Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tips! Comments! Open Thread

Update 5/20/2010 - I.O. has been switched back to allowing anonymous comments, experimentally.  That should make it easier for any whose log-ins were not being accepted, sorry for that inconvenience.

5/15/2010 - As has been done twice before, I.O. presents an open thread for your comments, links, etc. Keep it positive, no ad hominem attacks. And if you are presenting conspiracy information -- or any other charges, then cite evidence... links... documents... photos... corroborated testimony... more documents... even more documents.... Otherwise, please understand, you are only posting imaginings, ideas, conjecture, gossip, hearsay, hypotheses, and/or, maybe even, theories.

Communists, Illuminists, New Agers, Fascists, Druids, Kenyan Shamans, or Pedestrians -- if you make claims, then document (at least link to some source that includes valid, referential information, eh?). Conspiracies exist, but wild, conflicted claims do, too.

If you have tips that you prefer to email, please do, to awakeningforce"at"yahoo"dot"com. Thank you. - AW


greybeard said...

Hi Arlen
Haven't checked on you in awhile - was taking a BREAK from the lunacy of Obama's evIlution of America.

I have noticed in a lot of search returns, for KAGAN being in Obama's socialist camp, that there is an argument squad out there denying that Kagan's thesis in any way connects her personal beliefs to socialist ideology.
Your comments description indicates LINKS are ok so I hope it's alright to link my notes on Kagan's membership in the Obama brotherhood.

In her very own words, Kagan mourned for a day when a party to the left of leftist-liberalism will come again.

For those who wish to cloud this issue by saying she was simply writing about a historical event in her thesis I disagree and remind you of her later more sober moment when she wrote:
a hope that a new, revitalized, perhaps more leftist left will once again come to the fore.

What is it to the left of liberalism that Kagan wishes to come to the fore?

What left of left liberalism politics has she written of in the form of it's sad "demise" that she later in life would lament a revitalized "once AGAIN" wish for?

The words REVITALIZED and "once again" are very key to tying the two writings together from the historical sad demise to a personal future Hope.

Jim said...

Speaking of Kagan,after being installed in the SCOTUS,it will be the first time in our history that there are no Protestants in the group of black-robed interpreters of the law of the land.A slow Fabian Socialist approach of gradualism to Secular Humanism at the top.

Arlen Williams said...

Thanks for the comments, keep them coming. This is a wonderful time to be alive, awake, and aware. It is a privilege to live for our Creator and to take advantage of the rights he endows, very much so, at this time.

There is enough evidence out on Kagan that any failure to filibuster her appointment is a failure to abide by the Senate oath of office.

Still a Patriot said...

Hi Arlen -

I hope you are right about Kagan - she is one scary individual! (Not much abiding by oaths in this administration or Congress!)

Thanks for all you do to enlighten & encourage us!


Arlen Williams said...

Thank you, Susan. There is enough on her, but that doesn't mean the bourgeoisie-nice Republican Senate will do anything about it. They are a mix of conventionalists, globalist dupes, and worse.

They may show us who else needs replacement, at least.

Greg Goss said...

Is The End of Obama's Presidency June 11, 2010?

Arlen Williams said...

Thanks, Greg. Thinking that article over.

Jim said...

Arlen,please go over RAP thread and open thread at Greg's blog to see my comments.Will come back here when time permits.Take care!

Jim said...

Whoops,here's link:

Jim said...

p.s. King Tut ain't goin'anywhere.We are beyond the "They might ditch him" period.

Jim said...

Gotta get Gort to come here to update you Arlen.Anyway,glad to see you back in the fray.

Arlen Williams said...

Kay and Greg, what do you think of the statement put out by Robert J. Rapacki and Sentinel Intelligence?

Jim said...

An update on the New Age Christ by a contributor to Makows's website : Waiting for Anti-Christ: The Maitreyea Cometh I'll have to check out Constance Cumby's blog.She has followed the New Age Movement for decades.When you look at the RAP stuff morphing into restoring the world,and New Age "Lightworkers",and "Galactic Federation",and all the implosion of economies globally and crises of natural and a manmade nature,it is clear that a seething pot is about to bow the lid.

Jim said...

RAP does appear to be tied to the bizarre NESARA business,contrary to claims by sincere RAP beievers that eschew the New Age angle.A link on Greg's blog [a commenter here at times- ] is to a "Lightworker's" call.Here is latest show : The infromation from GE Tim Turner a month or more ago about rich bankers and royalty being on-board with RAP exposed it for an Illuminati psyops for any bemused Doubting Thomas up to that point in time.

Jim said...

Arlen,very good articles the past couple of weeks on your blog.The corruption and tyranny here and across the world is breathtaking.The "Quickening" of the push for a NWO started in the Fall of 2008,and went into hyperdrive when the Usurper took his dual oath in Jan.2009.Even if he is not the false messiah,which none of us will know until everything unravels,and the man-with-the-answers appears on the scene for the final Act,he has certainly been chosen by the elites as a catalyst to usher in the NWO.

Jim said...

Gotta run.Lemme know if there are any subjects or current events you'd like to broach here in the open thread,Arlen.I'll gover the articles and comments-if any-that you have posted for the past wekk or so,before checking back here.Thanks for providing link at sidebar.Take Care -------- Jim