Thursday, April 8, 2010

'Word of the Lord,' April 2010

I.O. intends to link, with comments, to numerous items recently appearing on the 'net, which further expose Barry Soetoro (a.k.a., Barack Obama) and the "transnational progressive" (i.e., Marxofascist globalist) network of which he is knit. Before I do, one additional, current, Christian prophecy is here submitted for examination by those who wish to read it. This is from someone whose prior missive is linked in I.O's immediate prior posting.
Word of the Lord April 2010, by Prophet Phyllis Ford
March 27, 2010

It is important that you must hear clearly what I am saying…and what I am doing right now. Because there are snares and traps that the enemy is laying before you, and you must be able to see and maneuver around them. So be very aware of what is going on around you. But don’t let what the enemy is doing be your focus---don’t allow the fear that is trying to grip the minds of people to surround you. But walk in the power of my grace; allow me to speak to your heart the peace of my word.

The government will continue to be shaken, and the more she is shaken the more uncovering will come to light. There is some key information that will be found out that was a part of back room deals that have occurred, and as a result the secrets of government leadership will be uncovered. There are those who are standing in the gap, and my work will continue to move forward. There will be change and divine turnaround before the dust clearly settles.

The European nations will gather and discuss the crisis and uncertainty of their financial directives. They are looking to go in a new direction and although it will be discussed, the remedy that they are seeking won’t avert the trouble that is coming. Instability exists in too many areas where there was once financial strength. This nation is close to seeing serious problems that will affect the US dollar, as it is losing its strength.

But, even in the midst of confusion and turmoil, I have a plan; and in the midst of trouble, I have a praise and a song. In the midst of questions, yes, I have answers. And know that I shall by my own hand deliver you out, says the Lord. For I am opening doors and I am making ways in the heavenlies concerning your financial strength: strength and stability that doesn’t come from the dictates of the land. But, I am opening a greater realm for opportunities to be received, achieved, and acquired. This help is from on High. For, I am shifting the wealth of this nation into the hands of those who hearts are prepared and ready to distribute to others as it is released to them. Some dreams that were shelved will live again. A new hope will spring up, and those with great wisdom and strategies will know what to do in this shift. Keep your hearts before me and stay in my presence, and I will release great secrets from the treasures of darkness. Even riches that are hidden will come forth, and the hands of those who have been holding on by faith shall receive great strength. For, even as the children of Israel came out from Egypt—you shall come out with a high hand and a testimony to the miracles I have done in this season, says the Lord.

2 Chronicles 16:9a KJV

For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.

Warning: Many ill winds will rise up all this month to try to destroy and even bring fear into the hearts of my people. But I call upon my intercessors, for their prayers shall quell the force behind these winds both spiritually and naturally.

A Vision of Seeds:

I saw seeds being planted. (The Lord said they were seeds of doubt and discouragement –so that people would despair.) And the Lord said, “Some have reached the final breaking point where what is going on in the land has caused them to react----if they are not careful these seeds will give way to a great unrest in the land during this season. This must be a time when faith in me and cooler heads must prevail. The work of my kingdom will be established. Anger and petty prejudices are emotions that are not the answer. Truly, these feelings can lead down a dangerous pathway to violence. So, don’t allow discouragement to set in, for I am coming in the midst of your situation—I am coming to bring resolve, resolution, and yes, even closure to situations that have lingered on too long with no answers. Yes, I am bringing change, so that you may grow, move on, and accomplish much.”

Proverbs 14:12 KJV

There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

So, look to my light, my way, and great change shall come forth by my hand, says the Lord. My life, my love, and my truth shall prevail.

So, it’s time to put on your priestly garments, and put on your king’s garment, and it’s time to put on your warrior’s garment, that the purposes of my kingdom be fulfilled. For, the doors of my kingdom shall open and my people shall conquer and cover much ground in a short span of time.

Prophetic Insights: The Lord revealed to me that these garments (all three of them) must be worn by us all. So, we must walk as priest, king, and warrior in the earth. All three garments bear a heavy responsibility now.

Intercessors, watchman, pray for the region of Japan---the Lord said that His eyes were upon it.
More may be perused at Carpenter's Touch Ministries, Arlington, Texas.


clew said...

Hello - I've been reading IO for a short time and really love it. This post was especially comforting to me - I've been feeling a lot of woprry and stress about the state and direction of the country. I know all is in the Lord's plan, but I sometimes forget that. Thanks for reminding me.

Arlen Williams said...

I'm glad I.O. has a clew and you are more than welcome.