Tuesday, April 27, 2010


"Crime, Inc." is what Glenn Beck is calling it.

Updated, 4/28/2010
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Both of these videos are from Monday evening, April 26th. The Financial Times article is from this Sunday. They are elements of the most extensive scandal perhaps, since original sin.

While the Beck video is even much more significant than this, the point is that Barack Obama personally nixed real reform in the Obamafinance bill. The transparency would have gotten in the way of the astounding plan of which he is a focal point. This entire interview is important, but be sure to listen after the two minute mark, as Greta Van Susteren interviews Senator Jim DeMint.

Next, put that together with this story, out of Financial Times. This is where Barack Obama and his network are driving us. It is global corporatism, i.e., Marxofascism:
U.S. Prepares to Push for Global Capital Rules
Financial Times ^ | Sunday April 25, 2010 | Tom Braithwaite

The US is preparing to pivot from domestic regulatory reform to a push for a tough new international capital regime after the weekend’s G20 and International Monetary Fund meetings glossed over differences between leading economies.

Tim Geithner, US Treasury secretary, met Mario Draghi, chairman of the Financial Stability Board, on Sunday to discuss the contours of a system that would decide the safety and profitability of banks for decades to come and could eclipse the arguments over bank taxes and regulation.

One participant at a US Federal Reserve meeting this month to discuss the new regime said “full and frank” did not do justice to the furious response from some industry delegates.

continued at Financial Times

Next, we have Glenn Beck spelling out more of the story that Lord Christopher Monckton began to tell us, in October, 2009 and that Jesse Ventura related in one of his Conspiracy Theory programs. It has also been discussed by Brannon Howse and yes, by some of those "odd" conspiracy theory sites on the Internet (where there are human beings, conspiracy like fecal matter, happens).

Once again, of course, Barack Obama is front and center, along with the Chicago Climate Exchange, the Joyce Foundation, George Soros, Maurice Strong, Edmund de Rothschild, the Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, George W. Bush's Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, even Fannie Mae, and many others.
It entails global Marxofascism / global kleptocracy, with Americans being the chief victims, while a few overlords rule at, and their financiers skim off, the top. If any "mainstream" reporters cared to cover this thoroughly (and could) they could be much bigger characters in U.S. and world history than Woodward and Bernstein. And as for Americans willingly instigating this, it is treason.

Here is a great part of their entire, one-world plan. Element by element, this beast is designed to virtually enslave, yes, the entire world. That includes the "nation" of America. That includes you.

T H E   S T O R Y

The remainder of Glenn Beck's expose', components of what is behind the Chicago Climate Exchange and so much more, the subterfuge of global Marxofascism as environmentalism and the bigger picture:

Watch this.
Spread it to everyone.

It is extensive evidence of the story.

Permission to reproduce granted - AW

For more within Investigating Obama about this, I suggest that little search bar up in the upper left corner. There, you may wish to search the words, "Simpson," or "Monckton," or "Obamanomics," or... "Soros" ...or a whole lot of "Marxofascist." And, check out the I.O. Sidebar's "Essential Articles" -- and always, the various categories of I.O. blogrolls.


Arlen Williams said...

I'm sure it is a good idea, to narrate this further. I suppose I should do that. How about you? Would you like to examine and connect the dots in writing?

Unknown said...

Beck is part of the problem. You cannot cry over the constitution and exhort your audience to; Question with Boldness, Hold to the Truth and then ridicule those asking legitimate questions regarding Mr. Obama's Constitutional eligibility. Mr. In one feld swoop, Beck has lost all credibility IMHO.

Arlen Williams said...

A valid criticism, Anthony, to whatever length.

Webmaster said...

Beck likely knows it's a valid concern but knows that Obama has enough corrupt money behind him to hide it and thus pursuing it would be futile.

Arlen Williams said...

We need to figure out how to get the message through to people who don't want to hear it. Now, that's a tough job.

Anonymous said...

Beck only exposes what he can prove. Help him prove it beyond a doubt and I guarantee that he will expose it. Take action. Don't throw pot shots.