Monday, May 10, 2010

Updated - Beware, Be Ready, the True Crash Appears Before Us

A follow-up from I.O's Celente posting of Friday, 5/7/2010

Update 5/10 - At this moment, the world's stock markets are rebounding from last week's problems (America's catalyst of which is more likely explained as intentional, by someone(s), than the mysterious, unsubstantiated "B" key theory/excuse). That is because the EU and central banks, including the Federal Reserve, already in grossly immoral debt, have agreed to bail out failing, socialist Greece at about $1T, i.e., $1,000,000,000,000.00 (or, is that $1T more?). This is likely to delay the collapse of what is now being called the bailout bubble, perhaps for a few days, perhaps for many months. It also blows-up the bubble much further.

Overwhelming debt? No problem, they will just make sure everybody owes their livelihoods to everybody, in a fictitious world economy. Can't get way with "spread the wealth?" Then they will spread the debt. The commitment of U.S. Federal Reserve money to Greek debt is the further mass robbery of our Citizen taxpayers.

There are those who believe that even this bubble building is an intentional, manufactured crisis, in order to increase the use of central currency, moreover to bring about a new central control to the world's finances. That would be the end of national sovereignty and the end of authentic America. That is also global fascism, with the Marxist theme of "communitarianism," something publicly pushed by many elites for decades. Web search "Bill Clinton" and "communitarian."

This globalist, manufactured crisis theory might appear implausible, were it not for the overwhelming documentation of both the stated and demonstrated global-collectivist nature of the world's powers, especially as they chit-chat through the UN, G-20, IMF, World Bank, CFR, et many cetera -- including their calls for America to become weaker in this world. You have heard Barack Obama state that intention, have you not? These people may be fools in their hearts, but they did not get to where they are by being strategically and tactically stupid. They do not do what they do out of unintentionality. - AW

5/9/2010, 7:38am CT - Since this is a public video with Celente's own quotes, I have lifted it directly from his site, Trends & Forecasts. Alex Jones knows what he is talking about, too, concerning this. Please heed. Get right with God. Get out of debt. Get your assets productive and/or liquid. Get ready for survival amidst economic devastation.

This is unnecessary and is the corrupt practice of the most powerful money interests of the western world. And the solution they present, with Barack Obama front and center, is more of the global Marxofascist problem. The truly ultra rich (not the "wealthiest one percent," this is the wealthiest, most powerful small fraction of a percent) are propping up global collectivism, as a mechanism for furthering their own control and stealing more of the property of us all. They want slaves, not peers.
Gerald Celente: "Let's call this Greek bailout for what it is.. it's bailing out the European and the American banks that made big bets on Greek bonds that they're afraid are going to go belly up."

Gerald Celente: "...the second American Revolution has already begun, it began in 2009, on April 15th with the tea parties and the tax protests. They were laughed at by the major media. Then we saw it again in July of 2009, on the 4th of July, when hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets. We saw it at the protests for healthcare reform. We saw it with over a million people, nearly a million people marched on Washington on September 12th of 2009. This is going on World wide. The people are protesting."

"But the overall reality is that the people are saying, what is this bailout all about, and who is responsible for funding it? And it's falling on the backs of the people, just like in America where they taxed the people to bailout the too big to fails, Lets call this Greek bailout for what it is.. it's bailing out the European and the American banks that made big bets on Greek bonds that they're afraid are going to go belly up. And the people don't want to shoulder the burden, and we're going to see these kind of tax protests and revolts go worldwide."

"It's a temporary bailout, as we said... the United States in 2009, and early 2010, has spent, lent, and guaranteed over $11 trillion dollars. This is fake money, it's phantom money, printed out of thin air, backed by nothing, and not worth the digital... paper it's printed on. So we're going to see this collapse as the stimulus collapses. That's what happened in Europe. As they started to unwind the stimulus, as they attempted to raise interest rates, the economies start to fail. We're going to see it in Spain. We're going to see it in Portugal, we already see it in Latvia, the Ukraine, in Hungary, in Ireland. It's going global, there's no stopping it, and the people are going to revolt."
Personally, I believe we have been "in the eye of the hurricane" and the much worse of it is before us. In addition to expert forecasts, that has also been prophesied by Spirit-gifted Christians, frankly. One must be discerning about claims which are specific while being extreme and protracted, overextended from the evidence we have, but the themes presented by Celente and Jones are ones which are presenting themselves now, in actual circumstances.

Our enemy says, "never waste a good crisis." We say that in God's providence, problems present opportunities. - AW

Jack Cashill, author of the new book, Popes & Bankers, a Cultural History of Credit & Debit, From Aristotle to AIG, will be our guest this Monday, 9pm ET, on "The Awakening" - linked here.
Jack can give us an important education about banking and finance, what works and what does not.
We need to know how it should be done, so we can have a real solution.

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