Sunday, September 27, 2009

Orly Taitz Watch, '...'Eligibility' Movement Members Breaking Ties...'

As reported in Orange County, California's, OC Weekly, excerpts and a click-thru, provided -- sometimes even conventional media get it pretty straight. Then again, when the news is as bad as this is, why would they need to make things up?

It starts by addressing Lucas Smith, purported Kenyan birth certificates, and the alleged suborning of perjury on the part of Orly Taitz, DDS.
Anti-Obama 'Eligibility' Movement Members Breaking Ties With Laguna Niguel Birther Orly Taitz
By Spencer Kornhaber
Published on September 23, 2009 at 11:43am

Birther Defects
Members of the anti-Obama ‘eligibility’ movement are breaking their ties with Laguna Niguel attorney Orly Taitz

John Gilhooley picture, captioned, "Orly Taitz: Big birther"

In a Santa Ana federal courtroom on Sept. 8, Dr. Orly Taitz had a clear message for Judge David O. Carter: Lucas Smith, a witness whom she had brought from the Dominican Republic that morning, had to testify that day—before it was too late.

“The biggest issue we have today is that evidence is disappearing,” said the Laguna Niguel dentist, lawyer and real-estate agent who is attempting to sue President Barack Obama out of office. “We have a number of parties that had evidence, that had knowledge that might be detrimental to the defense, that were found dead. . . . We have the most important, the most crucial witness. We have to be able to work something that they [the U.S. attorney representing Obama] can hear what he says, that you can hear what he says, that there is a record of it. . . . If, God forbid, something happens to this witness, at least we will have his testimony here.”

Carter didn’t oblige. After all, Taitz’s lawsuit against Obama hadn’t even reached the discovery stage, and the defense had been given no notice that she planned to call a witness that day. But Taitz ended up being right about one thing: Smith, who says he obtained Obama’s original birth certificate in Kenya, likely won’t get another chance to testify in Santa Ana. A week after the hearing, he says he has cut ties with Taitz because she asked him to lie under oath, making him the latest in a string of “birthers” to publicly criticize the woman who has become the face of the movement.

“I finally told her to forget it, we’ll part ways,” Smith told the Weekly on Sept. 16. “I definitely do not want anything to do with this dentist/wannabe movie star.”

After going on about Smith, it addresses Larry Sinclair and once again, an alleged suborning of perjury.
He flew to Orange County from Florida, but the night before the hearing, Sinclair says, Taitz told him to testify he knew about three people who had been killed by Obama—a charge that Sinclair says isn’t true. The next day, he told her he wouldn’t testify and would be flying home.
Then, the topic becomes the Orly Taitz problems of Cpt. Connie Rhodes
On the same day, Rhodes sent a letter to the court saying she had not authorized Taitz to fight Lands’ ruling and that she would be filing a California State Bar complaint against Taitz.
I.O. still knows of no refutation of the apparent letter/fax from Cpt. Rhodes to Judge Lands regarding misbehavior on the part of Taitz. The investigations and analysis of Larry Sinclair and net-radio's "MommaE," addressing oddities about this missive were apt, but as MommaE soon related, such evidence was not conclusive.

This article ends thusly.
Taitz wouldn’t speak to the Weekly for this story, other than to say that everything Smith had said was a lie—except the part about obtaining the Kenyan birth certificate. On her blog, though, she has lashed out at her detractors in the mainstream media, the judiciary and the birther movement. “Please don’t listen to vicious rumors,” she wrote on Sept. 16. “I am getting close to removing the usurper.”
But, the story goes on. The Judge in Charles Kerchner's suit (Mario Apuzzo, attorney) is stalling, but the Orly Taitz story goes on. And Gary Kreep, Markham Robinson, and Wiley Drake have to cope, trying to steer the boat of Barnett, et. al. v. Obama against Tatiz' sails. And again, I.O. points out that traditionally, Marxist revolutions have their strategic plants in the opposition's camp.

Investigating Obama calls, once again, for information from those who have kept tabs on the Orly Taitz details, over the last year or so, especially for anyone with legal training. If you have done some logging, or can do so, especially with an eye to her management or mismanagement of cases, please email:

And for further hard news and commentary, as always, one may review the Usurper roll in I.O's sidebar. There is indeed more news, including that Taitz has apparently been compelled to admit she is now persona non grata with Cpt. Rhodes. That is pretty ex post facto, it would seem. The work has already been done in that case -- and in the career of Connie Rhodes.
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