Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting Alinskyed by Obama? Suggestion for Rush Limbaugh

Not feeling animated enough, this weekend? Here is something to help...

In the comments of the "Open Thread" begun last Monday, was noted the following, if I may be forgiven for quoting myself.
Barack Obama is making dishonest pronouncements and half-truths, and spelling out plans which bring America to more ruin. This, while trying to take advantage of his rhetoric and the very ruin, itself, to build his support base.

He aims to go from one destructive, deceitful measure to another, to another, in the process. He singles out Sean Hannity, then Rush Limbaugh, for triangulation points as he goes, to divide those who should be opposing him and standing up for righteousness. Generating support by means of a hate campaign against such an individual or group is a well known tactic that George Orwell warned about in 1984.

Obama takes advantage of the manipulated attention, even though he loses credibility with many, and has thus far succeeded in building his base.

We need to make sure that none of those we associate with, do the same.
(January 27, 2009 11:18 PM)
Limbaugh related Obama's Alinskyite strategy (Trotskyite, too) in this conversation with Mark Levin.

It is really a coordinated attack, including Obama,, and the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committe, along with whatever other Marxofascist ops. More Americans are sensing that something is not quite right, not quite American about this man and the movement behind him.

So, what should Rush do about it?

I.O. has an idea for you, Rushbo. Not a natural born Citizen, o golden miked one. And that "birth certificate" he flashes was apparently not even good enough to allow Obama ownership of his of his own house.

Rush, everybody: if you are smart enough to want Obama to fail, are you smart enough to get the right information to the public and the courts, to remove this fraud from the fictitious and malevolent "presidency" by which he and his comrades in the media, parties, and government have conned America?

Big tummy, Rush. Got the guts in there?

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Victor said...


By way of supporting your claims with evidence, one might reasonably expect a link to the "dishonest pronouncements and half-truths" you're referring to.

As far as the claim of "generating support by means of a hate campaign against such an individual or group," would that not also apply to calling out someone as an "Alinskyite" or "Trotskyite"? If not, how do these strategies differ?

And finally, as to your claim of the President being a fictitious and malevolent fraud, one would again reasonably ask why no one, after all the time, effort and "full-throated challenges" that have been devoted to uncovering the truth as you perceive it, has been able to advance that argument past the first stage?

Arlen Williams said...

Victor, Obama purporting to be eligible to be president is ostensibly a lie. His saying on inauguration day that he respects our founding documents is a lie. Anything that he has done to shuck the title of Marxist, socialist, or fascist has been diversionary. His real ideology and methodology have been documented, in I.O. and elsewhere.

Victor, as to your second paragraph, the difference is that telling the truth about a malefactor and usurper like Obama is done in love, not hate. Alinsky was a Trotsky-style Marxist. Obama has taught Alinsky methods and has written about the next steps to take, after Alinsky died.

Now, your last question is a very good question, though you should have inserted the word, "yet."

ALL: Posts which raise or prolong argument with I.O. or in favor of Barry Soetoro (his last evidenced name) are time consuming and thus, very likely to be deleted until it is posted otherwise here.

And, you're welcome. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The MSM is controlled lock,stock,and barrel.Rush went to a meeting in DC shortly before this created crisis began[Ordo Ab Chao].And Rush will likely hoot and holler but evade the real issues.It's called controlled opposition.Same thing when one of these CFR dupes talk about the NWO and then clam up for a few months.Easing the idea into the minds of the masses.Plus,with world leaders out in the open the game must go on.The MSM[print,tv,and radio] is sold out.When the crackdown takes plave,you watch how they steer people into Fema Camps.pscan't believe Victor is back.Thought we dissuaded him after exposing his methodology weeks ago.....messenger

Anonymous said...

And Comrade Victor,instead of explaining the differences you requested,and getting ioto a sparring match,I refer you to "Red Symphony" for the precise answer.I could list new reference works,but find it better to go back in time to the origins where the movements and ideologies were exposed contemporaneously with their rise.Also,World Revolution,Secret Societies and Subversive Movements,and Fire in the minds of men.

Anonymous said...

Obama's hysterical outbursts will work against him.

Pelosi's money losing bail-out plan is overwhelmingly unpopular. It's only a matter of time before everyone realizes that Congress is the bigger problem and that Obama is a false healer.

Anonymous said...

As far as the Birth Certificate goes. Everyone is convinced that the Certificate of Live Birth that he posted (even though his sister and Sun Yat Sen have one too) is the Real Deal. The Supreme Court swore him in, so they say he is a "Natural Born Citizen" because his Mom was American. All we can do is hope he gets himself impeached. Or just ride it out for the next 4 years (unless he makes himself a dictator like Hugo Chavez).