Sunday, April 19, 2009

Napolitano Telegraphs the Obama Regime's 'Big Lie': about Second Amendment Militias & Oath Keepers?

DHS Secretary and the (evidently ineligible) "Obama administration" had two choices: either back down, or continue toward crackdown. They have, natural to their Marxofascist natures, opted to continue their plans for crackdown.

Be ready for more. Be ready even to consider the unimaginable: the "generated crisis" that Joe Biden (and Colin Powell) so oddly warned about. Be ready for that to be a false flag attack upon Americans, performed by the Obama minions themselves and blamed upon "right wing extremists." That is what it would take (if even that would be successful) to manipulate our military and law enforcement patriots into actions against our own people, who may be forced to defend the Constitution against abrogations of the First, Second, Fourteenth Amendments, etc., standing in the way of the globally controlled society.

Our hope may lie with a combination of the constitutionally mandated free militia movement and an effort underway in our military and law enforcement communities. Enter, Oath Keepers -- who met today, at Lexington Green. Question: are constitutionally sanctioned free militias and Oath Keepers the very targets of Napolitano's big lie tactics? Do usurpers work in the White House? I know of no more significant "militant" threat to this building, global insurrection against free, constitutional America.

I am not guaranteeing a false flag atrocity will happen. I am saying that we do not adequately consider the Obama regime as the Marxofascists they are, unless we consider such an event. That is the track record, for this kind of people -- and it seems strategically necessary, for their twisted game to continue to develop, to fruition. Remember the Reichstag Fire. Remember what the Kuwati professor said (Our next 'Generated Crisis' -- by the Soros/Obama/Pelosi Insurrection?).

Today's report of Napolitano carrying the Obama/DHS plan forward, emphasis and marks in [brackets] by I.O.:
Sunday, April 19, 2009

Napolitano: Veterans are Targets of Right-Wing Extremist Recruiters

Homeland security chief says report could have been written differently, but imperative was to release details on right-wing extremists.

WASHINGTON -- The head of homeland security said Sunday she regrets that some people took offense over a report warning that right-wing extremist groups were trying to recruit disgruntled troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

But Secretary Janet Napolitano added that "a number of groups far too numerous to mention" want to commit domestic terrorism attacks and are looking for new recruits.

She told a cable news network the warning report that went out to American law enforcement agencies was consistent with reports that were issued before.

"Here is the important point. The report is not saying that veterans are extremists. Far from it. What it is saying is returning veterans are targets of right-wing extremist groups that are trying to recruit those to commit violent acts within the country. We want to do all we can to prevent that," she said.

The intelligence assessment released to law enforcement on April 7 claims news of recession, the election of an African American president [calling patriots for a Constitutional America racists] rumors of new gun restrictions and the inability of veterans to reintegrate create fertile ground for radicalizing and recruiting right-wing extremists [Where is the evidence? - a common request of Barry Soetoro]

Of particular interest among radicals is possible recruitment of returning troops with "combat skills and experience" so as to boost their "violent capabilities," the report said. [Evidence? You mean all that "violent capability" expressed during the Tea Party protests that were reportedly under FBI surveillance? Oops, no violence. Notice she says "violent capability" - only the mere capability to be violent - i.e., owning guns constitutionally suitable for a critically important constitutional militia to carry.]

It added that new restrictions on gun ownership and the difficulty of veterans to reintegrate into their communities "could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks." [Translation: if we support the letter and spirit of the 2nd Amendment vs. authoritarianism including confiscation of our arms, we are this regime's enemy.]

On Thursday, Napolitano apologized for some of the wording in the report, after civil liberties officials at the Homeland Security Department said the report was issued without a change in some of the language that had been subject for dispute.

"To the extent veterans read it as an accusation ... an apology is owed," Napolitano said during an on-air interview on FOX News Thursday. "This was an assessment, not an accusation." [They are after the minds and hearts of the military and law enforcement community, after all.]

But American Legion National Commander David Rehbein, who is to meet with Napolitano on Friday, told FOX News on Sunday the evidence suggests that troops are more likely to be first responders than extremists during an attack on the homeland. He added that he is less concerned about the apology than about the way the department reached its conclusions. [Translation: What are you trying to pull?]

"I'm hoping we can talk about the methods the department used as they begin to continue their job of assuring hoped secured and they have a big job, an important job and we need to make sure they are really going about it in the right way, so they can be most effective," he said. [Translation: This regime is under scrutiny, by those sworn to uphold the United States Constitution.]

"Trying to monitor a group of several million veterans, is frankly going to cost them a lot of time and resources, they don't have, that they could better spend monitoring already identified groups," Rehbein said. [Translation: Why surveil law abiding, patriotic citizens? What about the real terrorists? No, really, why?]

Napolitano said that in retrospect anything in the report could have been written differently, but "a fair reading of the report" would show that it is not trying to "give offense" but providing "situational awareness." [The propaganda campaign aimed at turning especially America's military and law enforcement community against defending the Constitution will continue.]
Anyone should know that a Marxist or fascist regime's propaganda campaign is strategically designed to support its outrageous actions against the freedom of The People - or in the infamous words of Biden, Sunday 10/19/2008, things that make us go "Whoa!"

Obama's trend toward an authoritarian state will be discussed further on "The Awakening," Monday, 9pm ET (and archived) with special guest John Ziegler, who suffered police state tactics at the University of Southern California, during the 4/15 Walter Cronkite award to Katie Couric for her treatment of Sarah Palin. Also, Gary Kreep, eligibility lawyer for Alan Keyes, announcing progress in their challenge of Barry Soetoro, a.k.a., Barack Obama.


Gort said...

Question: are constitutionally sanctioned free militias and Oath Keepers the very targets of Napolitano's big lie tactics? Do usurpers work in the White House? _______________________________________________________________________Answer: Yes,for both.The former was included in the Red-Blue List in the Clintonista era.There's a plethora of documentation that the false flag events of the 1990s were government psyops to demonize patriots and militias.The latter-Oath Keepers,and all patriotic individuals in the military,are a growing threat to the Illuminati, and their Marsist minions,so they were simply added to the list.As explained in the past,this is all out in the open for a reason.The government never truly apologizes,but backs down a bit when the public outcry is great enough to warrant public statements to reeducate the public as to what they are supposed to have gleaned and comprehended from the exposed reports.The boldness of the promised "generated crisis" in their occult worldview is called the "must be" phase of the last steps toward a Fascist New World Order.Much more could be said on this article,but that's it in a nutshell....m see other comments in the past few articles or in the open thread for a further explanation,if interested.p.s. the first WTC had the FBI exposed as providing the bomb to the "terrorists" and then allowing the attack.Weaver was set-up.Waco was a massacre.The OKC bombing reeks of false flag ops.Early msm reports noted multiple explosions.The picture of the government agent with the rose behind his back telegraphed a Rosicrucian participation to the insiders.9-11 was the big Reichstag event that allowed the Hitler parallel Enabling Acts also known as PATRIOT ACTS 1 and 2.That instilled fear in the group mind of the entire world,and nary a peep of protest at the greatest loss of liberty in the shortest span of time for free people across the globe.

Aristotle The Hun said...

Oath of Allegiance does not expire!

Many people have asked me why I keep up this blog and keep up the fight against the government.

The government is conspiring against the citizens. The citizens have pitchforks, torches, tea bags, tea parties, Grand Juries and the Constitution. The government doesn't stand a chance!

"Conservatives are enemies of the government. Liberals are enemies of the nation because they are not enemies of the government."
Aristotle the Hun

The tour of duty may expire but not the Oath of Allegiance

I, Samuel O. Sewell, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

Please note that not all enemies of the Nation and Constitution are foreign.

Gort said...

I second that Sam.And it is hard for decent people to accept that some of their worst enemies are domestic,employed by the people,and have no allegiance to this or any nation.Many of them admit their devotion to Supranationalism and an abiding determination to overthrow the governments from which they draw their paychecks.They even admit taking orders from Zbig,Henry,George and other globalists.

daddynoz said...

In an effort to not waste our tax dollars, perhaps the current administration could provide a method by which we could submit our names to be considered "questionable" per their opinion.


Pieter Nosworthy

DHS, FBI, etc. by all means feel free to monitor, call, write, or come by place of employment or residence to ensure I am not a "threat" to our Republic. Oh, call first, so as not to miss me, because I might be in Iraq or elsewhere defending our Nation.

Arlen Williams said...

But the point is, daddy, we are are a threat to this regime --- specifically because it is they who are destroying the republic and we are in their way.

Anonymous said...

Steve Quayle posted this today--- ORANGE ALERT: To all those who have taken an oath to defend the U.S. against all enemies foreign and domestic - BE ADVISED of the following:

Over the next 6 months, law enforcement and the military will be given unlawful and illegal orders to round up and purge all dissidents against the New World Order crowd. The purge is the systematic liquidation of all those identified as a threat against the Globalist Plan. Furthermore, all TEA Party participants have been filmed and their license plate information taken by all FBI Special Agents in charge at all the rallies. Consider the ramifications... Since coming to office, the current regime has devoted massive amounts of money and Federal Spy Agency assets to identifying gun owners and those in the military who still love this Country and take their oath seriously. All former combat Veterans, Special Forces, Green Berets, Delta, and Spec operations personnel must absolutely change your physical location and TELL NO ONE! With DHS having validated the Seek and Destroy Lists, their plans are now being set in motion! Does it not make you furious that men and women in the Armed Forces who have fought all these years for the principles that the Constitutional Republic ONCE Stood for, are now deemed terrorists by the DHS along with Constitutionalists, Christians, gun owners and those who speak out against the foreign destruction of America's economy. Domestic security is now defined as "quell all first amendment rights. Period!" Whether false flag or intentional acts of globalist terror incidents, the events will be orchestrated to blame the "DHS hit list people". Whether you know it or not, by painting conservatives and people who are against the New World Order with such a "terroristic civil rights violating hit piece" you have not only been vilified but have been targeted for extermination. Anyone who would follow orders to take your guns away will not hesitate to BLOW YOU AWAY. History has proven this time and time again! The Psalmist wrote "If the foundations be destroyed what shall the righteous do?" Our only Hope is to repent and cry out to the Living God and seek his personal direction and guidance. While we can not stop the hand of Divine Judgment, we can know our God and do exploits! Write your Senators and Congressmen and women — scream at the top of your lungs, write editorials; do all that you can do legally. But remember, very soon when they initiate their attacks, you will have no one to blame except yourselves while there is still a whisper of time to make a difference for Righteousness Sake.

Anonymous said...

Yes.The targets are all of us,and the military is being singled out now because the generated crisis is near.The Tea Parties were a good way to colloect data as well.

Arlen Williams said...

As to the Steve Quale report:It is a series of allegations of hidden knowledge, labeled as certainties, without citing references and without qualification.
Those are signs of a charlatan behavior, frankly.

That is the kind of rumor mongering that gives Internet reporting a bad name.

Anonymous said...

I disagree on the Quayle report.There's a convergence of evidence that points to that story being true.It doesn't have to be grounds for heading for the hills.But this isn't a report from an anonymous blogger spreading fear or rumors.He's been around for 20 years.The other people confirming the information are credible as well.Take it for what you will,but there is a slew of government documents for the preparation of what is so to take place in the USA.The unease one feels is when there are dates given.Usually I would discount the information at that point.But all signs indicate the police state forming now will be a reality this year with martial law and civil unrest,not only here but across the globe.No point in warning people after the fact.

Anonymous said...

Quayle will be on Nat.Intell Report on Thursday at 4:00pm.John doesn't like rumors so it should be a good interview.Evenson will report on this next Saturday as well. Both shows on RBN- I'm not a follower of Quayle.But I do know what is coming from the information that has been documented in government reports,and by what is taking place that confirms leaked information last year that has so far been right on target.Dates are a tough call for any researcher to share,because we never know what twists and turns the Globalists will take.But time is running out.To dismiss this type of information because there are goofy bloggers and fearmongers is a mistake.Just as dismissing a global conspiracy for world government is folly.The documents of those plans have been revealed for years and people still turn a blind eye to the truth.That's the goal of propaganda from a tyrannical regime in the first place.To get people dumbed down to the point that they need confessions from the traiors themselves before believing anything.When that happens it os too late to break free of the shackles.Even when we do document what is taking place there will be those that will reinterpret the information and believe the msm.I,personally disagree with Quayle's eschatology,but he is not a charlatan.

Anonymous said...

They are all traitors in D.C.The lies get bigger and bigger.The newspapers are going out of business for repeating the politician's lies,and they don't care.Cable news plays the same left-right game and is one big propaganda machine.The report by Steve Quayle doesn't shocke me.The military contacts are not going to get "suicided" by giving out their names to get a few more people to believe the takeover of the U.S.A. is real and is near.In the 1990s the military were given a questionaire if they would fire on U.S. citizens of martial law were declared.This takeover is not breaking news.It's just hard to believe for those just awakening after Obama came on the scene.

Anonymous said...

Yes,and it doesn't need to be hidden anymore.The Marxists have their shills like Hannity,Cooper,Beck,and others to laugh off conspiracies.

Anonymous said...

The information in this article and Quayle's alert have been confirmed.Some are listed by Jones in the video,others I know of are Evenson,Nicoloff,McLamb,Deagle,and some lesser known persons.

Anonymous said...

Dr.Steve Pieczenik was on Quayle's shoqw yesterday and today.Check out his resume.He backs up the report.But the Hamas deal is not a complete scenario.NATO and UN forces are part of this takeover.