Friday, May 7, 2010

Gerald Celente Holds to Prediction of 2010 Collapse

If you have read the "Essential Articles" in the I.O. Sidebar, you may have an idea of where he is coming from.

It's not one guy making a little mistake. No. The system is so rigged -- this is what we're trying to say. When things are going on that people have no idea about. Oh, they call it a "fat finger that hit a 'B' instead of an 'M,'" come on, you know, let's grow up about this. It's bigger than that. The systems are collapsing.
And anybody believes that if anyone's in control that's going to save the day, they're going to go down with the ship of state.
More on this coming today, which explains key megacriminal elements of what happened to us in 2008. Be sure to see it. "The beast" (the present one) is cannibalizing itself, by the direct intent of a few. OK... more than "a few." - AW

Want Clues about This Wall Street Crisis? And the Next One? Then, Look at the Last One - Now!

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