Monday, April 26, 2010

Leo Haffey Jailed in TN for Seeking Constitutional Justice regarding Obama? And the 4/20 Darren Huff Detainment

Update 4/26: Huff and Haffey were quite informative; this was an important conversation. You may read more about Leo Haffey's plight at and at"The Awakening" returns, on Sentinel Radio, with Arlen and Hanen.

Why was Leo Haffey jailed, in Tennessee?

Why was Darren Huff just pulled-over and detained by the Tennessee state and county police
, in a separate incident? (link to video)

Guests: Darren Huff and Leo Haffey
Listen tonight, Monday, 4/26 at 9-11pm ET (6-8pm PT)

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Why was Leo Haffey recently jailed for sixty days? Was he incarcerated without charges? Falsely labeled a mental patient? Who did this? How was he freed? Through legal processes, Haffey has been seeking constitutional justice regarding the man who would be called President Obama. [Ed., Leo Haffey's site on the Citizens' Grand Jury:]

And if this story were not odd enough, just this past Tuesday, April 20, while Mr. Haffey happened to be a guest caller on the G. Gordon Liddy Program (special guests were eligibility objector, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin and his attorney - report and audio archive, here) a number of people were driving to a meeting with Walter Fitzpatrick. One of them was Darren Huff, who will introduce himself to you, tonight.

Why was Darren Huff on the highway shoulder with the police for ninety minutes, on his way to this meeting?

Why did they want to search his car? Was it because of his "Oath Keepers" sign? Is this a part of an Obama/Napolitano DHS surveillance plan for the constitutional justice movement? Why did they decide not to search the car - while detaining him for an hour and a half on the highway? [I.O. Ed., Darren says thirty minutes and that they were engaged in healthy and instructive conversation for an hour after that.] Mr. Huff will fill in the important blanks, from his perspective. See the video report of this April 20th incident.

We hope to have time for call-in questions, at 646-727-2652 (option 1, to ask a question). Afterward, the netcast will be archived, for future reference.


Jim said...

Arlen...ask the guests point-blank of their opinion of gatekeeper Stewart Rhodes.We know the cops are part of the herd mentality,and it is great that some teaching took place at that roadside incident.But Rhodes is another story.First,he bailed on the Tea Party--- now he disavows anything to do with speaking up for a fellow "Oathkeeper".That's why Carl put the disclaimer on his website with regards to the video he pulled and then put back up on his website.I hope Carl call into the show.p.s.Glad to see you active here again,and on the show.Take care.

Jim said...

As an aside,I've got a real bad feeling about the RAP plan.Especially,since the NESARA New Age nutters are piggybacking on it.Alot of gatekeeping and hijacking of patriot movements going on,as we've seen with the Tea Party Movement and others.Hopefully you will start a new open thread soon,as time is not on our side.Some of us have a few months worth of timely information to share if people are interested in knowing what is coming down this year.Yours in Christ------- Kay and messenger[s].

Jim said...

Arlen,as we told you last year,the last thing Barry had to do before the NWO takeover was push through the Hate Crimes and Death Care Bills.He did it.Thankfully,the latter was delayed by a few months or the info from the Closed Door House Session of 2008 would've been a done deal datewise by now.We were graced with an extra year by the Lord Jesus Christ,but we are on borrowed time my brother.Palin;McCain; al are not our saviors.It is coming down to civil war and revolution here and globally,and although we need leaders to fight and occupy until He comes is not going to be gatekeepers of the Illuminati helping us in our plight.

Jim said...

Jim[m1] and all of us say "Hi-and welcome back" to you Arlen.Glad to see you active on the website again.Sure you have been proacvtive in other ways,and busy with your family.Just saying we are glad you are back here.Bye...for now.

Jim said...

Last note--off topic..on a 4-23 call over this RAP mixed with nutter NESARA they talk of Canada and Mexico merging with us.WTF????? That is NWO nonsense.Very interesting times.

Jim said...

Arlen,sorry,one last off topic-- see this on the New Age NESARA plan- NESARA isn't RAP,but they are being blended together.

Arlen Williams said...

Thanks to you and yours, Kay. I know you'll keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel.