Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cpt. Connie Rhodes to File Complaint against Orly Taitz, to California Bar? NO, FRAUD, says Larry Sinclair, MommaE

Update 9/20/2009 ~ Emailed by "MommaE" on Sunday, 9/20
I want everyone to know that while the information that has been gathered, not only by me, but others as well that points to the Rhodes letter being a Forgery and Fraud, there are still questions about it.
If new information comes to light to continue to prove what we believe, or to change the belief that it is legitimate then that will be released to everyone immediately.
I would like to hear from Rhodes and not in letter form, as to whether she wrote it or not. So please understand that while I believe it is a Forgery and Fraud, that is based on the information that has been gathered by myself and others. There could be information out there to confirm that, or debunk that and prove that it is completely legitimate.
As far as I am concerned and there may or may not be others that feel as I do, this is an on going investigation, until there is absolutely no question in my mind, as to the legitimacy or illegitimacy of the letter.
Evelyn Adams aka MommaE
of MommaE Radio Rebels
Update 9/19/2009 ~ This in now, from net-radio host, MommaE:
I just want everyone to know that the letter that was supposedly written and faxed by Capt. Connie Rhodes, MD to Judge Clay Land is a FORGERY AND A FRAUD!!!
There was another person besides me that was investigating this and we exchanged information this morning. That person was the one that knew how to get what was needed as undisputable truth. The proof is posted on this web site, along with a recording of a conservation with the Office Max Manager in Columbus, GA. The Manager, Andrea agreed to let the conservation be taped.

I hate it when some one commits this kind of act and gets everybody that is working hard for the cause in this kind of an uproar. I had told you all that when I had proven it one way or the other I would let you know and I am now letting you know. Please go to the above web site and read and listen to the Audio of the conservation. Both the notarized letter with Rhodes signature and the "LETTER WITH THE FRAUDULENT SIGNATURE IS POSTED THERE ALSO".

I want to thank all of you for being diligent enough to want to post nothing but the absolute TRUTH, while others don't care what they post or report as long as it keeps up dissension between everyone that is fighting for the Cause!

Evelyn Adams
MommaE of MommaE Radio Rebels
Friday 9/18/2009 ~

Today's letter to Judge Land, by plaintiff Cpt. Connie M. Rhodes, MD:

[Edit: or is it? Based on a tip, check out the signature line. Now, someone may sign her name and underline it, as I.O. first regarded it, but it a-p-p-e-a-r-s to be a pre-printed line. That in turn appears to make the signature a photocopy, which appears to suggest the letter is a forgery. Yet more drama and disruption. Does someone have something to hide? I don't know, though. It would be a pretty stupid prank, if a prank.]

Plus, see Judge Land's orders and the reasons for his punitive measures against Dr. Taitz:

The source for this story is WRBL TV in Columbia, Georgia: "$10,000 Sanction Proposed Against 'Birther' Lawyer." They have been asked about this letter and they are trying to track it down. More to come.


Anna said...

I guess this makes the mess complete.

Arlen Williams said...

Let us demand that it does.

Anonymous said...


It's being exposed as a forgery at this moment.

This whole thing is getting goofy.

Arlen Williams said...


Anonymous said...

How much you wanna bet that Orly wrote that letter so she could avoid getting fined by the judge. She shuts down her own blog to diffuse the situation a little.

Anonymous said...

Yes,heard about Larry's investigation last night,and now todat two msm sources confirmed his work.As an aside,look at's last two posts.Barry is heading the UN security council,Islam is rising in America and the forced vaccination are coming.Going to be a rought time for the world in the next month.Strange how the fraud was traced to California.The whoe eligbility issue is about to end abruptly.The distractions worked.