Thursday, May 13, 2010

SOVEREIGNTY NOW - Three Critical Questions for ALL Politicians & Candidates

All, tests which the Obamunists fail -- and so do many Republicans.
Please share this with leaders of the electoral action organization and Tea Party entity of your choice.
Please ask politicians and candidates, yourself.

In addition to asking a candidate whether he or she is pro-life, for restoring constitutional government, for cutting budgets and taxes, for protecting our borders, how he interprets the 1st and 2nd Amendments, etc., these questions must be asked our political candidates:
  1. Are you a member of any organization supporting the ends of globalism, transnationalism, communitarianism, or U.N. Agenda 21 defined "sustainable development," or have you received money, or services, or other favors from any of these?
  2. Do you pledge to uphold America's individual popular sovereignty, our parental sovereignty, the sovereignty of the states, and our national sovereignty, against every internal and external threat, according to our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence?
  3. Do you pledge to support and not undermine the sovereignty of other free and benign nations, for example, an unified Israel, in its present borders, with its capital Jerusalem?
Ask them all, now. Then, hold them accountable. - AW

It's the sovereignty, "stupid." may repost, email, tweet, etc...
photo, Chemical Heritage Foundation / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

UPDATED (original post, 5/12/10, 12:19am CT) -- I.O. could be posting like crazy right now, but this is the message that needs to be pushed, now. So, please push it. Send it to your Representative and Senators. Ask them. That is what I am doing. Ask your candidates. Get organizations to do the same -- immediately, please. Send it to those in your circle and get them to spread this message and to do the same.


Arlen Williams said...

Thanks Karen, for suggesting the money or services part of question number one.

BF Admin said...

Of course, they may not answer honestly, but at least they will realize we are on to them.

Arlen Williams said...

Yes. There are many, many Republicans who have drunk the globalist, "transnational progressive" kool-aid and they must be put upon, as well as the Democrats. They repent or we replace.

Anonymous said...

The real problem around the Globe is religious extremism. Any set of teachings/dogma that can lead a 19 yr old wear bombs and commit suicide in hopes of some reward in heaven - 42 virgins should not be tolerated .. the rapture is a similar extremist belief.

1) there is no human on the planet that speaks for God 2) heaven should be banned .. never mind about the afterlife .. you will get there soon enough ..

People should take care of the planet here and now .. forget 42 virgins .. forget about the rapture (which is not a biblically supported concept)

Palin is an extremist .. she is "Free" to hold such beliefs in this country .. she should keep them if she likes .. but keep them to herself

There is a difference between having a belief .. and forcing that belief on someone else .. If you dont like alcohol .. dont drink.. but you have no business voting against alcohol in a referendum because you dont like something ..the question is not about what you like- or dont, its about forcing that belief on others .. those that dont get this distinction should not even be allowed to vote

Sarah Palin .. and those that espouse "faith based initiatives"

what part of the distinction between 1) having a belief and 2) forcing that belief on others dont they get

Those that wrote the consitution wrote it to stop the state - or any group from persecuting others based on a particular belief.

Extremist religous zeolots are an affront to the constitution and what makes America great

Arlen Williams said...

Anon, you seem to regard all beliefs with moral equivalence. That, sorry, is a sad mistake.

Further, you seem to be interested in "imposing" your beliefs against people carrying out their beliefs in public life. You seem to be against people who have positive beliefs, instead of your relatively nihilistic belief.

All conscious human behavior is based upon belief. But, thanks for the comments.