Friday, April 30, 2010

Crime Inc. - Behind the Chicago Climate Exchange - Glenn Beck Expounds

...and gives us a tip in the event of his untimely demise: for the reason and the culprits, look to those figures to which he pointed, in his Thursday, 4/29 program [ed., or those he is not reporting on, but who are pulling the strings even behind them]

This time, if you have not caught it and wish to see this "Crime, Inc." program, you can view it at Patriots Network. Go on, we'll still be here.

And there, Beck's gems include...
  1. that Internet regulation lurks somewhere in the Obamafinance regulation bill... or is it the Cap and Trade bill? is there even a Cap and Trade bill to read, anywhere? I mean by the People?
  2. rubbing it in that no one in Congress is investigating Fannie Mae for investing in the Chicago Climate Exchange, outside their charter - and where did "free as a bird, guilty as Hell" Franklin Raines go?
  3. the Emerald Cities Collaborative (founded 12/2009) and their Board of Directors
  4. the Wizard thereof -- one Joel Rogers, founder of Emerald Cities, and... Rogers also founded of The New Party (I think Trevor Loudon likely knew this already, I have to get back in better touch with Trevor, now that I'm posting again)... and the Apollo Alliance (which wrote a lot of the antiStimulus Act) -- Andy Stern and Van Jones love Rogers for the mastermind he is, pulling alchemist's levers and ropes of the Marxofascist Money Machinery behind the curtain at the University of Wisconsin
By the way, just what is Andy Stern doing, since he left SEIU on that day that Barack Obama went AWOL, saying he went to see one of his two Russian-named daughters play soccer?

And by the way, both Beck and Sarah Palin were listed in Time Magazine's "100 Most Influential People in America" and... Sarah Palin did the clever Glenn Beck write-up, there. (Palin on Beck, also Ted Nugent on Palin.) Is that not a fascinating combination of overlapped signaling?:
  1. Sarah Palin signals to us awake and aware Americans that she knows what is going on (at least as much as do we, anyway).
  2. Time Magazine signals to fellow "progressive" evils, "Hey! See! Sarah Palin knows what's going on!"
I still wish I had more time to keep up, but there are things I can do, to help you drill down into this "GREATEST SCANDAL IN MODERN HISTORY," which of course includes the plan, to "disrupt, demolish, and defeat" authentic America and its Sovereign Americans... which plan, of course spins around Barack Obama. -- AW
photo: Patriot Network

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