Monday, May 31, 2010

Sher Zieve, Warning America this Memorial Day's Night, on The Awakening

Sher Zieve has been at the forefront in alerting America to the Marxofascist war being waged against our deepest foundations and our highest principles.
While Ms. Zieve's columns appear on numerous venues, you may wish to see them at

On this holiday, The Awakening begins an hour later than usual: 10pm ET...7pm PT, and lasts one hour.

Listen via widget, or with chat, at its page at Sentinel Radio:
Call in with questions or comments, at (646) 727-2652.

We will discuss the war being waged against us and what our response should be. What do you think we should do about it? Call in and tell us. On this Memorial Day, I would like to share Sentinel Radio's banner message, as a preface to our program:

What did they die for? Those who won your freedom, or defended it, over and over again -- what did they die for?

For you to let this nation be taken from you -- and them -- by usurpers, who despise our individual sovereignty, liberty, and their needful virtues?

Or will you, America, fight for freedom once again?

Learn how, as we may humbly discover, together. Our emergency is here.


BTW, did you notice the thunderstorm, when it was Barack Obama's turn to speak at the Lincoln National Cemetery, today? Rather, we will be hearing the words of Abraham Lincoln himself tonight, from Gettysburg.

PS: Sher blessed me with this video, this afternoon:

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