Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Tennessee Harassment - Police Surveillance & Steak-out of Oath Keeper - Video Report

Excellent citizen reporting of an exemplary Oath Keeper response (I.O. would call it a very "teachable moment," if a fleeting bit of time could learn anything)

At this moment and in the interest of time, I will avoid further reporting, but to point to Carl Swensson's phone call into the G. Gordon Liddy program (see "Update-2," of this I.O. post) which is how this story broke on Tuesday 4/20. Also, to that day's Globe & Email report, "Citizen Apprehended en route to Fitzpatrick Hearing in Tennessee."

Evidently, the Obama regime's Department of Homeland Security, under Janet Napolitano, is having some sway, by her communiques to America's various law enforcement offices labeling supporters of the United States Constitution as "potential terrorists" -- especially if they include our greatly esteemed military personnel and veterans.

I am told this video from Carl Swensson and presumably the meeting these patriots were on their way to attend were not events authorized by Oath Keepers.

There is more to come from I.O. on this Tennessee focus of the Global Marxofascist Insurrection against Sovereign Americans, Barack Obama, "Commander in Chief" of the former. We have some catching up to do, regarding the stories of Walter Fitzpatrick and Leo Haffey. - AW

UPDATE - Details are not complete, but Sentinel Radio's "The Awakening" will broadcast again, probably beginning this coming Monday, 4/26/2010, 9-11pm ET. We are firming up guests to include Leo Haffey and one or two of those people involved in, or connected with this incident. I.O. and the Sentinel Radio Blog will apprise and link.


Leo the Lawyer said...

To read about the TERRORIZATION of my Family by BHO supporters in Nashville:

kay said...

Carl has the blogtalk show link where the incident is discussed on the last USGrandjury show.