Monday, September 14, 2009

Alert/Update - Have You Been Asked to do Something Wrong, by Orly Taitz?

Alert/Update 9/14/2009 ~ Compatriot, if everything goes right, tomorrow, I will be able to give you more, about why I am asking you this question. Do look in. It will be very important. But if you or someone you know of has been asked by Orly Taitz to do something illegal or significantly unethical, about matters pertinent to her work on (or against) the Obama eligibility challenges, please let me know:
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Original posting, as of 9/11/2009 ~ Orly Taitz Watch: Saboteur?

On Friday, August 14, I.O. called for help by those who would like to investigate and report the apparent "mistakes" in the eligibility challenges, of Orly Taitz. Also, her media-grabbing... buffoonery, would you say? And what of her other tricks, such as releasing private information over the Internet? Also in light of these, what of her instances of apparently shunning professional, volunteer help, from others? Some relevant comments and attestations were posted. You may read them:

Also, some emails were sent me. I confess, I have not afforded the time to do a professional job of collating the stories and of investigating and reporting. An entire book could be written, after all. So, at this point, I have felt inadequate to prepare a journalistic essay on The Mysteries of Orly. What I suggest at this point, is to peruse the "comments" entries to that article.

Circumstances call for a question to be asked. Is Orly Taitz involved in sabotage?

One ponders how an agent saboteur could do just what Orly Taitz has done, to be there "first with the worst" -- to become the straw man "challenger," for Barack Obama.

Who would like to document the problems of Orly Taitz with me, since I do not have the time, by myself? ("Investigating Obama" is not easy on the schedule, after all.) If I find someone who could do this, I could help you, significantly.

Meanwhile, to paraphrase the ol' Hollies...
Hey Orly Taitz,
What's your game now?
Can anybody play?
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And has she really been granted expedited discovery in California, this week? Would Gary Kreep not also be reporting this, if so? And was Taitz really granted the opportunity to present before the court today, in Georgia? If so, why her?

And if Orly Taitz makes "mistakes" which cause discoveries or presentments to be dismissed, nullified, or otherwise decided against, what does that do, to the cause of constitutional justice?

UPDATE 9/12 -
Reading even the first comment below leads me to apologize for not making this clear enough. So, let me try again. Orly Taitz has a track record of getting in front of other lawyers in her rush to get to court, whether the action is civil, or military, and the same rush to be there before others appears to me to have been exhibited in the case of citizens' grand juries. That gives her a key role. She apparently tries to get there first. She sets precedent. Therefore, when she makes a "mistake" which affects a court decision, that tends to create obstacles for the entire movement which seeks constitutional justice in America, especially in the case of Barack Obama's apparent failure to demonstrate eligibility for the office of Commander in Chief as per Article 2.

Likewise, when Orly Taitz gains media attention which invites ridicule, especially by the Alinsky-types on the Obama side of the political tracks, effectively for what is she an agent?

Whether for filing in the wrong state,
drafting her papers incorrectly, issuing phony subpoenas, presenting phony evidence, failing to abide by court procedures, releasing people's social security numbers, "tipping the hand" of potential lines of investigation, discrediting other attorneys, etc., the excuse of zeal and inexperience has worn way too thin. What is really going on -- and for what purpose?

"...question with boldness..."


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't Orly be a much better ally of Obama if she did nothing at all? It isn't like there are hundreds of lawyers trying to do what she does. Even if there were, she isn't stopping anyone else from representing plaintiffs.

Christinewjc said...

Went back to your original post on this matter and read all of the comments. There were a lot more than the last time I checked. It is hard to tell how many people doubt Orly Taitz due to all of the anonymous postings.

I'm not a lawyer, but I read many of the postings of those who are lawyers (or, are more knowledgeable than I about court proceedings). When I read Phil's On the Right Side of Life blog explanation of Judge Carter sending that lawsuit back to the previous judge - my heart sank. It has been concluded by some that the lawsuit will go no further and eventually be dismissed - like all the rest.

I am thinking that it would be better to go the route of a lawsuit because of the election fraud due to the two different documents signed by the DNC and Pelosi - one having eliminated the sentence that includes (paraphrased here) "according to the U.S. Constitution." This has been discussed at RepubX and at WorldNetDaily.

Could that be a stronger kind of case to pursue?

In an article posted at Gary Kreep's site the following portion REALLY bothered me:

The plaintiffs had asked Carter to remove Judge Nakazato from the case, arguing that his ruling against them violated Judge Carter’s earlier verbal pledge that the case would be allowed to proceed on its merits “without undue regard to technicalities.”

Carter said his earlier comment did not intend to suggest that the plaintiffs’ legal counsel would be given “a carte blanche” to disregard rules that attorneys must follow in California courts.

IMO - someone may have "negatively influenced" (to put it lightly) Judge Carter. His last comment just doesn't sound like the same person who formerly stated that he would not allow delay tactics and the usual "you don't have standing" excuse to prevent discovery in the case. Now it seems that this case - which many thought may have had potential - will end up going nowhere...just like all the others.

Fellow patriot Christians have been warning me that ALL of the Obama ineligibility lawsuits will end up going nowhere. They are turning out to be correct. The "powers that be" will see to it.

Perhaps the association of Obama with ACORN will be his downfall? I hope so. I just cannot believe all of the corruption that Obama has been allowed to get away with! Watergate pales in comparison!

In the same way that O.J. Simpson got away with murder, but ended up in jail for the debacle that he was convicted on in Las Vegas - perhaps a different incident might end up being Obama's downfall. Whatever works to get him out of office is fine with me!!

Christinewjc said...


Maybe so. But then she would not have been in position to be able to sabotage this case:

Former Southern Baptist Convention officer Wiley Drake’s lawsuit challenging President Obama’s election may get its day in court.
According to Judge Carter’s Sept. 8 order, Taitz refused to sign the substitution-of-attorney documents and filed a notice of voluntary dismissal on behalf of Drake and Robinson. After U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Nakazato granted the dismissal Aug. 6, Drake and Robinson claimed they did not give consent to the voluntary dismissal and Taitz had filed it against their wishes. Carter said Taitz acted improperly because “a client has the right to fire a lawyer at any time, with or without cause.”

Carter said requiring Drake and Robinson to file a new case that would end up being consolidated with the one already before the court “would cause significant and needless delay.”


If Orly is a "plant" and being used as a distraction - then the other plaintiffs might also be dismissed by the courts (and some of the public) as "kooks." Isn't that one of the Alinsky Rules for Radicals tactics?

I hope that I am wrong about Taitz. But the evidence is now piling up against her - IMHO - and she suspiciously appears to not really be on the side of all the American patriots who desperately want to get any of Obama's ineligibility cases to the discovery phase.

Anonymous said...

I am one of those Lawyers who tried to assist Orly with Legal Research and drafting of Legal Briefs.

I have known Orly for a long time and her intentions were good, but you know what they say about the Road to Perdition.

Orly has become a Tool of the Obama campaign. I don't think she has any awareness of the fact that she is being used and abused by Obama psyop agents. Out of respect for Orly, I will not go into the deep seated psychological reasons why Orly fell prey to Obama's psyop agents, but as most of you know Orly grew up in an extraordinarily abusive environment in the USSR. Ironically, Orly is very much like Obama, both were abused children.

With regret, I must say that Orly's demise is a good thing for Our Patriotic Cause. Now, the support of all those Patriots who have been mislead by Orly can turn to Legitimate Lawyers with Legitimate Cases to pursue.

Leo the Lawyer said...

Orly is a brilliant woman who has done much to publicize the Eligibility Issue.

It is unfortunate that her efforts have not been successful, but there are many other Lawyers who have viable cases and I have Faith that we Patriots will prevail.

Mairi said...

I have had suspicions about Orly for quite a while now. Initially, I had offered help and support to Berg. Along came Andy Martin and began the process of watching these men each try to be "The One" who took the "Other One" down in the history books. I wrote a scathing e-mail to Andy Martin. Too many people have been working too long and too hard to see inside fighting for a spot in history. Who really cares about then? Our problem is NOW!
Orly was just gaining prominence at the time. I had suggested, along with MANY others, that she and Berg work together. We all saw where that one went. How much uglier could things have gotten around that time? Off went my scathing e-mail to Berg. The fight between Orly and Berg has, IMHO, sent many crusaders packing. Still, however, I think for the most part, everyone was hoping that the more prominent players would settle their petty infighting, and resolve to just get the necessary work accomplished.
Mario Apuzzo's case was on the move, as were other cases. I suggested to others, that someone should convince Orly to work with the others and do what she seems to do best, while letting others handle the addresses to the public at large. Let's face it, Orly is a huge JOKE when she attempts to do appearances. She cannot seem to handle the stress, and she comes off largely like a "whacko". Sorry, Orly, but it is true! You need to stay away from the cameras. You allow others to destroy your train of thought, and usually come off looking like the "tin foil" hat brigade member the lefties believe we "birthers" are.
I suspect Orly for probably different reasons than others. I think all the adulation has gone to her head. I think she wants to be "The One" over "That One". I think all else has blinded her good intentions, and her reasoning process. How sad. It seems that like others before her, she has placed the work at hand in jeopardy, just to hog a spot in the limelight. None of this is going to help complete the business facing the rest of us.
At the moment, I am praying for Orly to succeed, and I am grateful for her tenacity, but my money is on Mario. Despite the case he is working so diligently on, he avoids getting caught up in the adulation and that whole ugly "press" thing that seems to have robbed others of their good intentions.
I am not as interested in the "Who" of removing Barack, as I am in the "WHEN"? Folks, plain and simple.....this should NEVER have gone on this long!

Leo the Lawyer said...

FOCUS on that which is RELEVANT:

Mary Ann said...

You all miss the most important fact about Dr. Taitz--she is a DENTIST who is also trying to practice law. She is a brilliant woman, who can demonize her resolve? However, most likely she practices dentistry better than she practices law.

No, I'm not on the "let's get Orly" train. I'm saying there is not a conspiracy behind every rock.

Some have mentioned some negativity coming from Judge Carter. Not so. In federal courts, the magistrates usually handles the routine stuff (discovery disputes, etc.), while the District Court Judge handles the hearings and trial.

Someone made the observation above that Orly is a lot like Obama, with abusive childhoods. That is not the only thing they have in common--each of them has an ego the size of Texas. Neither of them likes to admit they made a mistake. Both should know better.

Anonymous said...


You speak about prayer. Why don't you prayer that something positive will happen and it will be ruled that Lucas Smith proposed birth certified is genuine document under FRE 901?

Everything can work towards good for the benefit of God.

Sometimes I think you, Berg and other attorneys are mad that you are not getting the plaintiffs and publicity in trying to crack this thing.

One case is not going to do it. It is going to take a collective effort to inform the American public to revolt against this unconstitutional republic (both republican, democrat and independent) who rigged the elections and had two constitutionally ineligible candidates (Obama and McCain) run for office.

It is bigger than Obama. Somebody is pulling the strings to destroy our constitutional republic.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the DNC certificate issue and omitting the verbiage about Obama being qualified under the U.S. Constitution, that point is covered by the Kerchner et als vs. Obama and Congress et als lawsuit. See pages 19 & 20 and in particular, paragraphs 89-91 in the 2nd Amended Complaint of the Kerchner v Obama case. Pelosi is personally named in the lawsuit for her complicity in the fraud. It may be a good time for those following the Obama eligibility issue to re-read the Kerchner vs Obama complaint filed in January 2009 and the set of 12 charges and counts in that case. The 12 counts start on page 37 and the Prayer for Relief starting on page 69. You can read it at

Anonymous said...

kerchner's case is going nowhere very slowly, orly's cases are going nowhere fast.

Mary Ann is right, both orly and obama are NARCISSISTS, in their DELUSIONAL minds all of this is just about them.

Anonymous said...

I agree it doesn't do any good to file something with a court if it is not factual or revelant. The kenyan birth certificate looks real enough but if it is not authenticated before it is filed with the court I would agree orly is playing America for a sucker. I also believe if it is real and can be documented as real it would help expose obama as a fraud. I don't think the superme court would ever hear any case about obama concerning a kenyan birth certificate. A majaor scandal involving obama and national security etc would force the democrats to possibly impeach him. If it was bad enough I think he could be tried by the senate and removed. I don't see obama leavinf except for a future scandal. Time is of the essence with obama. I believe he is moving with haste to position himself to seize power and become a dictator simimlar to what hitler did in the 30's. I too have one eye on orly. She seems a little to strange for me to believe everything is tried and true with her.

Arlen Williams said...

Per FOCUS on that which is RELEVANT

Thank you, relevant as in questioning whether someone who has a track record of sewing chaos is serving as a spoiler of eligibility challenges and a point of ridicule for the entire movement seeking constitutional justice regarding Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

Your credibility is demeaned significantly when you encourage divisiveness....and what would you plan to do with the information you are seeking about mistakes that Orly is making? Would you be willing to weigh it against the positive inroads she is making? Only those who feel inadequate point to the mistakes of those who are on the playing field and winning! Judy Whelan

Anonymous said...

Enemy flak is heaviest over the target. Taitz is getting heavy flak. She must be over the target.

Arlen Williams said...

And do you care about what she is doing, while there?

Arlen Williams said...

On The Awakening, 9-11pm ET tonight:

In addition to our discussion on the conspiracies to hide Obama's state of birth, with Joan Swirsky and J.B. Williams, we will be discussing Orly Taitz.

Feel free to call in. The call in number: (646) 727-2652

Arlen Williams said...

We probably won't get to Orly Taitz until the second hour, but it is likely that it will be natural for the conversation to include matters about her efforts and accomplishments to date.

Gort said...

Orly was chosen by the elites for this con. crisis.She is playing a role.And each passing week it plays out without shocking me in the slightest.I have no concrete proof.What I do have is knowledge of the MO and history of the Globalists that operate under many guises and monlikers.I'm not a defeatists,but know this all has been well stage-managed and controlled from the outset.While we claim small victories in the discovery of the truth,the NWO plan goes full bore towards US destruction and global war,and soon.The message as always is to prepare people.National repentance is truly the only answer folks.Yet that isn't happening.Glad you see though Orly.Take the hits from naysayers.Arlen,she is a NWO shill.

Gort said...

Greg Evenson got confirmation on RFID vacc bracelets from a med specialist in Milwaukee witnessing a semi-truck of them being unloaded at ahospital.In the Orly case with Land it should be noted how he queried the Plaintiff with loaded questions on how she would would've acted with Bush or McCain,thus setting the stage Wednesday for dismissal of temp rest.order.Lack of standing and so on,as well as seeding the racist inference into the record.Leo is on the eligbility docs.He asks the reverse question of why the "legally qualified" was inserted for Hawaii.The answer is that this con crisis was planned.Same with the outcome of these lawsuits.There is no real BC.Meanwhile,race wars,revolution,forced vaccs,and global war are on the horizon.My answer as always is PREPARE!People get offended that there can be no restoration of the Republic at this juncture,but it is the truth.Ironic how these revealing bits of truth come to researchers anonymously.

Gort said...

WAnt to understand Orly and the MSM and lying government that is rotten to the core? Reverse what they are saying.When you listen to Orly you will arrive at the truth by doing that easily.I was surprised that Carl bought the expedited discovery line from Orly on the first day.She always reverses what the judges tell her and rule on.And when and if it does come it will pervert justice.To date,I haven't heard her list the NBC issue as a distinct "count".And she refused Pidgeon's help which should've told everyone she exposed herself as a shill.She asked for help for months and he publicly offered it a month or so ago,and she replied that it was a rumor on her blog,and bigfoot Hale said she only wanted half of the $10K raised for lawsuits several months ago.

Anonymous said...

Orly is a trojan horse.But most people do not understand how agenturs are very likeable and patriotic on the surface.This is going on cue as noted here months ago.Barry is in bed with the communist UN- In Violation of the Constitution: Obama Takes On Chairmanship of UN Security Council Now go read UNnatural Born Citizen Killer in the open thread

Anonymous said...

Larry Sinclair was royally pissed at what she tried with him.He recounted it on his blog....m

Anonymous said...

Dr Orly Taitz is the greatest patriot in USA. In comparison, you are a scumbag. You are an idiot of the worst kind. Jealousy this is all it is. Your ego is as big as usurper Obama. Too bad, cause I listen to your show tonight for the first time and I thought it was great. But at the end, when you started spitting you hatred on Dr Orly Taitz, I was shocked. You are really despicable and disgusting. Orly is about to get you rid of Obama... she is almost there. WTF is your problem you sicko bastard? I wish America gets rid of that Usurper, but just for you I hope you get stuck with him. You make me puke. Idiot!
Never again will I listen to your program. You should be banned for ever on Internet you stupid asshole. You fooled me in the beginning... but I got to see who you really are... you are trash. I will make sure everyone I know will know who you really are.. No wonder your country is in such a mess with treasonous people like you. Get a life and do not do talkradio show anymore, you do more harm then good. I could see at the end that all your guests were against you. You were to stupid to notice. Get the hell off Internet spitting your venom. Yark! You are the enemy within.... the worst kind of enemy that USA can have is people like you. Go to hell and rot there. Never seen such a mean spirit than you. Get some help, you are mentally sick.

Arlen Williams said...

My apologies to anyone offended by the language above. I tend to delete obscene posts, but I want to keep that there, for the record.

That's interesting. What is "Yark?"

I'm getting numerous definitions:

Is it a variant of "yerk?"

If not, look at all these other definitions from which to choose (warning, crude subject matter). Who can know?

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Orly Taitz! She has gotten farther than anyone to expose obama, she is aggresive and her motives are pure. We all know who the accuser is. Unity will get this job done. The only reason obama is in there now is because of a divided backing, we could have had McCain,Romney,Guliani but the people would not unite! Back and support each attorney that is fighting to expose obama. I do not want to have anything to do with Arlen Williams if you hang with trash you'll start stinkin!!!

Anonymous said...

My apologies to anyone offended by the language above. I tend to delete obscene posts, but I want to keep that there, for the record.

Yes, like Rep. Wilson's remark in chamber - distasteful but true!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, you are right. Unlike some others who have explored this issue, Orly has been grasping at every possible conspiracy and bogus document, even some, like Lucas' that is an obvious fake (even WND called it one) and with a history of fraud like Lucas.

Unfortunately, so many people are hoping for change, they are buying every word she says. She will bring the entire ship down.

At what point does wishful thinking become a self-destructive lie?