Friday, October 2, 2009

Leo Donofrio on the new Hawaiian Birth Certificate Investigation, on The Awakening, Monday

Leo Donofrio will explain the pursuit he has, for a time, shared with Terri K, looking for the truth about the Obama Birth Certificate (if that is what is there) based upon the State of Hawaii's implicit admission that it has been amended -- plus, the pursuit of a possible conspiracy of fraud and cover-up. Or, has the Hawaiian Department of Health begun to cooperate? Perhaps they will be compelled to do so.

​And, as Donofrio and Terri K have described, Hawaiian official, Dr. Fukino's public pronouncements about what remains concealed may inadvertently open the door, under Hawaii's Open Records Law (UIPA) to the disclosure of the birth certificate, itself.

Listen live, Monday 9-11pm ET,,, 6-8pm PT, plus there will either be additional guests​ related to this, or we will take calls, or both. You may set up a reminder at this link.

There are more details and angles to come in I.O., along with links to articles exploring the legalities and possibilities.

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