Friday, October 23, 2009

Lord Monckton's Bethel University Presentation, in its Entirety

The presentation of Lord Christopher Monckton, at Bethel University on Wednesday, October 14th, from beginning to end

The subject: a treaty, planned for December signing by all parties, for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change -- and what this really is: warfare against America, by Man-made Global Marxism -- and High Treason, planned by Barack Obama, et. al. The enemy are "transnational progressives" who are "breathing together" around the world, to bring America and Americans down, financially, militarily, politically, and in the process, to destroy our personal, "popular" sovereignty and our national sovereignty.

Yes, Virginia, there are malignant conspirators for one-world government and the controlled society and they are very far down the path of their evil plan. In fact, they control the Executive Branch and dominate at least the Legislative, in the unwalled city of Washington DC. And, they never cease in their teeming and teaming, in lower Manhattan.

Man-made Global Deceit ~ Man-made Global Mega-Theft ~ Man-made Global War

American citizens should peruse the entire presentation. Everyone in this world who cares about freedom, should look and listen with full attention applied.

Then, it is time to very quickly decide how to apply ourselves to win this particular battle -- preferably, before December 7, and to win this entire war for the the authentic America of, by, and for its free and Sovereign American Citizens.

On this Monday night's net-cast of "The Awakening," on Sentinel Radio, our special guest will be Jared Law. Mr. Law is primary coordinator for The 9/12 Project, founded by Glenn Beck. He will join a small panel, to help us find our answers to the question, "What do we do now?"

Thank you, Lord Monckton and the Minnesota Free Market Institute.

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