Friday, October 9, 2009

World - Behold your Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, 2009

Dire warnings of the crippling of America, as a senator & presidential candidate;
The global plan for 'success,' with an America crippled, as president

Barack Obama, chosen practitioner of the strategy and tactics of nation raider, George Soros, champion of the "Open Society" has been successful, so far.

Open Society? -- i.e., formerly sovereign nations opened up for centrally planned globalist control. For this "transnational progressive" plan to succeed, its proponents postulate that America must be severely weakened. That means your personal sovereignty, your livelihood, your self-reliance, your freedom, and America's national sovereignty -- lost.

Update ~ Along with this video, I suggest the 10/14/2009 I.O. post, "'America for Sale,' by Jerome Corsi: Documenting the Destruction; Interviewed by Hannity."

The Planned Destruction President

Video by Pamela Key, Naked Emperor News
Pamela Key was interviewed on The Awakening, 8/24/2009


Jim said...

Yeah,oh well--Arlen see open thread.Strange times.

Arlen Williams said...

Guess I'll have to make a new one of those... three pages now.

Just remember, kay, conspiracies, by their nature, are secret. What people weave together out of fact mixed with conjecture is very often not very accurate.