Monday, October 19, 2009

Lord Monckton's Blogger, plus MissTickly - 2 Bombshells on The Awakening (Archived from Monday 10/19, 9-11pm ET)

Live, Monday evening and still available, via archive -- click the widget below, or go to: the "Awakening" page to listen and chat, here.


WALTER HUDSON is the blogger who witnessed, recorded, and broke the news of LORD MONCKTON's siren call for our paramount American Sovereignties, under attack by the "Climate Change Treaty." We will listen to Mr. Hudson and to Lord Monckton's brief conclusion, hour-1.

Then, MissTICKLY may have found evidence tending to indicate that
(please take a deep breath) Barack Obama is the son of cousins, Stanley Ann Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis -- and Hawaiian royalty -- perhaps heir to the Hawaiian throne. If true, this would imply criminal fraud by Obama.

Don't miss these two hours. You may wish to prepare first, by reading Hudson's posting in Sentinel Radio Blog and Mr. Hudson's own Fightin' Words. The video of Monckton's messege is at these sites, too.

MissTickly, a.k.a. TerriK continues to break the news of her Hawaiian documents investigation in her blog as she did in last week's "Awakening" broadcast. The prior week, Leo Donofrio told us about his own, related, Hawaiian investigation.

Monday, 10/19/2009, 9-11pm ET,,, 6-8pm PT.
Listen via the widget, or Sentinel Radio's blogtalkradio site. There may or may not be time for questions.

The conclusion of Lord Monckton's Bethel University presentation:


Story Reports said...

Video of Frank Marshall Davis

He has got the same facial features as he son "barack hussin obama"

Obama mentor and "father" instilled racism in the young turk obama.

His mother was I believe one of the davis girls franks messed with when she was around 17.

Arlen Williams said...

But I do hereby assert: there are no allegations of any bigfoots (bigfeet?) alleged to exist in BHO's bloodlines.

Félicie said...

Hello! I am listening to your radio program.

I just checked and is gone. t is gone from Google also. Try to google it. What is going on?

Arlen Williams said...

This is the URL for Fighting Words:
I hope the program was helpful.