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Perhaps the best collection of peer-reviewed, political Internet researchers on the Web are the posters of I invite you to look into their ongoing collection of information on what I.O. has called The Greatest Scandal in Modern History, Barack Obama being the chief tool of treason and warfare against the United States of America.

You may wish to start by viewing this post, by "Errant":

In 1992 Maurice Strong was the Secretary General of the historic United Nations (UNCED) Earth conference in Rio.

It was hoped that an Earth Charter would be the result of this event. This was not the case, however an international agreement was adopted – Agenda 21 – which layed down the international "sustainable development" necessary to form a future Earth Charter agreement.

Maurice Strong hinted at the overtly pagan agenda proposed for a future Earth Charter, when in his opening address to the Rio Conference delegates he said, "It is the responsibility of each human being today to choose between the force of darkness and the force of light."

[Note: Alice Bailey, and Blavatsky before her, used these terms often. Their writings state that the 'force of darkness' are those who adhere to the 'out-dated' Judeo-Christian faith; those who continue along their 'separative' paths of the one true God. The 'force of light' (Lucifer), in there view, is the inclusive new age doctrine of a pagan pantheistic New World Religion. In the New Age of Aquarius there will be no room for the 'force of darkness' and 'separativeness'.]

The Earth Charter stresses that man is his own saviour. By saving "mother earth" we will once again return to an idyllic Garden of Eden.

But instead of worshiping the Creator, the New Age Aquarian conspirators wish to plunge us headlong into a creation-worship new world religion.

Further, see this Maurice Strong article, reposted in the Sentinel Radio blog, last Autumn.

And after you understand this threat to the United States of America, an ultimate threat, on the scale of the War of 1812 and the Civil War, please promote The Three SOVEREIGNTY NOW Questions.

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