Friday, May 7, 2010

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin & Attorney Paul Jensen Badgered by Anderson Cooper

Look at Anderson Cooper, the CNN presidential debate question stacker ("gays in the military, gays in the military") trying to go all Edward R. Murrow on steroids! Journalistic protocol was broken from the very beginning, as Anderson furiously badgered Lakin, instead of allowing his attorney to speak for him on matters before trial.

Cooper surrounds and sieges Lakin and Jensen, 360

No full answer was allowed concerning the true natural born Citizen requirements. The marxstream media must defend their Marxist messiah. Cooper throws his body over Obama. Thud!

Anderson was prepared to the max. It would have been much too harmful to merely ask objective questions, with that platform. Anderson had to try for the Mike Tyson 1st Round knockout, as he chewed Lakin's ears. Perhaps he worked it out with lawyers in touch with the dark side. (Oh-oh, was that a racist comment? I plead my innocence! in case anyone familiar with "tea-bagging" is reading.) He even knew how to frame the question to beg the question, attempting to slur over the difference between a general citizen and an nbC, and dismissing any objective consideration of the matter of who might have placed those birth announcements in the papers and what obvious reasons there would be. (And have you checked the hundreds of emails you must have gotten by now about that, Bill O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin?)

Jensen and Lakin got some hard core practice in battlefield debate with a veteran Obama protagonist and propagandist loaded for bear. Gotta give him credit, Couric v. Palin can't touch that.


Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper is an ass. However, despite the immense respect that I have for Ltc. Lakin, I believe he and his attorney are partly to blame for the treatment that they received tonight from Cooper. Why? Because far too many citizens who have become familiar with questions relating to BHO's eligibility have been led to believe that the only argument put forth by "Birthers" has to do with WHERE BHO was actually born, i.e., Kenya or Hawaii. In fact, the MSM almost always focuses on BHO's "elusive" Birth Certificate and and are quick to provide inconclusive evidence (citing Factcheck) or showing a picture of the COLB like Anderson did tonight to make it look like anyone who would question Obama's eligiblity is a "kook." In addition, like we saw tonight, journalists like Cooper also incorrectly quote that Hawaiian DOH regulations regarding vital records and often rely on the inconsistent, self-serving public statements that have been made by Hawaiian oficials regarding BHO's birth.

Anyone that has been following the "eligibility" story for some time knows that the MSM, Congress and others have consistently remained silent concerning something much more important than BHO's Birth Certificate. They have remained silent and have refused to discuss the problems that result from BHO's "admitted" dual citizenship at birth, and how this important FACT affects BHO's eligibility for POTUS. (Note: BHO's Father was a British/Kenyan national on a student visa when BHO was born and to be POTUS, you MUST be a "Natural Born Citizen" which means that you MUST be born to 2 U.S. Citizen Parents and also born on U.S. Soil.)

This fact alone, coupled a basic understanding of why our Framers crafted Article II to include the "Natural Born Citizen" requirement for our Commander In Chief would make any person of average or even below average intelligence (most far left liberals) consider the possibility that BHO is not really eligible to serve as POTUS even if it can be conclusively proven that he was, in fact, born in Hawaii as he claims.

This should have been the focus of the Anderson Cooper interview. It's very sad that Ltc. Lakin isn't getting this advice to focus on this issue. Very sad indeed.

Arlen Williams said...

Excellent point, Jean. They do know about this issue, from what I heard of the G. Gordon Liddy interview (downward in I.O.). I think Jensen even tried to lead with it, but got cut off. Jensen came across as the lawyer trying to protect his client, as he is trained. Oh shucks, he wasn't Jerome Corsi -- or Leo Donofrio. ;->

I agree, the main focus on the BC is putting the secondary as primary. It is a BIG MISTAKE to issue the old line, "This could be over tonight, if Obama would reveal his Birth Certificate."

But... maybe it would be over! The joke would be on all concerned, if the BC shows that Frank Marshall Davis is "Pops." ;->

Erica said...

Movie of the Century: Obama as ‘The New Manchurian Candidate’

How many times have you watched a suspenseful movie, and believed that you fully understood the main plot, only to discover a surprise subplot at the end of the movie that proved you wrong? Damn it! Why didn’t I see that subplot coming? With that thought in mind, I would like you to consider the possibility that the falderal surrounding President Obama’s eligibility to serve as President resembles such a movie with a subplot twist.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Lakin and his attorney are also speaking for everyone else that questions BHO's eligiblity.

Therefore, they MUST understand that CNN, MSNBC and even FOX has a long history of not wanting to openly discuss the birth certificate or any other issue related to BHO's eligibility.

For this reason, they BOTH should have KNOWN that they were walking into a hostile environment.

If either Lakin or his attorney took the time to watch ANY of the previous CNN or MSNBC interview (Lou Dobbs, Orly Taitz, etc.) re: the "Birthers," they would have realized that they would NOT be given adequate time to talk, explain the issues or state their case.

They should have anticipated that the same situation would occur with Cooper. Bringing up Obama's DUAL CITIZENSHIP and how that disqualifies him for POTUS could have easily been done in a very short amount of time and should have been the focus.

It's a MORE legitamate argument then WHERE Obama was born and why hasn't he shown his "vault copy" birth certificate.

If anything, it may have caught Cooper off guard and/or prompted more people who were viewing the interview who may have not heard of Obama's "dual citizenship" to perform their own due diligence on what it means to be Natural Born Citizen.

Ltc. Lakin is an honorable man. But he and his attorney were totally unprepared and were chewed up and spit out by Cooper.

As a soldier, Lakin should realize that HE is at WAR with an enemy who's primary objective is to usurp the Constitution and to fundamentally transform our Country.

Therefore, he MUST have a fool proof plan to deal with the ENEMY, and that means that he should have had a better plan for dealing with COOPER.

KNOW your enemy Ltc. Lakin or you will NOT win the war. And then we ALL lose.

James said...

Lakin's lawyer owned Cooper on this one. Cooper made an ass of himself and anyone could see it.

Don said...


Dear Anderson Cooper at:

MGB said...

I agree 100% with JeanWTPUSA, I share your thoughts and concerns. The main focus should be the definition of "natural born citizen" and Obama's "dual citizenship" at birth. Quit focusing on the birth certificate!

Anonymous said...

The Colonel really objects to going to Afghan and is using the POTUS as an excuse. Why doesn't he just quietly go to his court martial with his "evidence"? (LOL)
What he REALLY wants is for YOU to throw millions of dollars at him so he can quit the military and get a talk show. This isn't about Obama's birth certificate; this is about making a fortune from all the hatemongers in the world who despise Obama because he is black. He WAS born in Hawaii and no one has a birth certificate from Kenya. That would solve everything if they had it. They don't, so they are getting all this mileage out of hatemongering becuase it raises MONEY. He will get his book deal and his talk show. That is what this is about. He wouldn't jeopardize his retirement for nothing. He knows this is a sure thing. Hatemongers are throwing money at him. He has role models like Rush Slimeball who makes a fortune bashing the president. Sick people like to listen to hateful things. It makes powerless people feel powerful. I hope he get hard time, but it won't be for long, and his book deal will go thru, etc etc .. You all got sucked in, I didn't. Follow the money, dummies.