Sunday, May 30, 2010

Is Obama's Marxist Network Willing to Commit False Flag Terrorism?

I.O. has addressed this potential, previously. It is looking increasingly difficult for the Obama Plan-A to work. Is there a Plan-B and does it get terrorist and militaristic? Marxists and fascists have a history of generating not only crises but false flag terrorism. The purpose is to:
  1. provide an excuse and motivator, for either a martial or public relations coup,
  2. literally combat promoters of freedom, and
  3. turn the minds and hearts of easily manipulated people their way, politically (those in the military and law enforcement community and/or the people at large).
Are the Obamunists willing to go that far?

I will let that question hang in the air, for now, but intend to address it in greater length again.

We already know the Obama administration has, to some extent, infiltrated Tea Parties and citizens' militias with falsehood spies/operatives. If you are interested, you may search Investigating Obama with the words "false flag," to see the previous articles (and whatever others use that term). - AW

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Willing? Or planning and practicing?