Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Obama Files, from Trevor Loudon's New Zeal Blog

UPDATE 5/23/2010 - The Awakening welcomes Trevor back, this Monday 5/24, 9-11pm ET.
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5/20 - Before I.O. was placed on the shelf for a few weeks, we had begun to carry the critically incisive articles of Trevor Loudon, which he posts in the blog, New Zeal. Interviewing this great downunder patriot was a distinct privilege, that via The Awakening, on a September 28th Monday of last year: (listen here now, visitors).

Trevor told us how he tripped across Van Jones and a vast network of Marxist red in the green movement. He explained how the global Marxofascist insurrection does what they do -- especially as they focus upon their prized prey, America -- including working "hand in glove" with radical Islamists. While Obama's Marxist development and his current comrades are the chief subject matter of the interview, Trevor also gives us some very well seasoned advise, still very pertinent, if you'll let him.

One way or another, we look forward to keeping up with Trevor and his work on a regular basis. And of course, New Zeal is listed in the "Obama Insurrection Research" section of the I.O. Sidebar.

You will find many names below, of unfortunate people and their conspiratorial and organizational doings -- including those Mr. Loudon has just recently introduced to the world's defenders of freedom. Just look.

The Obama Files, from New Zeal

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