Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Archived for You to Hear - Leo Donofrio, Joan Swrisky, & J.B. Williams, on 'The Awakening,' Monday 9/14

Update 9/15 ~ In case anyone wondered why Mr. Donofrio was not in the conversation at the very end of the program, I received this by him, via email: "got cut off... excellent show," and "can you please say goodnight to your guests Joan and JB for me, apologies." No apologies necessary, Leo! Our thanks to all, taking their time to participate, and to all those listening to the latest. And the searches, for truth and for honest servants of the People, go on.

Update 9/14 ~ Leo Donofrio will also join us tonight, to discuss J.B. Williams' new information, and perhaps the media coverup (hope he's gotten all the covers thown on him off by now) and we hope he will lend us his perspectives on the state of the movement for constitutional justice, regarding natural born Citizen eligibility. You may wish to see Leo's new item, "Reverse Analysis: Why Did Hawaii Get a Different DNC Certification Than Other States?"

Also, please note: later on in the program, I intend to discuss significant and alarming information concerning Orly Taitz; this is nothing of, by, nor from Leo Donofrio, nor our other guests.

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This Post, as of 9/13 ~ Obama exposers, J.B. Williams & Joan Swirsky, give us the backstory of their penetrating new articles, "The Theory is Now a Conspiracy And Facts Don’t Lie"​ and ​"Who Is Behind Quashing the Birth Certificate Issue?"​ respectively.​

J.B. Williams Joan Swirsky

Listen online and hear the new evidence:

Call in, to listen or to ask a question -- (646) 727-2652

  • Just what are the conspiracies?
  • Will the latest court actions bring us justice?

Gain from their new glances behind the dark curtain that is hiding the reality of Barack Obama -- the shroud held up by his politico and media enablers, cloaking both his apparent ineligibility for the U.S. Presidency and his global Marxist ideology. Plus...

  • Is Orly Taitz helping, or sabotaging the eligibility actions?
  • After the 9/12 March on Washington and the ACORN revelations, is America waking up to the corruption of Soros/Obama/Pelosi Marxofascism? (And the "transnational progressivism" perverting the GOP, too?)

Join us... and perhaps other contributors to Investigating Obama and "The Awakening" broadcasts.


Gort said...

This current revelation is but another piece of the puzzle showing us that none of this has been happenstance.Nor was the usurpation done by Barry and a few conspirators.We know this because the entire mainstream media and all branches of government have been in the tank for the man since day one.The biggest question never discussed in detail anywhere is why there was a default in Orly's case awhile back allowing her to proceed while all other lawsuits sit in limbo or are dismissed.That takes it beyond Orly's being a shill to a conspiring of the defense to play ball with her.Orly showed her true colors time and again over the past 9 months.Then the ball was handed from personal lawyers to the DOJ taking over the game for the defense.It's almost wrap-up time for this con crisis to go from peaceful redress in courts to open revolution,chaos,and war.

Gort said...

Glad you are talking about Orly.People were getting wise to her until the past week.Now everyoine seems to be hoodwinked by her all over again.

Gort said...

Joan is right on the money.The Rappaport investigation will die before it gets off the ground.It's good that Leo is back in the fight,but the belief that we need to give him a chance is naive.All this stuff coming to light is a clear sign we are nearing major upheaval in the nation.Playing ping pong with factcheck.org is not going to give us a remedy for this crisis.It is important for setting the record straight,but nothing else .Judge Land said today he will go over published records and decide on the case for that soldier on Wednesday.Well,all the published records on Obama are known lies.We know he will not go to Mario or Leo's blogs to find that out.He gave himself away.He also asked the defendant nonsensical hypothetical questions on what she would've done had this been over Bush or McCain,thus putting the whole racist taint on her intentions.

Gort said...

It's about time Leo admits the Founding Fathers worst fears are realized in Obama this Healthcare Bill and takeover of Wall Street and Main Street.Been on him for months on that one,especially after the Dangerous Precedent article and foolish Jong and Bin Laden rhetoric.The Death Care is the last thing Barry needs to do before the chaos ensues.As for the Hawaii certs,getting them doesn't make our judicial system honest and fixed.Good grief,the DOJ is defending a usuper.They should be exposing him.

Gort said...

JB is a good writer,but ignorant of history.The two party system wasn't hijacked.It was designed a dialectical shell game,which is why we have lost more and more freedom over the past 100 years no matter which party is in office or dominant in Congress.There have been true ideological believers in both parties in the past but the control at the top has always been there.

Anonymous said...

Joan is wrong about a spontaneous uprising.The oppressiveness of all Western govenrments the past year was designed to get people to revolt.The elites want blood in the streets.They want the masses to try to take back their governments.Look for a false flag event or a real atack in the USA in the next month or threreabouts.It's inevitable.We have to stand up against tyranny,When the military hits the streets is when the blood will flow.

Good Advice said...

Being an attorney myself, I find Orly annoying at best, and infuriating at worst. As a patriot, though, I find attacking Orly something that only an enemy of the American people would do (that means you, Arlen). It is definitely counter-productive. We don't know yet what will work. Why try to cut off any attempts?

The leftists have learned to not canabalize each other. The right, however, expends 3/4 of their energy in-fighting. You should find the class of Apuzzo or JB Williams, and not attack people on our side (and justifying your actions by claiming that she is hurting the cause is self-deception). Few will thank you for it.
Frankly there are not many cases still out there on the eligibility issue. At least Orly has the guts to try. File your own lawsuit if you think you can do it better. Otherwise you just sound like a jealous saboteur yourself.

Anonymous said...

"Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government."

Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991

Arlen Williams said...

As always, I thank all who invest their time here, to express considered opinions -- or to ask questions.

Does anyone have any questions?

Texas said...

Yes. I have a question or two. (I'm a 1st time listener and commenter.)

I listened to the entire show last night (and posted links in the chat room to all of the documents, etc. to which Leo referred) and am curious about the information that will be breaking tomorrow concerning Orly Taitz.

Did you say that this information will/may affect or limit her ability to pursue these eligibility cases? If so, do you think she may get disbarred or held in contempt for knowingly submitting false documents to the Court? I have questioned Orly's seeming incompetence and unprofessionalism from day one and taken much heat over it. I can't figure out if she simply doesn't understand the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure or if there may be a significant language barrier that prevents her from understanding the most basic of instructions from various judges.

What time do you think this informaiton will break today and will it be broadcast in the media (fat chance, right?) or should I be checking this blog?


Anonymous said...

Good show.Thanks for update.I wanted Leo's honest opinion on Orly.I thought he hung up to avoid the issue.Because he knows that at the very least she is incompetent.Way too many of those pesky little "mistakes" to not see that for beginners.Looking further into her actions it is obvious to some of us that she is an agentur.AIPAC connections.Husband's business tied to Novartis.A little trip to Israel for a vacation.Wrong filings.Reversing facts the minute she is outside of the courthouse.Asking for help,but rejecting it when it is offered by competent attys.Talking about the nbc matter but not having it listed as a separste count in her pleadings.

Anonymous said...

Good job.I like how you stayed in the background and let the people talk and bounce ideas around.A real shame there weren't dozens of constitutional scholars and lawyers doing this the past year.I laughed when JB asked that rhetorical question.Leo thought he meant him.He meant scohlars at large thorughout the nation.But Leo is a constitutional scholar as well as a lawyer.It's refreshing to hear a realistic assessment of our affairs.It's leading to revolution and we all know it.Yes,a sleeping giant has awakened,but it is a dizzy one.The true awakened know that the majority of people have no idea what is coming down.We are attempting our last battle at a peaceful redress of grievances with all the issues at the same time.The usurpation of POTUS and the entire constitution.If Orly is shot down as the cabal have planned then the rest of the lawsuits will fall like dominoes.Since few cases have gotten this far,most citizens refuse to ponder the implications of her being a willing pawn in the game of globalism.Marxism is a steppingstone to absolute communism under U.N. rule.Marx once said : "I'm not a Marxist".Get it? He knew the game.

Anonymous said...

Sinclair's ordeal with Lady Liberty[rolls eyes]---- http://larrysinclair-0926.blogspot.com/2009/09/continued-from-september-8-2009.html

Arlen Williams said...

More salience - a privilege to behold.


For a variety of reasons, at present, I have to keep what I've been told of, no more than what I said on the program tonight. I'm just relying on what someone let me know of and I trust this person enough, to alert you. I'm confident that this person will avoid such mistakes as taking too much asprin ;-) but all I'm relying on is that tip. Enough, to humbly ask for your attention and preparedness.

My sincere thanks, for your patience.

Anonymous said...

Could not have said it better than "Good Advice"....Arlen, keep your focus on whatever it is you do other than enter a fray you are not a party to....sounds toooo much like Phil Berg has info for you.....

Anonymous said...

Good Advice: Your comment fits your title.

Anonymous said...

just curious why you had Mr. Williams on the show when someone plagiarized jbjd blog and gave it Anonymously to Mr. Williams who wrote a very narrow view of the issue and got the fraud part wrong. On the right hand side you have jbjd latest blog listed on your web page on sept 8. (7days ago) Mr. Williams column was sept.10. Would it be a good idea to have someone who has been raising this issue,studying and actually helping people do something for the last 9 months on your show? A lawyer
but hey your show- I understand- jump on the bandwagon. to bad williams just limped along.who cares about accurate work.

Arlen Williams said...

Do you know how I may communicate with jbjd?