Friday, May 28, 2010

It was Bill Clinton, Woops (not good enough) um... Sestak's Brother? ...It Was Just a Volunteer Job!

Reporting this throughout the afternoon in sequential fashion, the lower the later.

Orginal post, 5/28/2010, 12:07pm CT - Listening to the joint Obama/Sestak story now, on Fox News. They think this will pass the sniff test, by honest news watchers, whether conservative, moderate, or even liberal?

After all this time for Obama and Sestak to confer/collude on a story, they come up with, "aw, shucks, it was just a volunteer gig?" This makes Nixon's plumbers and axe-men look pretty competent.

Megyn Kelly, "...still illegal." Soon after that, she discusses the subject with former Attorney General, Michael Mukasey, who seems to take a White House lawyer's point of view....

Then, Megyn asks Rep. Darrell Issa if it is likely that Obama and Sestak collaborated on their story. Issa laughs, "Ya think?" Note to I.O.: This Kelly-Issa interview must be shown by video.

Meanwhile, MS-NBC and CNN are covering the Obama Makes it to the Gulf Shore story. I bet he's itching for a cig. These pesky leaks, anyway....

Obama's news conference at the Gulf of Mexico is coming up shortly. Will he even allow a "conference" with questions? Will he issue the pronouncement, to allay our worries?: "I am not a crook."

Also, Sestak will do a presser very soon. More to come.

In the meantime, Phil of TRSoL has issued a new Sestak / White House article: "The Sestak Scandal: Obama Blames Bill, Coordinates with Sestak’s Brother, Claims Position 'Unpaid.'" Excellent work, Phil. And hey, Obama's presser now, sleeves rolled up and Gulf shore in the background, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist at his side. And now, Obama has switched from saying BP is not doing this and that, to saying "We" are doing this and now this other here. And whaddya know, no questions allowed and no questions shouted from reporters, to my ear.

So that was Ruling Class Barry, who has been spending up to five hours per day lately, on the golf course and who just, finally, today, did a three hour gig with the Gulf Gusher, according to reports.

Sestak's Capitol steps presser (quotes are pretty much good): Here's the man of the hour, "...a pres-i-dential board, or something..." Can't remember, Joe? Typical skulking. "Oh, pfff, if I'd thought there was something wrong with this, I'd have reported it." "Nobody ever asked me about this..." until February. Like reporters knew to ask you, Joe? His coat is draped over his shoulder, he acts... surprised about the hub-bub; Mr. Casual.

He's reminded that his campaign was supposed to be about no more "Washington stuff." and he stiffens up, coat still frozen to two fingers on his shoulder. Trying to begin to finish up now, in Senate campaign mode, complete with the hackneyed JFK closed finger thrusts. "I didn't feel comfortable at all, talking about it with a former president of the United States...."

"Yu'know, at the time, I heard the words 'presidential board' and..." then oh, no, didn't even pay attention to the rest of it (from President Clinton, as the Bill Clinton we know attempted to finish his sentence with Sestak). Referring now to his daughter's brain tumor. Got that in. That suit jacket is still very fixed to that shoulder, now with a third finger holding it up. To one reporter, "You're from Pennsylvania! You know people aren't interested in this, up there!"

Someone said, "Thank you very much," a reporter actually closing it off? And there Joe is getting pics with fans, coat... hanging... over his shoulder. Taking a few more questions, unheard on the air. The coat holds up through the whole occasion.

At the same time, apparently, Rep. Darrell Issa is also talking to reporters, though we can't hear it. That may do it for this particular post. Keep your eye and ear out for Issa. Oh, and there's Sestak walking down the sidewalk to his car... security blanket, er, jacket still there, baby.

Scroll down for background through this morning, on today's broken breaking story.
If you like, start with "Joe Sestak White House Scandal 101"
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Bob Pemberton said...

Now I see that OBAMA'S approval rating has gone up since the press conference yesterday and with the release of this WHITEWASH bull that is being put out by the MSM.

It took them 3 months to come up with this crap.

I guess once a democrat always a crook.

With all the lies/spins coming out of Washington.

This one is full of STINK..

But I have to agree... another situation that Obama AND HIS CROOKS have covered up.

Bill is without a doubt getting something for this one..

We'll see how much support Sestak gets in November..

Here is hoping that the voters in PA see through this crap and put him on the 99 month unemployment gig... he does not deserve to be in the same room with a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN of the United States.

Arlen Williams said...

Stink, stinker, stinkest, Bob.