Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hardin, Montana & the American Police Force; 2 of 2 - Updating

No [Only potential, tangential] indications of Obamanation, per se, but this odd case study in wayward governance continues to enfold.

Michael Hilton, apparent head of "American Police Force" (pictured in AP photo) is a felon with a history of fraud.

Montana Attorney General, Steve Bullock is investigating the entire set of dealings between the city of Harding and the APF.

News stories are linked below. Updates to this posting are likely:

Montana Attorney General to Investigate APF, Billings Gazette, 10/1, 5:40pm MT. And what about the Montana constitution's prohibition of private police?

Former City Attorney Fears Jail Deal will Derail Law Enforcement Deconsolidation, Billings Gazette, 10/1, 7:10pm MT (First impressions can be wrong, but check out the image of Becky Convery; it would appear indicative of a certain political personality, busy of mind, but... sparse of wisdom? I can even see Jimmy Carter in that face. I wonder if she has a university degree in "public policy.")

Updates, 10/3 ~
  • Intriguing comment from "FARS" in
    Does this not sound a bit like an ACORN type setup?
    Alan of AntiMullah, has run across the California based Iranian attorney Maziar Mafi, who reportedly has turned into a strong Mullah regime supporter in the past few years, so this might have some Mullah regime source financing involved.
going "hmm" about that

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