Party Candidate,
both quit American politics, agreeing that the Republican and Democratic parties by 1970 had
adopted every plank on the Communist/Socialist and they no longer had an alternate party
platform on which to run.]


Norman Thomas is a name that has come up recently, about "a cause not yet won," but ostensibly taken up by:


Do you wonder what cause? From the Princeton University yearbook, by means of the blog of Steven Waldman in Beliefnet.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Governor Sarah Palin on "President" Barack Hussein Obama

"...told you so..."

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Investigating Obama?

Why do You show me iniquity,
And cause me to see trouble?
For plundering and violence are before me;
There is strife, and contention arises.
Therefore the law is powerless,
And justice never goes forth.
For the wicked surround the righteous;
Therefore perverse judgment proceeds.

Habakkuk 1:3,4, NKJV

Last September, I decided to open a weblog called "Investigating Obama." It was intended to be a little launching pad for the distribution of one-page warnings, just before the general election, of the grave dangers inherent in the act of voting for Barack Obama, for president.

In October, I wrote the first, "ACORN & Obama - Allied How? To What End?" listing the documented ties which show that Obama has arisen of, by, and for the same neo-Marxist movement.

Later that month, the other one-pager, "Investigating Obama: Career Path Toward a Neo-Marxist Presidency," achieved an appreciable degree of circulation, boosted by headline linking on FreeRepublic.com. This traced what was known, by that time, of Obama's birth to Marxists, his nurturance and mentoring by Marxists, and his education and highly developed career path to the presidency -- all interdependent with the investments of fellow Marxists and radical Islamists. Both FreeRepublic and the site storing the articles were hit by cyberattacks.

While numerous sources were cited, the research and writing most critical to this exercise was James Simpson's "Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis." This was to date, the most revealing study of the Marxist operations leading up to the Obama regime, including the work of Saul Alinsky, Richard Cloward/Frances Fox Piven, George Soros, "community organizations," SDS/Weathermen madmen, and alas, my PUMA friends, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. It also began to point out a systematic intentionality behind the well-timed and so highly effective "mortgage meltdown" -- an intentionality we have begun to see spreading beyond those we have tended to understand as Marxist, to a greater evil collaboration of those seeking a globally controlled society. After all, evil, godlike control over our lives (and deaths) is the shared aim of all the world's "ubers," of all super-elites.

Tragically, Obama was "elected," and I found myself with a continuing chore. Investigating Obama continued to point out strategy and tactics of his evil ideological movement. It also traced highlights of the movement to bring Barack Hussein Obama II, a.k.a., Barry Soetoro and all those responsible in his pseudoelectoral process, to constitutional accountability regarding his readily apparent ineligibility for the presidency.

I have tried to avoid this site's becoming another set of general criticisms of Barack Obama and his "questionable policies." That gives him and his comrades much too much credibility. In fact, this writer has "had it up to here" with political pundits complaining and head-scratching about "President Obama."

Any commentator who bills himself as one seeking to conserve the declared principles of America and of our Constitution, but who does not point out, front and center, that Obama is a hardcore Marxist is incompetent and passe'. Such a person has no excuse for the pussyfooting, by this time. They are akin to the flaccid compromisers of the Republican congressional contingent and their cigarette sucking Repub Club operative friends.

Any commentator who fails to study and declare the evidence and implications of Obama's ineligibility for the presidency is likewise a blithering shame, even if his name is Limbaugh or Beck. And any Horowitz, Malkin, or Medved who ridicules those who side with the Constitution against the usurpation of the presidency is worthy of contempt -- or pity, you can choose.

It may seem, this June 2009, that we are at an impasse -- and what but the posterior of an imp could stink as repulsively as this? I am tired of walking up to this stench day after day, and breathing it. It burns the nose, much worse than stale air, but there is no stalemate, here. There is instead, a course which this putrid disease is taking and the cure continues to be humbled adherence to the healing power of truth -- and especially, truth's Author.

I took much of the month of May off from posting in I.O. Now, that time is over. It is time to meekly rejoin the ranks of those who are applying themselves faithfully -- to regroup and reassemble what we know -- and we know even more, significantly more. It is time to tell more of the truth to more of the American People and the world, regardless of the only semipotent to useful idiot "thought leaders," who are themselves concomitant with America's Marxist "dumb-down" and the hoodwinking by the fraud known as "President Obama." No excuses.

America's greatest active enemy is in control of the White House, Congress, our financial system, and half our courts.

Or, is that true, Pogo? Or is America's greatest active enemy the willful ignorance of its People?

As it is, if you wish, you will have more information here, for the overcoming of these determined enemies, which are purposefully destroying America.