Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lord Monckton Live on Net-Radio, Thursday 10/22, Noon ET, Host: Wiley Drake, Panel Includes Guests & Host of "The Awakening"

Lord Christopher Monckton, the former science advisor to Margaret Thatcher who, one week ago, blew the cover off the conspiratorial, globalist sovereignty grab of the proposed "Climate Change Treaty," will be interviewed by Wiley Drake, Thursday, 10/22 at Noon, ET. If Barack Obama signs that treaty this December, the abrogation of our national sovereignty to a foreign governing body of the U.N. would be an act of national sabotage and civil war, by an anti-American, American regime. We must stop it, by applying all the constitutional, non-violent power, that We, the People hold.

The program will be net-cast on Crusade Radio and is available for pick-up, live or otherwise, by other media. Link to the site of this net-cast:

Lord Monckton will be the principle speaker for at least thirty minutes and the program will open to invited panelists. Regular listeners to "The Awakening" will be familiar with five invitees: Walter S. Hudson, James Simpson, Markham Robinson, Allan Erickson, and myself. All indicate their attendance.

Walter Hudson is the man who broke the Lord Monckton story last week on his blog, Fightin' Words and he has since done further key research and reporting (check for the latest). James Simpson featured this burgeoning national crisis shortly thereafter, in his story, "Obama to Surrender US Sovereignty at UN Global Warming Conference." Allan Erickson has also covered this story and has expanded upon it with his new post, "The Case of Dr. Richard Lindzen," (MIT climatologist).

This past Monday, Walter Hudson was our guest on "The Awakening," while the program also replayed an informative interview of Lord Monckton by Glenn Beck from earlier that afternoon.

Feel free to copy and send this announcement. See embedded links and Sentinel Radio widget in Investigating Obama:

Below you may find this Monday's "Awakening," archived on Sentinel Radio:

Arlen Williams


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