Thursday, August 6, 2009

Judge Refuses Orly Tatiz' 'Kenyan Birth Certification' of Obama

Tip: if you are going to present a fraudulent document to a judge, file it improperly, so it does not count.

Excerpted from "Total Buzz" in the Orange County Register:
Claim of Obama’s Kenya birth record thrown out
August 6th, 2009, 2:46 pm · 4 Comments · posted by Martin Wisckol, Politics reporter

U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Nakazato today threw out a document that was purportedly a copy of President Barack Obama’s registration of birth in Kenya. Nakazato’s action also dismissed a request that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have the Kenyan government verify the document.

But Nakazato said the document was improperly filed, leaving the door open for it to be filed again.

Last weekend, Mission Viejo lawyer Orly Taitz filed the document, which claimed to be a registration of Obama’s birth. The filing was part of a complaint Taitz has in Santa Ana federal court - filed on behalf of Alan Keyes, Buena Park Pastor Wiley Drake and others - alleging that Obama is not U.S. born and should be removed from office.

The document, which can be seen online, was immediately called a forgery by experts.
Judge Nakazato's comment in his "Order Striking Filed Documents from the Record" reads thusly:
WHEREAS, the documents listed below were improperly filed for the following reason(s)

Lacks proper notice (L.R. 6-1, 7-4); improper form and format (L.R. 11-3.3, 11-3.6); Counsel failed to identify her Cal. State Bar No. (L.R. 11-3.8(a)); description of motion conflicts or differs from that which counsel entered on Court's e-docket

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the documents shall be striken from the record and shall not be considered by the Court....
As discussed in this last Monday over net-radio on "The Awakening, with Hanen & Arlen," it is time for Orly Taitz to demonstrate that she is not an agent provocateur -- a spoiler acting to be there first with the worst, before competent attorneys (and Citizens' Grand Juries) have an appropriate chance to behave sensibly and effectively before the courts, the media, and the entire populace.

Orly Taitz, what is your background? Show us the documentation of your key records, including any record of your being a patriotic American, before this last election.

h/t: Hanen, Roy


Gort said...

We don't need her to do that.Her actions,and all these "mistakes" she makes give us the answer.Going on the MSM to get sympathy over being bashes is only one of her ploys.When Berg's BC distraction lost ground after the NBC became a focal point via Leo,she was raised to celbrity status.She gained credibility with UN Keyes and Military Plaintiffs.She was given the benefit of the doubt,but proved her true intentions with her misdeeds as well as ignoring the advice from several people long before her first blog was "attacked".The AIPAC ties and her statements on foreign policy were known months ago[most people fear the word "zioist"],but now Nicoloff uncovered her husband's ties to Novartis,one of the makers to the vaccines that are going to be forced on us.If not an agent provateur,she is definitely a useful idot and Intelligence asset.Fiddler Farah is trying to back off from her,but he is no innocent in all this.[see open thread].

Gort said...

Orly's "mistakes" keeps the game going while the final scenes are played out that will bring in a Fascist New World Order."Lady Liberty" is about to be crushed.Gee,that moniker for her came from the Bigfoot people.The Berg-Taitz-Hale-Combine has been cannon fodder for the CFR-controlled MSM as all the other lawsuits disappeared into the night.Very little has been covered about the Kerchner case because it focuses on the NBC issue.This whole BC distraction has led to misdirection aimed at the very people supporting the fight to expose Barry.And it continues as people argue back and forth over whther or not this or that one is real,and justifying Orly's actions each time.Same with Berg.Those two sabotaged any chance of the issue being resolved,with the aid of a criminal cabal in DC that could've resolved this long ago.The focus was taken off the issue and placed on the celebrity lawyers,and the battles in the courts,which were never designed to be resolved until the the very end,when the predetermined ruling would be given the spectators of the Play.

Anonymous said...

Orly may not be a Marxist,but she is a Zionist.But both go hand-in-hand.Zioism is Marxism personified and plays a huge role in coming wars.

Anonymous said...

Orly Taitz has made too many mistakes to be legitimate.The MSNBC attack on her was laughable.These cretins want to create animosity between races.The nwo shills in the media are fomenting it.She seems to be a part of this plan.People start taking sides,when there is a real threat from both Zionism an Islamic Jihadism.Then we have the race wars between black and white coming and being fomented by the usurper and crew.And the usurper and Biden being Zionists one day and Barry being a Moslem the next.

Gort said...

Arlen,here's the article on Josef.--- Listen to Don on Drew's show about Orly--both Monday and Wednesday.He's digging into Berg as well --- We have given both these celeb lawyers the benefit of the doubt for months.They have shown their true colors in spades.You know,Bigfoot Hale has a part in this recent debcale and almost admitted it on air when Leo called in last Monday.But when Leo said he is not a "ggosd friend" with her or anyone else,and talked to her months ago without success,ED backed off,and asked him to meet in Philidelphia to shake hands.He wasn't buying.But then ED spilled the beans in the chatroom and someone reported it,so Ed posted that he will no longer discuss it.But he did say he had a part in getting the BC to Orly.The whole sidetracking of the Berg Slander/Libel lawsuit reeks of collusion.But it is good for the bread and circuses and to get people to choose sides over which celeb lawyer to follow.You and I brought up Mossad with regards to Orly months ago.But either way she has done the job of the globalists.Agent or asset,the damage is being done.

Anonymous said...

You will find that each time she appears on tv or radio,more obfuscation of the issue takes place.Listen to the recent Savage show.Remember he was against "birthers" and jumped the tracks????? Orly did explain the nbc clause,but Savage destroyed it by saying the politics of this man aree the issue.And we know that bringing that up in court will fall on deaf ears.It needs to be exposed,but not when you are trying to explain how the usurpation took place.You will see this with the rest of the NWO shills on tv and radio as well.

arto said...

Who are these idiots above?Don't they know anything that has been going on for the last yr.? Orly Taitz, Phil Berg, Apuzzo and most of the others who have the 20+ lawsuits have been doing this probono and with contributions. If they are getting other financial help---great. They're fighting for your rights. As far as filing mistakes----they happen in most cases. it's part of the process.Besides, didn't any of these people see that mother obama's divorce judge asked for the Kenyan birth certificate before he gave her custody of Obama Art O

Anonymous said...

Berg, Apuzzo & Donofrio should not be lumped in with Orly. She is a disgrace to the legal profession. She can't even properly file a case let alone try one.

Arlen Williams said...

Cease and desist, the tired old attack on Zionism and Zionists. You attempt to spray-paint graffiti over a fine tapestry (God's own).

You have been warned.

I will start deleting posts.

Leo the Lawyer said...

Thank you Arlen. Anti-Semitism has no place in this debate.

Anonymous said...

RE: “Orly as Avant-Provocateur”?

She is fighting for the Constitution which is being ignored, and made unenforceable by politically-correct judges, who are hell-bent to protect the secret.

Does she make mistakes? Of course, like all humans.

Was the KBC filing a mistake?

Probably, because she did not check its authenticity. A large law firm would have checked it before filing. Maybe she was impatient or did not have the resources. With regard to the technical filing mistakes – they occur constantly – those are minor mistakes.

Even if by a miracle a judge orders to verify the KBC authenticity, how naïve is to think that the Kenyan government will verify it? It took only a phone call from the administration to a Kenyan government official (according to the official minutes of Kenya) to put a gag-order on the whole matter months ago. Kenya is a third word country, even more corrupt than the US, although the US is rapidly catching up. We will probably never know the truth. So much about transparency.

Anonymous said...

Sick of hearing excuses for Orly's incompetence.


Anonymous said...

As a lawyer, I have seen much worse than what Taitz has done. For example, Obama (a Harvard lawyer) had the nerve to purport a fraudulent Certification of Live Birth and corroboration by as evidence of his birth in Hawaii.

I really can't hate on Taitz eventhough the MSM media is trying to. She has plaintiffs and is pushing the issue. I know I.O. is about the truth, but sometimes people need to realize WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME TEAM: to find out if Obama is eligible to be president under Article 2, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution.

Her methods are different than most, but at least she is standing up to this facists tyranny that is existing in the WH under the guise of hope and change.

I am not mad at her one bit. Now, Hawaii through has reported that Obama's long form birth certificate has not been released.

The man is a fraud, period. Attacking people like Taitz because Martin and Berg want to show their male egos is not helping the matter here. Focus on the relevant issue: Is Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) a natural born citizen eligible to be President under the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1, Clause 5?

Anonymous said...

Attn.: Anonymous “as a lawyer”

RE: “I really can't hate on Taitz even though the MSM media is trying to. She has plaintiffs and is pushing the issue.”

You express my thinking better than I could. As I said above: “She is fighting for the Constitution which is being ignored, and made unenforceable by politically-correct judges, who are hell-bent to protect the secret. Does she make mistakes? Of course, like all humans. Was the KBC filing a mistake? Probably, because she did not check its authenticity. “

You people who hate her are hindering the fight to enforce the Constitution, or you are in the other camp.

Another mistake she made that she let herself interviewed my MSNBC. She should have known that they will tear her apart as sharks tear apart an unsuspecting swimmer. She is not practiced in fighting sharks. Very few of us are. The way they treated her was the lowest of the low of American journalism.

In spite of her mistakes and setbacks, she wipes off the blood and keeps fighting, while some of the other lawyers have given up already.

Arlen Williams said...

1. I don't know of anyone I associate with, who hates Orly Taitz.

2. Getting back to the point, Orly Taitz' conduct is just about too consistently performed as a spoiler, being there first with the worst, to be due to mere incompetence. I have observed her behavior since December.

Taiz, by her behavior (by her "fruits," as per the term in the Bible) is **very suspect.**

At the very time that things could be progressing in the California case, when we have a judge who seems to be maintaining a reasonable interest, we have things appearing to unravel. Watch what happens in this case which I understand may now be called "f.k.a., Keyes vs. Obama."

To believe that Orly Taitz has been so brilliant an example of consistent incompetence, ridiculous public relations, confusion before the courts (and the accidental leaking of key information which should be privately held, is injurious to reveal, and/or which should be kept from Obama helping scrubbers) strains credulity.

She told me personally toward the beginning of the year, when a colleague and I suggested she submit to cooperation with others, that others had previously made promises to help, again and again, but had not delivered, and she had gotten tired of that. That was how long after she ever even began to "come to the rescue?"

I have learned of people who have done very good work in helping her, but who have gotten very appropriately alarmed at her taking their work and creating havoc, of it.

If Orly quacks like an spoiler agent and waddles like a spoiler agent and and swims like a spoiler agent, what might a reasonable person be concerned about, as to the species of the creature?

Also, how is the volunteer movement she had people focus upon, months ago, working out for them?

Nickname unavailable said...

Orly Taitz is the best you're going to get because no competent lawyer would touch this case. There is no standing and if there were the case is not justiciable.

If some miracle occurred and a plaintiff with standing were found (like a civilian employee who serves at the pleasure of the preeident, who Obama discharged), the case would be a loser on the merits. It's not even close.

So, don't complain about Orly Taitz. While she's completely discrediting the Birther movement with her incompetence and inexperience, she sure is entertaining. And her partner Charles Lincoln, does file bizarre pleadings which keep lawyers up all night waiting for the next chapter.

LONG LIVE ORLY TAITZ. (Until her disbarment.)