Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day 2010, Finding the Authentic in a Day of Distress

"Burying the lead" again today; please keep reading

May Day - May Day. Here are some things that are happening, or have happened, upon this day.

Wiccans, according to their pagan and occult history are celebrating the "Beltane" rites of Spring. Further, it is rumored that upon the evening of May first, Satan worshipers practice initiation rites.

Whatever has or has not happened with this, since, on May 1, 1776, Adam Wieshaupt formed the "Order of Perfectibilists," founding the Illuminati.

Communists and other Marxists are practicing their annual day of demonstration and whatever celebration they can muster.

The cause of open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens is being protested in numerous American cities (I have heard, seventeen). By the way, I am not an authority about the reasons behind the celebration of Cinco de Mayo, but I have been informed that date commemorates an event in Mexican history that is not really, very significant. However, it is interesting to note that May 5, 1818 is the birth date of Karl Marx. Something to look into.

Barack Obama is, as I type, giving a speech which may become notable in Obamalogist history, in which he is selling the idea of changing America from our foundational order. He is decrying the use of words such as "socialists," "Soviets," "fascists," and "right-wing nut" (he inserted a slur against Constitutionalists among actual, academic words used against him, in subtle propagandistic fashion). Have you noticed that Democrat politicos do not use the words "Marxism" and "Communism" when they refer to this -- and that Republican who do, are disciplined by party leaders? More on the use of terms later, I think.

In Obama's address to University of Michigan graduates, he falsely characterized those who seek Constitutional restoration and equal, not social justice as "against government;" obvious agitprop legerdemain.

Wait! Here is this article's "lead." In Washington, D.C., again as I type, there is a massive prayer meeting, "a cry to God in a nation in distress." You may go to in order to investigate this particular event -- and you may go directly to the Bible and to God in prayer, too. And tomorrow, you may even choose to go to a Bible-based church which advocates that Christians obey God by carrying out our full set of responsibilities, including that of "Caesar," as the Sovereign Citizens in this nation established by God. Do you know of any in driving distance? We... we are America's essential "leaders... who must give an account," and who "do not bear the sword for nothing," after all. But it all starts with hearing the Word of God and our prayer in return.

Perhaps the video of this May Day 2010 prayer meeting will remain available after the event, for your perusal and perhaps, participation.

I will also post about (and likely attend) a prayer retreat for America, Wilderness Outcry, scheduled to occur in Missouri, this June 14-18. And I.O. will also refer to yesterday's Glenn Beck episode, archived and streaming, hopefully -- and it's expose' on "The Father of the American Revolution," who doesn't happen to be named Washington, but Adams, and not John, actually, but Samuel Adams. Please watch "and tell your friends."

Investigating Obama after all, is not just about the problem, but also, the solution. For example, last December, on "The Awakening," we featured important information about participation in precinct-level electoral action. There will be more posts to make about the solution, some in I.O.

And I.O. may update this post, one way or another, but has to know when to quit;
the items above are stuff for volumes.

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