Monday, September 7, 2009

Our Domestic War is NOW

Designed catastrophe, attempted totalitarianism, war --not a prediction, but a present reality

What is about to happen in America?
Glenn Beck has spoken of it: War

Gerald Celente of Trends Research Institute warns it will come within months: War

Igor Panarin, Russian political scientist and Professor of the Russian Diplomatic Academy Ministry of Foreign Affairs, predicts his version: War

George Potts Thompson in Canada Free Press, says: War

Nancy Matthis and Austin Davis in American Daughter have just summed it up: War

A Christian voice, with an apparent gift of prophecy said, last May: War
As you may know through this venue, in Investigating Obama and on net-radio's The Awakening, our compatriots and I have had something to say about this, for some time now.

We are already under severe attack, by pitched warfare.
But few are at war, yet, against it.

The strategy and tactics of war are being waged upon America by the Soros/Obama/Pelosi Marxofascist insurgency and whatever powers behind them, of Marxist and fascist nations and financiers. America -- authentic, constitutional America and the Americans true to it have simply not been fighting back by all necessary means.

But, America is awakening.

Please tell those you know, about the Marxists/fascists in power, in Washington.
Please tell them about Oath Keepers.

Be prepared for even the potential of a massive false-flag attack of terrorism in America, carried out by the treason of this regime, but blamed upon "right wing extremists" and "the militia movement" in America, as an attempt by these Marxists, to swing our military and law enforcement community, and our populace to their evil side.

Will such a thing happen? Who can say? But, of one thing we may be assured. The more Americans repent of our insolence and iniquities, the more we humble ourselves in fervent prayer by means of our Savior, the more we inform our Citizenry about the domestic war against America, and the more we band together to oppose this treason -- the more harm we, and those who come after us, may be spared.

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