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Sam Sewell: Mr. and Mrs. Obama Sr. Visit Kenya in Summer of '61?

Though the simple fact of BHO's U.K. citizenship at birth must constitutionally preclude his presidency, Americans have a "need to know" where he was born. As you know, he refuses to show us real, legal evidence of this, so we are compelled to investigate whether BHO's claim of Hawaiian birth is fraudulent. One kind of investigation seeks hardcore facts. Another gathers intelligence, to provide clues, develop a set of instructive probabilities, and provide a governing narrative of events. I.O. relates an article originally posted by Sam Sewell on his blog, "The Steady Drip."

Do you know how more intel may be gained?

Could you gain it?

By Sam Sewell

Another little tid bit, thanks to Janet at citizenwells

Most intelligence work doesn't require special skills other than a curious mind and the ability to sort through tons of meaningless data to find one nugget.

Obama Sr. and Obama's mom were married in February of 1961. Five months later Obama was born. The article at the link below reports that Ann Dunham visited Seattle and talked about being excited about Obama Sr. going back to Kenya for a visit.

Now, Ann would have been visiting during break from classes at U of HI. Her husband's visit to Kenya would have also been that summer because he was due back to class in the fall. What do you want to bet that Ann went with her husband to visit her in-laws in Kenya and that is where Obama was born in August.?

She and Obama Sr. then returned to Hawaii in time for classes to start and Ann registered Obama's birth in Hawaii. What do you think? "Susan Blake, another high-school classmate, said that during a brief visit in 1961, Dunham was excited about her husband’s plans to return to Kenya."

That also means that they were probably traveling together and it might be useful to check public records (Ports of Entry) to see if there is any record of Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham entering the United States with an infant.

And from back in October:

Written by bhartzer on
document.write(localTime('Oct 23, 2008 22:29 GMT'))
Oct-23-08 6:29pm

According to a report today, Barack Obama, the Senator from Illinois who is seeking to be President of the United States, was born in Kenya.

Someone is lying. According to Obama’s Kenyan (paternal) grandmother, as well as his half-brother and half-sister, Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya, not in Hawaii as the Democratic candidate for president claims. His grandmother bragged that her grandson is about to be President of the United States and is so proud because she was present DURING HIS BIRTH IN KENYA, in the delivery room.

One explanation is that Obama’s mother Ann Dunham, flew to Kenya in 1961 with Obama’s father to meet his family. According to some news reports, Ann Dunham, was not accepted well by her husband’s family because she was white:“Obama’s family did not take to Stanley Ann Dunham Obama very well, because she was white, according to Sarah Obama. Shortly after she arrived in Kenya Stanley Ann decided to return to Hawaii because she later said, she did not like how Muslim men treated their wives in Kenya. However, because she was near term the airline would not let her fly until after the birth of her baby. Obama’s grandmother said the baby—Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.—was born in Kenya and that shortly after he was born, Stanley Ann returned to Hawaii.”

We know how Barack Obama currently feels about his grandmother. Perhaps this is another thing that he is trying to hide from us?

And this:

They say:The video on the right is an interview with Susan Blake, (the video has been removed) one of Stanley's friends form Mercer island, Washington, who recounts the visit from Stanley and Barry in August '61. The question is; what would a mother with a 3 wk old child be doing travelling at that time? Was she traveling on her way back from Kenya via Washington to Honololu? At that time, the international airport in Honolulu was just being built, and Stanley would not have been able to fly directly from Kenya to Honolulu, but only through Seattle.That article did not mention Susan Blake telling us that Stanley was excited about going to Kenya earlier.

It looks like it all converges! If the One thinks that he can conceal the truth forever, he is obviously wrong!


This long article appears to contradict some of my post on The Steady Drip. After reading it I think some of the interviewees simply misunderstood the situation. Interesting none the less.

An I.O. epilogue: From reading the article last linked, it would appear that Stanley Ann sent her postcard from within Washington State, not from Hawaii.

© Sam Sewell

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Loren said...

"According to Obama’s Kenyan (paternal) grandmother, as well as his half-brother and half-sister, Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya, not in Hawaii as the Democratic candidate for president claims."

No one, anywhere, has yet been able to answer this question: where and when did his half-brother and half-sister say this? The claim is always phrased virtually exactly the way you've put it; without names, without dates, without sources, and without quotes. Where did this claim regarding the siblings come from? The earliest source I've seen is Berg's complaint, where he doesn't give any sources or details either.

And where did the grandmother claim come from? Berg made the same claim in his August complaint, but the now-infamous Ron McRae audiotaped interview (where Grandma Obama spends three minutes saying her grandson was born in Hawaii) didn't occur until October, two months after Berg had already claimed the grandmother made such a statement. Berg, nor anyone else, has ever identified what/where/when the grandmother supposedly claimed he was born in Kenya, prior to August.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Berg says he had 1964 divoce documents months ago... here as well... Ed says he was first. ?????????? And now the dough for the P.I. from Friday goes to Pidgeon??? I like Pidgeon,but Ed should take a little vote and give people a gameplan,albeit in general terms,before asking for more money.But it's a free country.There is no need for secrecy as Barry has muchos backing and cover.It either comes out or not.Even a solid case has little chance.But we must fight until the elitists finally admit they've burned the Constitution.All this talk about redress of grievances is nonsense.In the Administrative State we are in the traitors in government know they do not have to even address the issues,let alone act upon them. And none of the lawyers have brought this up with a strategy to battle in courts to bring it to light and restore the Constitution. Study up on it...

Anonymous said...

The Articles of Confederation made the States Sovereign nation-states.The Illuminati knew this,and came up with the Constitution which is brilliant,but contains a hook clause that allowed for centralized power in D.C.,whereby a process of gradualism could be used with passing draconian laws to enslave sovereign people by making them citizens of D.C. instead of free Citizens and Sovereigns.Article 1,Section 8,Clause 17--"Congress shall have power to exercise legislation in all cases whatsoever."This is the same phrase used to define the tyrannical power of King George in the Declaration of Independance. 1861-Go over Lincoln's actions that year and you will find that he destroyed State Sovereignty.Essentially,we degenerated from a Republic to a mob rule democracy.On April 15, 1861,
President Lincoln reconvened Congress under the Executive branch by proclamation (number 1):
"I do hereby, in virtue of the power in me vested by the Constitution, convene both Houses of Congress."

Ceasar (President) is now in full control even over the Senate (Congress).

A Presidential dictatorship has been imposed on U.S. citizens. The sad thing is, "Most American people do not realize it yet."
1868--the 14th Amendment is alleged ratified.The Fourteenth Amendment for all intents and purposes does not exist. On March 28, 1861 Congress adjourned sine die and never has reconvened de jure. You know,prior to this time we were Citizens of a particular State.Afterwards,a citizen of D.C. either born in D.C. or naturalized in the United States.
US citizens (Chattel Property) are belligerents in the field and are
"subject to its jurisdiction"
(Washington DC)

U.S. citizens are 14th Amendment citizens implemented by the Civil Rights Act of 1866 originally established for the newly freed slaves.
That is to say: "Now slaves of the corporate government plantation"

The 14th Amendment
was not ratified.
Utah Supreme Court Cases, Dyett v Turner, (1968) 439 P2d 266, 267; State v Phillips, (1975) 540 P 2d 936; as well as Coleman v. Miller, 307 U.S. 448, 59 S. Ct. 972; 28 Tulane Law Review, 22; 11 South Carolina Law Quarterly 484; Congressional Record, June 13, 1967, pp. 15641-15646)
1871-The corporate government was established.
The corporate government created in 1871 will continue to exist as long as:

"state of war" or "emergency" exists (War on Drugs, War on Poverty, War on Terrorism, War on Iraq, etc.),

the President does not terminate "martial" or "emergency" powers by Executive Order or decree, or

the people do not resist submission and terminate by restoring lawful civil courts, processes and procedures under authority of the "inherent political powers" of the people. 1913-Federal Reserve Act passed establishing the 3rd and final Central Bank in the USA. 1920- The ITA Act suspended the de jure Treasury Dept. and gave it to the Fed.Resrve. 1933- USA bankrupt-actually back in 1930]--turned into a Corporate State. 1946-- APA Act of 1946 was an act of treason that created the Administrative State.It created a new Bill of Rights and a Fourth Branch of government.Being the the Administrative State not sanctioned by the Federal Constitution.This destroyed checks and balances in the USA.Judges became Administrators of laws,not arbiters of truth and a person's rights under the Constitution.FDR knew that to entrust federal agencies with legislative, executive, and judicial powers was also to risk corrupting these powers, and "to develop a fourth branch of government for which there is no sanction in the Constitution."But it was passed nonetheless.

The Administrative Procedure Act authorizes and standardizes the procedures of 55 federal agencies responsible for implementing and enforcing federal laws. A manual for governance, APA requires transparency in agency rulemaking, opportunity for citizen participation, and protection of individual privacy.

Further buttressing the foundation of American civil rights, these among many provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act require that:

Agencies shall "give interested persons an opportunity to participate in the rule making…"

Agencies shall "maintain no record describing how any individual exercises rights guaranteed by the First Amendment unless expressly authorized."

Agencies shall "establish appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to insure the security and confidentiality of records…"

Whenever any agency fails to comply…in such a way as to have an adverse effect on an individual, the individual may bring a civil action against the agency…"

A person compelled to appear in person before an agency or representative thereof is entitled to be accompanied, represented, and advised by counsel…" 1933-War Powers Act of 1933 put us in a perpetual state of National Emergency,as well as changing our judicial system from "common law" to "Maritime Law".The people went from free Sovereign
Citizens to Subjects.

Sam Sewell said...

Anonymous said...

Everyone take action. This was on CitizenWells Blog:
Jacqlyn Smith // January 5, 2009 at 11:36 pm

I hope some of you are listening to Plains Radio tonight. They have a Dr. David Hagen on who has a PHD and he is informing everyone of the Point of Order ….Petitition for redress that can come from not only a Senator or a Representative but also an ordinary citizen can present it to a Senator or Congressman to file on their behalf. WE CAN ALL DO THIS AND STOP OBAMA!!!! He says we can do it all up until March if it takes that long. He says the 20th Amendment in the Constitution gives us that right and everyone needs to visit this amendment. Also…go to his Website to print out your very own copy of the Point of order paperwork. Do it now and get it to your Senator and Congressman before Thursday if possible. This is an unbelievable revelation and Obama will be required to show his documents because the burden of proof is now on him!!! Found out all of this on the Plains Radio Show tonight!

Loren said...

Are the two links a response to my query? I'll assume so.

First off, I would point out that BOTH links relate to the McRae audiotape from October that I already mentioned. So as far as whatever evidence prompted Berg's lawsuit, it's impossible that either of these pieces of 'evidence' could've been it.



The affidavit of a guy who was present for the McRae interview. He rather grossly misrepresents the audio, which you can listen to here. Like I said before, there's three minutes of Grandma Obama saying her grandson was born in Hawaii. You can hear her say "Hawaii" in the background. Shuhubia is sitting in the room, and can even be heard on the tape, but he never objects to the translation.

Shuhubia then claims he traveled to Mombasa and "interviewed personnel at the hospital in which Senator Obama was born in Kenya." He doesn't name the hospital. He doesn't relate any information said personnel supposedly gave him. He just moves on to the next claim...

...that he met with an official Registrar who supposedly confirmed the existence of birth records, but told Shuhubia that Obama's Kenyan birth is "classified" and "top secret." Apparently, not top secret enough to keep a high-level official from casually mentioning it to some guy who dropped by. Note, Shuhubia doesn't name the Registrar either. Shuhubia also claims that the birth records are for a Barack Hussein Obama "III", not "II."


McRae's transcript.

Ron McRae: Uh, was she present when he was, was she present when he was born in Kenya?

Ogombe to Sarah Obama: Alikuma zalima Obama [unintelligible].

Kweli Shuhudia: He is asking her, he wants to know something was ah she present when he was born?

OGOMBE: Yes. She says yes she was. She was present when Obama was born.

MCRAE: Okay, when I come in December. I would like to come by the place, the hospital, where he was born. Could you tell me where he was born? Was he born in Mombasa?

OGOMBE (Grandma's translator): No, Obama was not born in Mombasa. He was born in America.

MCRAE: Whereabouts was he born? I thought he was born in Kenya.

OGOMBE: No, he was born in America, not in Mombasa.

MCRAE: Okay. Do you know whereabouts he was born? Do you know where he was born? I thought he was born in Kenya. I was going to go by and see where he was born.

OGOMBE: Hawaii. Hawaii. Sir, she says he was born in Hawaii.

MCRAE: Okay.

OGOMBE: In the state of Hawaii, where his father was also learning, there. The state of Hawaii.

And it goes on like that. It's funny how Berg and McRae and company all conveniently edit out that latter part.

So I'll ask again: any evidence other than that audiotape?

C. Rich said...

Now this is one site I like. It goes great with the conservertive reconstruction project. Clearly a brotherhood here.

Sam Sewell said...

From my way of looking at it the best evidence that Obama is not qualified to be President is the way he is hiding so much. If he were qualified why would he have anything to hide?

Also, no matter what British law says about a child being illegitimate and thus not a citizen of the Empire,that still does not qualify Obama as a natural born citizen of the US. The illegitimate child of a foreign father is not a "natural born" citizen any more that the legitimate child of a foreign father. The absence of marriage of the parents does not constitute the presence of natural born status.

Obama's potential Presidency will be forever crippled unless he embraces the virtue of full disclosure. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Does anyone honestly believe that if all is revealed that Obama will still be president? Does anyone honestly believe that if all had been revealed before the election that Obama would have won the popular vote? If so, why did he hide so much? And if he hid things to get elected I think that is called election fraud which can be added to the charge of fundraising fraud.

Anonymous said...

What's the basis for your epilogue? Why not Hawaii? Doesn't fit your assumptions?